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7 Horrific Habits That Can Clog Your Skin Pores

The small pores on the scalp and the skin are helpful for you to remain healthy and clean. Skin pores situated above the sebaceous glands emit sebum that is natural oil, which enables to accumulate and keep dead skin cells together. But, when the sebaceous glands excrete those dead cells, it usually leads to a build-up and then eventually clogging of the pores. The skin pores may also get blocked with bacteria, dust as well as other oils.

Proper cleaning of the skin on regular basis can guarantee that your skin pores remain unclogged. On the other hand, if you do not clean your skin regularly, then it can lead to clogged pores, pimples, irritation redness and many other skin problems. Other factors such as changes in hormone levels, pollution and makeup are also responsible for the clogging of the skin pores.

Furthermore, your daily habits and lifestyle can also contribute to the clogging of the skin pores. It is true that habits are very difficult to change, but in case they are causing damage to the skin, it’s high time to be alert and simply quit them. You can reverse the harm caused to your skin by quitting these habits and help your skin to be clear and glowing.

7 Horrific Habits That Can Clog Your Skin Pores

7 Horrific Habits That Can Clog Your Skin Pores

Below are given 7+ habits that can clog your skin pores:

  1. Touching the Face Too Often

    In case you have developed the bad habit of relaxing your palm on the face when you think or read, then it’s high time to leave the habit as it will lead to acne and other skin issues.

    Touching the face while washing it is okay, but in case you have the habit of touching it every now and then, you are causing harm to the face. Your hands gather all types of bacteria, dust and dirt throughout the day. Thus, you unknowingly transfer all this impurities and dirt to the face whenever you touch it. This habit cause clogging of the skin pores.

    Quit this bad habit through cleaning the hands more frequently and by reminding yourself that you won’t touch the face again and again. Tell your friends to punctuate you if they see you touching the face without knowing.

  2. Not Changing Bed Sheets Regularly

    A good night sleep has positive effects on your skin, but if your pillowcase and bed sheet is dirty and full of germs, then it has negative impact on the skin. Pillowcases and bed sheets easily catch dust, dead skin and oil which contact with your skin while sleeping. It leads to clogging of the pores resulting in acne and spots.

    So, it is suggested that you should wash the pillowcases and bed sheets at least one time in a week using a fragrance-free, organic and hypoallergenic bar. If you are already suffering from clogged pores and acne, then you must change the pillowcases and bed sheets more often.

  3. Taking Sunbath and Using Sunscreens

    Going to a beach and enjoying the sunbath for a long time can be relaxing, but this can be extremely bad for your skin. The tanning caused due to this has an adverse effect on your skin as it may lead to larger skin pores. It may also result in wrinkles or even melanoma.

    Moreover, in case you are wearing a sunscreen while sunbathing, then also it is dangerous as a lot of sunscreen lotions are comedogenic meaning they possess pore blocking ingredients.

    Thus, besides staying away from long sunbath, it is also essential to select the correct sunscreen lotion. Opt for a sunblock which is oil-free, lightweight and consist of titanium dioxide and zinc as its active ingredients.

  4. Phone Talks

    No doubt, your mobile phone remains in your pocket or purse and when you talk to somebody on phone, you just put it on the ear against the face. In case you are not habitual to clean the mobile on a regular basis, it catches the dirt from the environment.

    While taking on the phone, it may transfer all the bacteria and dust to the face. This may result in the clogging of the skin pores, affecting the side of the face which touches the phone.

    So, for keeping the face healthy and clean, try to use earphones while talking. Or else, make sure that your mobile is clean and free of germs so there can’t be gathered impurities and dust on the screen.

    Try to avoid making use of the mobile in hospital, market, washroom or any public place as it may leave the phone full of germs.

  5. Going to Bed with Makeup On

    In case you consistently sleep without taking out the make-up, it will certainly lead to clogged skin pores. Throughout the day, the makeup on your facial skin accumulates dead skin cells, bacteria, oils and dirt. When you don’t clean the makeup off by the end of the entire day, everything then gathers in the skin pores. Furthermore, makeup doesn’t make it possible for the skin to breathe, mainly during sleep.

    Falling asleep with the makeup on may lead to lots issues like untimely signs of aging, eye infections, chapped lips, dry skin and pimples. Thus, irrespective of how luring it appears to simply get to sleep after a really long as well as exhausting day, never ever let it happen without cleaning the face.

  6. Putting On Makeup While Doing Exercise

    While working out in the gym or in the house, the face must be completely dirt free and with no trace of cosmetics. You should not even wear a cream or lotion. Perspiring is body’s natural way of remaining cool during a workout. However, if you are putting on make-up, it might catch bacteria and sweat. It can lead to clogged skin pores that may result in skin irritation, blackheads and also considerably higher acne outbreaks.

    Also, keep in mind to have a bath or at least rinse the face after a training session. Or else, the sebum from the skin pores while sweating will stay there and even block the skin pores.

  7. Applying Skincare Products Not Meant For Your Skin Type

    Sometimes, you can blame the skincare products for your clogged skin pores. Many people are habitual of purchasing cosmetic products suggested by a salesperson or a friend, despite the fact that you do not have the similar skin type. You should apply products which are made for the skin type you have. Also, you should not just use any product that is available. For instance, a lot of liquid shower gels and soap bars consist of strong chemical substances that can dry up the lean, delicate facial skin. Look at the ingredients before you purchase a product.

    Additionally, the water-proof cosmetics which you adore a lot, are probably full of much more oils, making a layer on the skin. Stop putting on waterproof cosmetics for a long time as it may block the skin pores and cause acne outbreaks and other skin problems.

  8. Bad Bath Schedule

    Having a hot bath for a long time and washing the hair oftentimes seem quite relaxing. However, at times the method you use the body cleanser as well as conditioner may cause several skin disorders which include clogged skin pores.

    For example, when you rinse your tresses, you apply conditioner and allow it to stay on the hair while you do other things, this habit may clog the skin pores. Therefore, just remember to rinse away the conditioner as well as your face perfectly prior to moving out of your bathroom.

    Furthermore, stay away from using warm water for bathing because it can strip your skin of the natural oils working as a shielding layer. Rather, have a lukewarm bath to allow trap moisture and also it is great for the tresses also.

  9. Avoiding Exfoliation

    It’s not enough to wash the face twice a day to make the skin clean. Your skin needs exfoliation at least once in a week. You can remove all the dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil by exfoliating your skin regularly. This practice prevents clogging of the pores, pimples and spots.

    Another advantage of exfoliating the skin is that the skin care products can penetrate deep into the. This helps in making the makeup to appear brighter.

    You need to do exfoliation of the face two times in a week in case of oily skin and once in a week in case of dry skin. Don’t over exfoliate the skin as it may cause your skin to strip of the natural oils and become irritated and red.

    While exfoliating the face, massage with gentle movements and avoid scrubbing the skin in a harsh way.

  10. Smoking

    We all know that smoking has an adverse effect both on passive and active smokers. This habit may lead to lung cancer and heart ailments. With this, it also leads to various skin issues. While smoking, noxious residues are left behind on skin and this may cause clogging of the skin pores, dullness and discoloration of the skin. When you smoke regularly, it can lead to problems like saggy skin and psoriasis.

    As per a research, people who smoke are more prone to have non-inflammatory type adult acne in comparison to people who don’t smoke.

    Leaving the habit of smoking is the simplest way of protecting the skin from any damage. So, try to quit this habit as soon as possible.

  11. Some More Suggestions

    Below are given some tips to stop clogging of the pores:

    • Don’t touch your pimples, since it can aggravate them and even do more harm to your skin.
    • As cleaning your face is essential, you should also clean the make-up brushes regularly.
    • Don’t visit dirty places, since the impurities in the impure atmosphere may block the skin pores.
    • Don’t worry about little things.
    • Don’t do dry shaving, because it can annoy skin.
    • Don’t consume an excessive amount of caffeine or alcoholic beverage within a day.
    • Avoid consuming unhealthy foods.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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