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What Can You Eat To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting?

Mosquitoes target individuals with the help of their smelling sense. Majority of people are not much aware of the facts that the food they end greatly affect the chemicals released by their body. Mosquitoes smell these chemicals and target individuals. Some fragrances are very much appealing to them while some does not. Hence, eating food items that has mosquito repelling smell can actually help in preventing mosquito bites. Here we have discussed about some of the common food items that are very effective in keeping the mosquitoes away.

What Can You Eat To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting?

What Can You Eat To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting?

Garlic. Medicinal and health benefits of garlic no surprise, but another very interesting benefit of garlic is that it acts a strong mosquito repellent. The reason behind this is that garlic contains a strong element known as allicin. This compound has a pungent smell which is released through the skin pores. Allicin constantly interfere with the original body odor and thus prevent insects or pests from coming near. Other members of garlic family like onions, shallots (small onions), leeks, chives etc. also contain allicin, hence; one should include any of these in their daily diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar. For the past many years apple cider vinegar is used as a very effective and natural mosquito repellent. Apple cider vinegar also makes some alteration in the body order. This makes the order less appealing to mosquitoes and this prevent biting. One doubt that arises in the mind of people is whether intake in these food items effect the way they smell to other people or not? The answer is no, smelling power of human being is not as sharp as mosquitoes. This vinegar can be easily mixed with soups, in salad dressing or in beverages for decent intake.

Lemongrass. Lemongrass has a very string smell this is because it contains citronella oil, this oil is a natural insect repellent. One can either include lemon grass in their diet by mixing it with food or can simply apply lemon grass oil on their body. The interesting aspect is the smell of lemon is unpleasant for the insects but for human beings it’s a very refreshing smell. Also, smell of lemon overpowers the fowl body odor.

Pepper. Red chilies or pepper contain a component name capsaicin, this is a heat producing element responsible for spiciness of chilies. Experts say that capsaicin is an irritating element causing burning sensation after eating any form of pepper. Considering this quality of peppers it is used as an effective insect repellent in many different ways. Mosquitoes are highly sensitive to the smell released by human body after eating chilies, so they stay a bay away.

Tomato. Tomatoes are very rich in thiamine content, which is a form of vitamin B1. Experts suggest that people using high amount of thiamine in their diet stay protected from mosquitoes or other insects. For people who have suffered mosquito bite can immediately apply juice of pulpy tomato and get rid from itching.

Grape Fruit. Grape fruit is considered as an excellent source of vitamin C and it also acts as an antioxidant for body cleansing. However, another interesting quality of this magical fruit is that it is a very good source of preventing mosquito or insect bite. This fruit contains a component name nootkatone, this component acts dual ways it acts as insecticide as well as natural pesticide. Like lemongrass, juice of grape fruit can be applied on the body directly for keeping the insects away. In fact, people suffering from head lice can apply the pulp of the fruit in their hair for faster relief.

Lentils. Like tomatoes, lentils or beans are a rich source of thiamine. It release a pungent odor from the body, which is not very pleasant or appealing for the mosquitoes. Intake of lentils on regular basis provides required nutrition to the body and helps in keeping the harmful insects away.


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