The dawn phenomenon is a common condition for diabetes patients, who have a high blood sugar level in the morning. Though it is a common condition, many people do not understand the mechanism behind this phenomenon. Dawn phenomenon has a very easy cure as well and it can well be treated.

What is Dawn Phenomenon?

What is Dawn Phenomenon?

When the body is asleep, it undergoes a number of changes that are all natural. The body releases insulin hormone naturally to help the blood sugar work. Between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. the body releases certain hormones that actually hinder the action of the insulin in the body. As we sleep, these hormones enter the system and they slowly hinder the action of the insulin hormone. Therefore, the blood sugar level increases. This condition is known as dawn phenomenon.

The Mechanism of Dawn Phenomenon

As throughout the night, the body releases certain hormones like cortisol, growth hormones and catecholamines, these increased levels of hormones leads to release of large amounts of sugar into the bloodstream by the liver. These hormones also resist the action of insulin and hence, the blood sugar level is high. Usually, the body produces the insulin hormone to control this blood sugar level. However, in case of diabetes patients, the production of the insulin hormone is disrupted and consequently, the blood sugar level is high.

How Can Dawn Phenomenon be Cured?

In case you are diagnosed with the Dawn Phenomenon, the doctor would recommend you to take certain measures to control your blood sugar level in the morning. These include –

  • Avoiding carbohydrates or carbohydrate rich snacks near bedtime.
  • Switching to a different medication.
  • Adjusting your insulin dose.
  • Using an insulin pump for administering extra insulin at early mornings.
  • Adjusting medication or insulin timing.

If all these measures do not work for you, it is important that you see a doctor to check if there is any other hidden cause behind the high blood sugar level in the morning.

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