Can A Tooth Infection Go Away On Its Own?

A tooth infection can cause severe tooth ache, pain and also may result in bad breath. If you have a tooth infection, then you must be having several questions about it. One of those might be, “If a tooth infection can go away on its own?” So, read below to know about it.

Can A Tooth Infection Go Away On Its Own?

Can A Tooth Infection Go Away On Its Own?

When our body has an infection, it tries to fight the infection off by raising the WBC count so as to stop the invading bacteria. Bacteria that can result in infection, rarely go away on their own. It must be mentioned that without proper medical attention, the infection will get worse. So, same is with the tooth infection. An infected tooth or gums can get worse without medical intervention. It is essential for you to remove the bacteria that is causing the tooth infection, so as to clear off the infection.

With a tooth infection, the problem could lie below your gumline. Generally, this happens when a cavity has become so large that the decay is now present in the root of your tooth. This allows the pulp of your tooth to become infected; which can be really painful. When this happens, you will require a root canal for removing the decaying pulp and save your tooth. Without this, the infection will continue to become worse and could even move into your gums and result in a tooth abscess.

Apart from this, a tooth or even a gum infection can actually enter the bloodstream, in case they are left to progress without being treated. Once the bacteria enter the bloodstream, it makes its way to your heart and can cause adverse health symptoms.


So, it is obvious that you need to visit your dentist in case you suspect a tooth infection and get yourself properly diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible time for better cure.

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