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Cellulitis is the name given to an infection that arises in the skin and soft tissues. Cellulitis is basically caused by bacteria, either Strep or Staph, that are almost always present in even healthy and normal individuals in the skin or the innermost surface of the nose and mouth. Cellulitis develops whenever there is a break in the skin which allows the bacteria to infiltrate and cause an infection and swelling.

In majority of the cases, infection caused by cellulitis is mild and goes away with antibiotic treatment. However, there have been cases where if the infection is left untreated it has lead to potentially serious complications which have required much aggressive treatment measures. Hence it is highly recommended to start treatment as soon as an individual is diagnosed with cellulitis so as to prevent any complications that may arise due to the infection.

Is Cellulitis Itchy?

Is Cellulitis Itchy?

Cellulitis is an infection which causes swelling and redness of the skin but this infection is not itchy. The affected area does not feel itchy but it may be inflamed. There will be warmth around the area of the infection. The area of infection will also be tender to palpation and there may be dull pain experienced by the patient.

The symptoms of cellulitis tend to get worse as time passes by and in some cases there may also be development of blisters but this is rare. All through the infection, the skin surface remains smooth and shiny. The common areas where cellulitis occurs are legs, arms, eyes, and the breasts.

In conclusion, while there are many symptoms like warmth, tenderness, pain, and swelling associated with cellulitis there is no literature to suggest that itching is something that is associated with cellulitis. Thus, it can be safely said that cellulitis is not itchy under any circumstances.

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