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What Is The Best Treatment For Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder cannot seek treatment on their own since they do not recognize they have a problem. Treatment of this disorder is crucial in order to help the individual mend their ways, which will in turn help him/her be a better person. The first step to treatment for narcissistic personality disorder or NPDs is accepting their actions and behavior affects their lives and relationships with others negatively.

The most efficient treatment for narcissistic personality disorder is talk therapy (psychotherapy). On the other hand, there are no drug prescriptions which can heal narcissistic personality disorder. However, if the individual has signs of depression, anxiety, impulsivity, addiction to drugs and mood problems, the right medication can be administered to help with these symptoms and alleviate the extent of narcissistic personality disorder or NPD.

What Is The Best Treatment For Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Medically speaking, narcissistic personality disorder is managed through psychotherapy. It could involve individual therapy as well as group, family and couples’ therapies. Psychodynamic therapy is the long-term individual therapy which basically allows the patient to understand their behaviors, thoughts and moods, which are often the main problem. This kind of therapy provides the individual with insights which helps him/her develop the need to change and be able to relate better with others. Therapies where the individual is accompanied by their friends, family or partner, helps in enabling them deal with relationship problems. Also, helps with coming up with solutions to better their relationship with others and enhance positive communication.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is also put into play so as to help individuals identify their negative behavior patterns which are disruptive and unhelpful. As a way of dealing with their unwarranted behavior, the patients can learn to replace their bad behaviors with more productive and positive ones. There is no specific psychotropic medicine to treat narcissistic personality disorder. However, for individuals with depression or anxiety, antidepressants may help, and in case of impulsivity and mood disturbances, the right psychotropic medication can be administered.[1] [2] Drug and alcohol abuse are common among narcissists, therefore, treatment for the addiction should also be considered in case of drug addiction problems.[3]

Other Ways Of Managing Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Experts advise that for children whose parents give them too much praise should cut back, and those who are neglectful should step up.[3] One of the major causes of narcissistic personality disorder in early adulthood is poor parenting, where parents overvalue their kids as more special or deserving than others. Also, parents who brag about their kids’ achievements or performances can attribute to their kids being narcissists when they are all grown up. As a parent, to ensure your kid does not become a narcissist in the future include; loving them with their flaws and all since no one’s perfect and not everyone can be a superstar or genius.

Also, go easy on the praise by sticking to the point instead of over exaggerating the praise. However, that does not mean you do not acclaim your children at all when they do good. The idea is to be sparing in your praise and doing it in the right way. Additionally, as a parent, you should praise only when necessary and on things worthy of complimenting such as giving praise on tasks on things that are difficult instead of easy things your kids can do. Overpraising can lose value if you do it aimlessly at everything your child does. Teaching your children to treat others as they had like to be treated will go a long way in ensuring that your kids are able to be considerate of other’s needs, emotions, and feelings.


The best treatment for narcissistic personality disorder is psychotherapy, which aims at helping the patient identify their problem and seek solutions to the problem. In addition to that, the therapy should help the individual build their self-esteem and have more realistic expectations of those around them and come to terms with the reality of life. To be able to prevent cases of future narcissistic personality disorder or NPD in kids, parents should be cautious with how they praise their kids and when they do it. On top of that, they should teach their kids to be empathetic towards others by understanding their needs and feelings.


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