16 Advantages of Eating Grapes (Angoor)

Grapes (Angoor) are known as “The Queen of Fruit” which are categorized in to three variants based on their color. These three variants of Grapes are the red Grapes , green Grapes and black/blue Grapes. Grapes are not only delicious to eat, but also offers the advantage of several health benefits including its benefits to immune system, digestive system, heart, eyes, skin and hair and many others. They are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and they also provide instant energy.

16 Reasons Why One Must Include Grapes In Their Diet

More about the advantages of Grapes (Angoor) will be studied in the following section.

16 Advantages of Eating Grapes (Angoor):

  1. Prevents Cancer:

    Eating Grapes (Angoor) can help in preventing cancer. Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant found in the skin of the Grapes which is incredible effective against the growth of cancer cells.

    Research has found that resveratrol has the ability to penetrate deeply in to the center of a cell’s nucleus, thus allowing the DNA to repair free radical damage that might contribute to cancerous growth.

  2. Aids in Muscle Recovery:

    One of the advantages of eating Grapes (Angoor) is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant that aids the cells and organs, eliminates uric acid and other harmful toxins from the body. This in turn supports muscle recovery for pro athletes.

  3. Weight Loss:

    Grapes are also known to help you in weight loss. Resveratrol found in Grapes (Angoor) act on your body to assist you in your weight loss efforts. It also lowers the ability of the cells to store fat and causes fat cells to disintegrate. Isn’t it a real great way to lose weight?

  4. Helps in Improving Digestion:

    One more advantage of eating Grapes (Angoor) is that they are crucial in curing dyspepsia. Grapes can relieve and treat indigestion and stomach irritation or upset stomach. They also help in improving digestion.

  5. Eating Grapes (Angoor) is Beneficial in Enhancing the Function of Immune System:

    Immune system function is also enhanced by eating Grapes (Angoor). Grapes are loaded with flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. They contain high amount of Vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A which are all required for healthy organ system and also for the immune system. This can also reduce the chance of getting common colds and several other serious health problems.

  6. Helps in Treating Asthma:

    The grape fruit contain rich assimilatory power that can increase the level of moisture in your lungs. This in turn can aid an asthma patient breathe easy. Regular intake of grape can even aid in curing asthma completely.

  7. Advantage of Eating Grapes (Angoor) to Eye Health:

    Eating Grapes also offers a wonderful eye health benefit. They are in fact considered the best for your eyes. Grapes (Angoor) are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin that maintains proper eye health. So, even if your ageing, eyesight is diminishing, regular consumption of Grapes can bring back the eyesight to you

  8. Eating Grapes (Angoor) is Advantageous for Brain Power and Memory Improvement

    Eating Grapes (Angoor) can also be advantageous for improving memory and brain power. The resveratrol compound present in grape skin increases the blood flow to your brains by 200%; which in turn speeds up the mental response of your mind. Thus, it is a in fact a great brain food. The Resveratrol compound also works as a brain protecting agent and this mop up the brain damaging plaques and several free radicals causing Alzheimer’s disease.

  9. Fights Fatigue:

    Eating Grapes can prove beneficial in fighting fatigue. Juice of light and white Grapes is loaded with iron content that safeguards the body against fatigue. Anemia patients should eat Grapes (Angoor) for promoting good iron and mineral levels in the body. Iron and other mineral deficiency can make you feel tired and can restrict your mind from working quickly. So, take grape juice to get instant boost of energy and prevent against fatigue.

  10. Eating Grapes (Angoor) Can Help Reduce Symptoms of Diabetes:

    Pre-diabetics patients who consume Grapes (Angoor) regularly can experience 10% drop in their blood sugar levels. This is because of the presence of the compound Resveratrol. So, if you are trying to prevent diabetes, then eat Grapes.

  11. Aids in Migraine

    Migraine attacks can be real terrific at times. These migraine headaches can be triggered by light, loud noise or even stress. But Grapes (Angoor) can prove real beneficial for people with migraines. It is believed that juice from ripe grape can cure migraine. However the ripe juice must be taken pure without dilution every morning for most effective results.

    Note: Eating Grapes (Angoor) may not be a remedy for everyone suffering from migraine, as for few people it can also be a trigger for migraine. Talk to your doctor or your dietician.

  12. Advantage of Eating Grapes (Angoor) to the Bone Health

    Grapes (Angoor) contain a rich amount of micro nutrients like iron, copper and manganese which aid in the formation and strengthening of your bones. You can add Grapes to your regular diet so as to prevent osteoporosis. Manganese helps in protein metabolism, formation of collagen and also proper functioning of nervous system.

  13. Skin and Hair Health Benefits of Grapes (Angoor):

    There are tremendous skin and hair health benefits of eating Grapes (Angoor).
    Skin and Hair Health Benefits of Grapes (Angoor)

    Advantage of Eating Grapes (Angoor) on Skin Health:

    • Grape seed extract are known to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation or sunburns. They also help in minimizing skin damage and are also used in commercially produced sunscreen lotions. This is because of the presence of resveratrol and proanthicyanidins which are powerful antioxidants.
    • Though, ageing is a natural process, sometimes because of several reasons our skin tends to age prematurely. This is mostly because of the free radical which leads to premature ageing and wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. You can protect your skin from free radicals and reverse the signs of ageing by eating Grapes. Grapes (Angoor) also aid in improving the skin tone.
    • Grape seed extract also are known to be skin softener. They are loaded with Vitamin E that aids in retaining the moisture in your skin. This also play an important role as an exfoliate and removes dead skin cells so as to provide healthy and smooth looking skin. Grape seed oil is pretty gentle on the skin and act as a very good moisturizer.
    • Grapes are also rich source of vitamin C. This essential nutrient helps in the formation of collagen that aids in the growth of cells and blood vessels. Vitamin C also adds to the strength and firmness of your skin. Grapes (Angoor) remove all toxins from the body and provide you disease free skin. Resveratrol present in grape skin can safeguard the skin from harmful weather and can aid in rejuvenating it. This also reduces skin discoloration.
    • Green Grapes are known to lighten the scars caused because of acne. This is because of the Vitamin C which aids in the formation of scar tissues and ligaments and also repairs the skin.
    • Green Grapes (Angoor) are very much beneficial in managing uneven skin tones. All you need is squeeze green grape juice and apply it evenly on the skin. Then rinse off the skin after 15 minutes for toning your skin.

    Hair Health Advantages of Eating Grapes (Angoor):

    There are also advantages to hair health by eating green Grapes (Angoor).

    • Grapes (Angoor) are loaded with antioxidants that increase the circulation of blood in your scalp which in turn leads to good growth of hair. Grape seed oil is easily absorbed in to the scalp and provides you soft, and shiny hair.
    • Grape seed oil when applied regularly on the scalp can also treat seborrheic dermatitis. This also acts as a great moisturizer for removing dry flakes from your scalp and improves circulation of blood.
    • Because the fruit contains a lot of vitamin E and linoleic acid; grape can also help in treating hair loss. Using grape seed oil aids in strengthening the hair follicles for healthy and stronger hair. This also treats split ends, brittleness and hair fall caused due to rough handling of hair.
  14. Alleviates Allergy Symptoms and Treats Various Infections:

    Red Grapes contain an anti-inflammatory compound known as resveratrol which aids in relieving symptoms of allergy and improves your ability to breathe properly.

    Red Grapes are known to be rich in antibacterial and antiviral properties which safeguard you from several infections. The antiviral properties of Grapes (Angoor) are highly effective in treating as well as preventing poliovirus and herpes simplex virus.

  15. Eating Grapes (Angoor) Can Provide Relief From Constipation:

    Constipation can make anyone feel heavy and irritable. Eating Grapes can ease you from this problem. Grapes (Angoor) are loaded with sugar, organic acid and polyose, which all together gives the fruit its laxative properties. So, you can try eating Grapes  or drinking grape juice for relieving self from constipation. The organic acid, sugar and cellulose present in the Grapes aids in relieving chronic constipation and tone the intestinal muscles. Moreover, Grapes (Angoor) also contain insoluble fiber that promotes the formation and excretion of stool

  16. Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Eating Grapes (Angoor):

    The phytochemicals present in Grapes (Angoor) activate a process in our genes, which aids in reducing damage to the heart muscle. Eating at least one or two cups of Grapes regularly will not only aid you in reducing the signs of heart muscles but also will aid you lower blood pressure and enhance the heart function

    Now that we are known to the wonderful advantages of eating Grapes (Angoor), why not add this delicious and healthy grape fruit to your diet every day?

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