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13 Incredible Health Benefits Of Facial Massage

A massage is always soothing and relaxing to body, mind and soul. Facial massages are like treatments that involve stimulating pressure points on your face, shoulders and your neck. One can use lotions, oils, or can use cleansing balms with facial massages, and also a face roller. There are several health benefits of facial massage. Continue reading to know about some of these health benefits of facial massage.

13 Incredible Health Benefits Of Facial Massage

13 Incredible Health Benefits Of Facial Massage

1. Benefits of Facial Massage in Preventing Anti-aging and Wrinkles:

One of the primary health benefits of facial massage is its excellent ability to improve your skin’s overall appearance.

A small study done in the year 2017 examined the effectiveness of facial massage, and it included a stimulating massage device.(1) Participants in the study used an anti-aging device along with cream on their face and their neck for 8 weeks. It was found that the effect of the cream was enhanced when it was used along with the facial massage. They marked improvements in their wrinkles, skin texture, and skin sagging.

Wrinkles are something which, are usually formed from frequent tightening of the facial muscles, which generally comes as a natural response to your stress. Facial massage is good for reducing the effects of stress, and when it is done frequently you see a reduction in your facial wrinkles.

2. It Is Good For Facial Rejuvenation:

Facial massage can help relieve tension while enhancing skin health and relaxation.

Research from the year 2018 tells about the effectiveness of the facial massage using a Pao device, in improving the facial rejuvenation.(2) This device was shown to enhance the thickness of facial muscles and cross-sectional area in case of women who used the device for 30 seconds; two times in a day for continuous 8 weeks.

3. You Feel Relaxed With Facial Massage:

We all encounter a lot of stress, tension and anxiety of some kind every day. This makes your facial muscles become tense, and can result in aches and pains. There are several pressure points in our face. When you do facial massage, these pressure points are stimulated, and this can relieve the muscle tension, and stress that makes you relaxed.

4. Facial Massage Gets The Blood Flowing:

Using a facial massage roller has got a positive effect on the skin blood flow, which might help in improve the appearance of skin.

As per a small study of 2018, people who had a facial massage for 5 minutes using a massage roller had increased flow of blood to the area for at least 10 minutes soon after the massage.(3) After 5 weeks of facial massage, the blood flow response to heat was improved significantly.

5. Benefits of Facial Massage In Treating Acne:

We all have acne on our face at some point of the time. Facial massage is helpful in fighting against acne and many other skin conditions, like rosacea. Facial massage helps in increasing blood circulation, which can be beneficial for the natural process of healing. When there is an improved flow of blood in your facial skin, you also get rid of the toxins responsible for causing breakouts.

6. It Helps You Reduce Headaches:

One of the most common side effects of stress is headache. If you have usually experience tension headaches, migraines, or cluster headaches, a facial massage could help. If you experience a headache, you can perform a simple short and effective facial massage by pushing on the various pressure points very gently. It relieves stress, including headaches. When you do regular facial massages you can notice a reduction in the frequency of your headaches.

7. It Manages Scar Tissue:

Facial massage helps in managing scar tissue. In case you suffer from facial scar that is in the process of healing, facial massage can be beneficial for you greatly. You need to massage the scar tissue and the surrounding areas might help in increasing blood flow, loosen the nearby tissues, and flatten bumps.

Facial massage might even help in relieving symptoms like itchiness, pain, and tenderness. Researchers in the year 2014 has found that massage therapy was quite effective in reducing pain and itchiness of skin while improving the appearance of raised scars from the skin burns.(4)

8. Facial Massage Gives You A Glowing Skin:

Facial massage might be beneficial in gifting you bright and glowing skin. A research from the year 2002 has found that 59% of women who had a facial massage started feeling fresh and rejuvenated.(5)

About 54% of women reported supple skin, while 50% experienced skin tightening. There are plenty of anecdotal evidence which suggest that stimulating the facial muscles could help tighten your skin, relieve tight muscles, enhance blood circulation, and bring a glowing skin.

9. It Creates A Toxin-Free Zone:

When we do regular facial massage, we can activate the lymphatic system, which would work at removing toxins all throughout your body. This would help you have a toxin-free zone not just in your facial skin, but it also helps you improve your overall health. 

10. Facial Massage Acts As A Serum For Smooth Skin:

Facial massage works as a serum for smooth skin. Collagen helps in keeping your skin tight and firm, but improved elasticity of skin can do so much more. You can help make it quite easier for your skin to protect itself against any free radicals, by simply maintaining the skin elasticity. Now, that’s not all! Having more elastic skin indicates that you can prevent your skin from developing wrinkles or sagging. Thus, you can keep a young and glowing skin with smooth appearance.

11. Facial Massage Helps You Get Rid Of Nasal Congestion:

If you are experiencing a stuffed-up nose or suffering from frequent sinus problems, a facial massage might be just the right thing for you. Simply by rubbing your face, your hand’s warmth, and the movement of the skin that happens during the facial massage, can help to break down mucus buildup and can stimulate natural drainage.

12. Facial Massage Is Good For People With TMJ:

People those who have TMJ or Temporomandibular joint conditions might experience some sort of discomfort in the jaw and the face. There might also be symptoms of earache, headache, or lockjaw.

As per the Cleveland Clinic, when we take trigger point massage it might help in alleviating tight, inflamed or painful jaw muscles.(6) This sort of discomfort might be because of jaw clenching, chewing, or teeth grinding.

Facial massage for relieving symptoms of TMJ might be more effective when combined with specific jaw exercises.

13. Benefits of Facial Massage in Banishing Under-Eye Bags:

Each one of us at some point of our life experiences the consistent bag or the dark circles under our eyes. This might be caused due to lack of sleep, by age, stress, or any other factors. Having dark circles or under-eye bags can make us feel embarrassing about our appearance. Generally these dark circles are caused by water retention in the skin around your eyes. When you perform regular facial massages, you can help release any excess fluid buildup in that particular area and can get rid of your under-eye bags.


So, facial massage helps in promoting healthy skin while simultaneuously relaxing your facial muscles. It has got enough relaxing and rejuvenating effect that helps you feel and look better. So, whether you are looking to get a wrinkle-free face, or willing to have more of relaxation and a much youthful glow, it’s the time you should consider a facial massage.

Take an appointment with a facial massage therapist and enjoy the massage. Give your face the care of massage that it needs!


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