How to Prepare a First Aid Kit for Kids?

Importance of First Aid Kit for Kids

Preparing for emergency is the need of time and not only adults, but even kids are also affected by injuries and accidents. At every point of time, doctors cannot be present on the spot, but if you have an emergency kit prepared for your kid, any injury related problem can be handled easily. Setting your emergency preparations right puts a perfect brake on the possibility of an injury becoming severe as you can help in restricting the bleeding and in preventing further worsening of the injury.

Why You Need a Separate First Aid Kit for Kids?

With kids, it’s tough and as a parent you have to be especially careful while taking care of your kids. It is generally in house, that kids get injured owing to falling down from somewhere or holding something which is sharp enough to bruise or cut them. First aid kit for kids comes to rescue in such situations where you have to make every effort to lessen the impact of injuries with simple tricks.

Many times, a kid may be alone at home and may get bruised, so a first aid kid especially prepared for young kids helps them to find the apt solution to all the injuries and troubles.

How to Prepare a First Aid Kit for Kids

How to Prepare a First Aid Kit for Kids?

Preparing a first aid kit for kids is easier and needs to be well equipped with everything that you need to keep in a general kit for adults. But before handing over the first aid kit to the kid, make them aware of the ways in which each bandage and ointment is used. Though you may also purchase these first aid kits online or from stores, still making your own first aid kit for kids is always better.

You need to make the first aid kits for kids really eye grabbing to generate the child’s interest in the same.

If the first aid kit doesn’t look enticing to the child, they will seldom use it, thus make it perfectly and in the way the child will find it easy to use. It is basically the look of the first aid kit which makes the child want to grab it and making them interested in a first aid kit is something quite tricky.

What Should the First Aid Kit for Kids Have?

First aid kit for a kid must have some specific things which simplify the way a first aid kit should be used by a kid. One has to be watchful in making the design of the first aid box really attractive so that it looks good to the kids. Choose the material of first-aid kit for kids carefully and avoid glass or other stuff which crashes while falling down.

First aid kit for kids should be made from the following materials:

  • Metal
  • Hard plastic
  • Tin
  • Fabric.

If possible, keep the First aid kit box light so that your kid can handle and carry it easily. Also, going for a translucent material makes it easier to keep track on the stuff in the first aid kit.

What Should the First Aid Kit for Kids Look Like?

Waterproof container keeps the stuff present inside the box safe and secure and nothing in the box gets damaged, especially bottles of antiseptic lotions. Also, a handle over the top of the first aid box enables carrying the box easily by the kids without falling down. You may put a label on the inside of the first aid kit so that your kid can recognize it easily. Before preparing a first aid kit for your kid, make a list of the things that should be there in the kit.

Now, have a look on the steps below which makes it easier to prepare a handy first aid kit for kids:

Step 1: Material Used for First Aid Box for Kids: Select a box with preferably translucent material, such as hard plastic with a handle on the cover. The first aid box should be opened easily so that your kid is not stuck with it when left alone.

Step 2: Labeling the First Aid Kit for Kids: Label the first aid box, make the label pictorial like a red cross or some cartoon character to make it highly recognizable in times of dire need. Put this label on the first aid box from outside and if you want, write your own contact number so that your kid can call you in adverse situation when nobody is around.

Step 3: Contact Numbers for Emergency: Begin with keeping a list of people who should be contacted during emergency situations in the first aid kit for kids. Also mention, the contact number of hospital and doctors who can attend your kids when you are far off.

Step 4: Items in First Aid Kit For Kids: Put the following items in the box and skip every sharp and harmful object which is not fit for use and consumption by kids:

  • Tape
  • Sterile water
  • Space blanket
  • Rounded-top scissors
  • Moistened towelettes
  • Large-sized bandages
  • Heat pack
  • Easily removed tops on child-friendly cleansers
  • Cold pack
  • Antibacterial soap.

How to Make Your Kids Use the First Aid Kit?

This is a tough task as when the need arises, how will your kid remember what medicine to use and what medicine to apply and in which injury? To ease this, use pictorial sheets which have steps mentioned on it.

Can You Put Medicine in the First Aid Kit for Kids?

Yes, provided your kid is of an age where they can understand the safety regarding the usage of medicines. First aid kits for kids need to be prepared keeping in mind the age of your kid to avoid any mishap later. Check out what you can include in the kit:

  • Antacids
  • Anti-diarrhea pills
  • Antihistamine medicine for allergies
  • Anti-nausea medicine for nausea
  • Decongestants
  • Epinephrine auto-injector
  • Laxatives for constipation
  • Medicines to treat pain and fever

Besides the above medicines, if your kid is allergic to any medicine, make sure you are keeping it out of their reach. Include medicine which your kid has been using for some ailments in his/her first aid kit.

After you have prepared the first aid kit for kids, teach them about using it correctly and update the items after each usage. Making them aware of each item and usage remains the best thing that you need to teach your kid about. On a regular basis, check for the expiry dates on the medicine and ointments and remove any tool which is not workable in the first aid kit for kids.

Keep the size of first aid box such that it can be held easily by the child and poses no threat of falling down on your kid’s feet. Preparing first aid kit is easier and makes your kid ready to face the any upcoming problems as well. Encourage your kid to find information about the necessary items in the first aid kit to make them aware of how the things in their first aid kit need to be handled when you are not around.

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