How Long Does Cellulitis Last & 11 Home Remedies to Get Rid of it

About Cellulitis

There are a number of skin infections that are known to man, but one of the most common skin problems is Cellulitis. Person suffering from cellulitis experiences redness, pain, tenderness and/or swelling of the affected area. This infection is bacterial in nature and is caused either by the staphylococcus or the streptococcus bacteria. The places that are most prone to Cellulitis infection are the places where the skin has broken open such as from a surgical wound or an ulcer. Being a patient of diabetes, liver conditions or any circulatory problems also raises your risk for Cellulitis infection. Cellulitis is usually treated with oral antibiotics. Cellulitis is not contagious in nature, but it may spread to other tissues of the body and cause subsequent damage.

How Long Does Cellulitis Last?

Cellulitis infection is mostly treated with antibiotics and begins to show improvement within 2-3 days of starting the course of medication. Even though the results are exhibited within a short period of time, yet the complete course of the antibiotics prescribed for treating Cellulitis must be done to ensure complete safety against the bacteria. If in case Cellulitis infection continues to worsen after 2-3 days of medication, then the doctor must be consulted again and more stringent measures must be taken up to take care of the increasing infection.

How Long Does Cellulitis Last & 11 Home Remedies to Get Rid of it

11 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cellulitis

Other than the antibiotic pills prescribed by the doctor, there are a number of measures that can be taken care of at home to ensure that Cellulitis does not spread or worsen. Some effective home remedies to cure Cellulitis are mentioned below:

  1. Neem: Among the best home remedies to get rid of cellulitis is the application of the oil extracted from the neem leaves. The leaf of the neem tree has exceptional antibacterial properties, which is sure to cure Cellulitis within a short period of time. Neem leaves can be consumed orally also for better results.
  2. Coconut Oil: Easily found at home, coconut oil has miraculous properties when it comes to curing skin infections. Coconut oil has lauric acid, which works great against the bacteria that causes cellulitis.
  3. Oregano Oil: This oil has few phenolic components that act strongly against any bacteria or fungus. This oil can be used in combination with other oils like coconut oil to boost the results and get rid of cellulitis effectively. The main precaution whilst the application of oregano oil is that it must not be used over broken skin.
  4. Pineapple: Addition of pineapple to your daily diet can considerably improve the progress with curing any skin infection including cellulitis. Pineapple contains an enzyme Bromelain, which heals cellulitis fast and effectively.
  5. Water: This component of our daily diet is responsible for flushing out all the toxins from our system and prepping it up for better immunity and therefore help in getting rid of cellulitis. Therefore, the quantity of water consumed in a day should be considerably increased to heal cellulitis at the earliest.
  6. Tea Tree Oil to Cure Cellulitis: This is another oil, which is extremely beneficial in case of cellulitis or any other skin infection. The application of tea tree oil over the affected area of cellulitis shows impeccable results. Tea tree oil helps in curing common infections like cellulitis at the earliest.
  7. Turmeric: Known to be the best natural antiseptic, turmeric has commendable properties, which can help heal skin infections like cellulitis. Turmeric can be added in boiling milk and consumed everyday to make sure of a speedy recovery from cellulitis.
  8. Calendula: This flower has exceptional soothing qualities, which are extremely helpful in curing inflammation in case of cellulitis and thus it proves to be a significant remedy in treating cellulitis. Calendula can be used over the cellulitis infection in a cream form or the petals of this flower can be boiled in water and that water can used to clean the infected area of cellulitis.
  9. Fenugreek Seeds: Again a master in curing inflammation and infections, Fenugreek Seeds has miraculous effect in getting rid of Cellulitis. Fenugreek Seeds can be applied over the affected area in the form of a paste made from overnight soaked seeds.
  10. Honey: This product has been blessed by nature to have phytochemicals, which are extremely effective in fighting against staph infection; and therefore application or consumption of honey both are highly effective in curing cellulitis.
  11. Goldenseal to Cure Cellulitis: Coming from the land of North America, this product has some of the most amazing transformation in skin to its credit. Goldenseal is anti-inflammatory in nature and the alkaloids present in the product make it anti-bacterial. Therefore in case of cellulitis, the application of the goldenseal paste is highly effective in treating this skin infection.

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