Cardiovascular Benefits from Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very juicy by nature and their benefits are way more than what just meets the eye. Due to the intake of tomatoes the rate of unwanted inflammation in the body is less and it helps in reducing oxidative stress as well. Tomatoes work as a very good antioxidant and nutrient in the body helping to combat a host of new diseases. Tomatoes are home to a bunch of nutrients which help to support the needs of the body. These nutrients may include flavonoids, carotenoids, saponins and other fatty acids. However we might come across other nutrients which may not fall under the above mentioned categories known as the alkaloids. These alkaloids have tomatine and tomatidine in them. The alkaloids do not fall under the category of phytonutrients because there is a certain degree of danger associated with them if consumed in a quantity more than the permissible limits. In fact in some cases even if they’re consumed in smaller quantities, it does not ward off the risk that it poses. It is a very interesting observation to witness how the tomato alkaloids are scattered all over the plant.

Apart from these antioxidants it has many traditional antioxidants present in them too. These may include the richness of vitamin E, A and C. It is rich in manganese and zinc too along with chromium. The simultaneous study of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits if scrutinized properly would show how its effect is felt by the body beyond these parameters. The cardiovascular system, muscular system they benefit greatly from the daily intake of juicy tomatoes. A lot of diseases attached to the renal system and the hepatic system can be reduced to a considerable extent with the food intake of tomatoes in various forms.

Cardiovascular Benefits from Tomatoes

Cardiovascular Benefits from Tomatoes

Tomatoes have fared well in terms of heart diseases. The heart diseases have gone downhill because of the invention of this food. There are two types of research which have been associated with the heart health induced by tomatoes. The first type of research would help reduce the oxidant level of the body and the second type of research helps to distribute fats in an effective manner in the blood flow.

In the entire body it is the heart that is in need of maximum antioxidant support. If the antioxidant support falls in the body then the heart would stop functioning properly too. The basic function of the heart entails the intake of oxygen that flows through the lungs and is then evenly distributed through the body. In order to make sure that the oxygen level is always present at the stable state the antioxidant level in the body should not fall. Failing to keep up with the required rate of antioxidant level, the body would collapse. Hence these nutrients must be present in abundance.

The phytonutrient composition present in tomatoes is very different. Due to its unique composition this tends to undermine the existence of essential vitamins in the food. Even then the contribution made by vitamin E and C in the working of our body system is unparalleled. They’re indeed important antioxidants that provide healthy support to the body.

However, it is the presence of carotenoid lycopene that has got the reputation of being the heart saving nutrient. The chances of Lipid peroxidation can be easily reduced by lycopene in the bloodstream. Lipid peroxidation is a system by which the fat that outlines cell membranes or the fat that is being distributed across all body parts via the blood gets sabotaged by oxygen. This problem can be managed if kept within the permissible level. Moreover excessive lipid peroxidation can cause a lot of trouble in the normal body functioning. Excessively sabotaged fat units come as a warning signal to the body’s inflammatory and other systems. And the outcome is manifested in a line of events such as the blockage of the blood vessels.

The second type of research lays emphasis on the effective distribution of fats in the blood stream. The intake of tomatoes based on a diet complemented with other tomato extract improves the condition of fat regulation in the body. Lycopene can also be consumed in small quantities. The healthy intake of tomatoes ensures reduced cholesterol level which if not controlled may cause chronic heart problems. The Triglyceride level along with LDL cholesterol comes down effectively. Research and observation has shown how it brings down the cholesterol molecules level present inside the macrophage cells. These cells are actually a kind of white blood cells that function properly when the oxidative stress level in the body is way too high. This functioning of the macrophage cells is also a cause of atherosclerosis.

Hence we can see that through the intake of tomatoes the fat level in the body improves considerably. There are two unknown phytonutrients present in the body mainly esculoside and the other being octadecadienoic. They provide essential elements that are responsible for the regulation of fat units in the body. Another health element associated with the tomatoes involves the functioning of platelets. The unwanted clubbing together of these blood cells mainly called the platelets can pose danger for the blood flow in terms of unnecessary clotting and blockage. Health of the heart primarily depends on the restriction imposed on the clubbing together of these blood cells. The platelet related benefit induced by tomatoes makes it an important tool for cardiovascular functioning.

Other Benefits Reaped From Tomatoes

We have already seen how beneficial tomatoes are for the healthy survival of the body. There is another area of health benefit induced by tomatoes manifested in the form of the chronic disease called cancer. It is a food which taken in proper amounts can suggestively reduce the chances of cancer. This disease has killed many people because science till knows has not been able to come up with a solution combating the same. No drug in the world can successfully cure this ailment. Hence such anti cancerous drugs are an indispensable component of our society. Tomatoes are one such component that can fight this disease.

Prostate cancer is a well observed ailment apparent in older men. It is been shown by research that the rate of prostate cancer can come down with the intake of tomatoes. Alpha tomatine is such a nutrient that deserves mention over here because it is the cancer killing nutrient in tomatoes. It is a phytonutrient that can help change metabolic activity which leads to the development of prostate cancer causing cells. It causes death in the apoptosis where these cancer cells have successfully been formed. Small cell lung cancer can also be defeated with the help of this phytonutrient present in tomatoes. Apart from these categories of cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer can also be fought through the intake of these juicy tomatoes. Carotenoid lycopene is the element responsible for reducing the rate of breast cancer or curing it in women. This food intake helps to not cure the disease effectively but also reduce its occurrence in men and women alike. Something which drugs have failed to do is possible through healthy food habits. In everyday’s meal if we can include the presence of fresh tomatoes in some way or the other would help reduce the chances of this ailment.

Tomatoes are really good for healthy skin growth. Research on tomatoes bear testimony to the role it plays in the healthy development of the skin. Acne and pigmentation is a problem for women starting from their teen years only. Owing to the humongous scale of pollution that are body and skin are exposed to nothing better can be expected. Especially for those with oily skin find it really difficult to keep their skin hydrated as most of the dirt accumulates around their skin pores. In such a situation the need for acne free and clean skin is of utmost priority for both men and women today. Intake of fresh tomatoes along with its usage on our skin to clean it should work wonders for us. Women tend to apply sun screen on their skin to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. However sun screens can only solve a part of the problem but not the entire problem itself.

It is suggested to apply tomato paste on the skin in order to protect it from sun exposure. Doing this exercise on a daily basis would not only reduce skin related problems considerably but also keep it hydrated most of the time. Tomato paste is a homemade recipe that could be applied to reduce sun tan in the fastest way possible. Due to the presence of caratonoids such as betacarotene present in tomatoes this skin treatment is possible. This nutrient settles inside the skin pores and thus protecting it from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. This juicy component can also help reduce the chances of skin cancer as shown by research done on animals. There is a skin cancer known as keratinocyte carcinoma where the melanin pigment in the skin is almost absent. It is found that its presence can be defeated through the intake of tomatoes. It’s not only the caratonoids, but also the tomato alkaloids that can reduce help reduce skin ailment problems.

Tips for Cooking Tomato

The tomatoes should be rinsed properly in cold water before it is put to use. In case the recipe involves the presence of seeded tomatoes the tomatoes need to be chopped properly in halves for the seeds and juice to be squeezed out of it. However try to cook such tomato recipes where the seeds need not be removed. The seeds are rich in nutrients that should not be lost unless the recipe demands for it. The tomatoes should not be cooked in aluminium ware since the acid nutrient present in the food may reach with the metal of the utensil. This may cause the fusion of aluminium into the food which would not only be distasteful but also pose serious health hazards. We should try to go for recipes that would include the entire tomato as this would be rich in nutritional content. The skin of the tomato could be used for making tomato paste, which is rich in betacarotene content.

There is an easy procedure for making this healthy paste. We need to sauté a bunch of chopped garlic along with some ring onion until we reach the point where the color of the aforementioned things changes. We need to add a few chopped tomatoes along with oregano, basil leaves and parsley to it. The composition of the taste could vary according to one’s taste and preference pattern. This needs to be cooked properly for a good forty five minutes. The ingredients could be tossed with some olive oil, black pepper and mushrooms to enhance the taste of the dish. Tomatoes make up for a good soup delight.

This soup is good for people suffering from any sort of ailment as this would ensure their speedy recovery. Tomatoes go really well with beans too. Salsa dips can also be prepared using tomatoes. It is an easy to make recipe which could include onions finely chopped along with chilly peppers and tomatoes. This salsa dish can be complimented with nachos and can serve as the best afternoon snack or evening snack for kids. Tomatoes combined with bell peppers, cucumbers can make up for a delightful cold soup. Tomatoes can be used in sandwiches too to enrich their taste and enhance their color.

Tomatoes should be an important ingredient in our day to day meals. A food unit that has so many benefits attached to it cannot be looked down upon as just another vegetable. However when we visit the market to procure vegetable one must be beware of rotten tomatoes and the stale ones. Always opt for fresh looking tomatoes as they would be able to serve the best purpose. Hence tomato a week can definitely guarantee a healthier tomorrow for all of us.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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