Causes of Loose Tooth & Home Remedies to Save Loose Tooth from Falling Out

Tooth loosening is a common problem and is usually caused by dental plaques. Many oral health problems can trigger tooth loosening, which may need immediate medical intervention. It is important to know the causes of loose tooth and home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out.

Causes of Loose Tooth

Causes of Loose Tooth

Loose tooth can be triggered by many health problems. Below mentioned are some common causes of loose tooth.

  • Periodontal Disease – As tartar deposition takes place in the teeth, dental plaque begins to form over them. These are filled with bacterial toxins which inflame the tissues in the gums and cause gum bleeding and weakening. This makes it difficult for the gums to hold on to the teeth and thus lead to loosening of the teeth. Over time, formation of periodontal pockets occurs in these gums around the teeth. These pockets soon become the home to toxin and bacterial built ups, which in turn weaken the connective tissues that secure the teeth in its place. This is one of the commonest causes of loose tooth.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy is the time when many women experience loose teeth issues because of the extremely high levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones in the body. This spike in the hormonal levels causes the tissues surrounding the teeth to loosen up. While this too is a common cause of loose tooth, it is only temporary and does not result in loss of tooth unless the woman has a periodontal disease.
  • Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis, in addition to the bone also affects dental health and is an important cause of loose tooth. People having low bone density start experiencing loosening of teeth as well. These patients are three times more likely to lose their teeth than others.
  • Trauma – When the teeth are subjected to extreme force or trauma like accident, bruxism, mouth injury, etc. they begin to loosen up. These traumatic events lead to excessive stretching of the connective tissue and the periodontal ligament, which is responsible for keeping the teeth fixed within their sockets. This negatively impacts the teeth and gums and leads to tooth loosening.

Home Remedies to Save Loose Tooth from Falling Out

Loosening of teeth can be prevented by eating a balanced and nutritious diet loaded with calcium enriched foods. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise regime, proper oral hygiene and dental health care is also extremely important for making the teeth strong and sturdy. Simple home remedies are helpful in promoting oral care and preventing the loosening of teeth and gums.

Following are some effective home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out.

Salt Water Gargling for Loose Teeth

Salt water gargles are one of the most important home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out. Gargling with lukewarm saline water several times in a day can help to flush out bacteria from the mouth, make teeth strong and prevent tooth wobbling.

Teeth Cleaning

One of the effective home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out is proper teeth cleaning. One can maintain utmost oral hygiene by brushing their teeth properly at least twice a day. It is also necessary to rinse mouth post every meal to keep the mouth clean and prevent infections and wobbly tooth. Using an effective mouthwash to swish the mouth can reap the same oral benefits.

Black Pepper and Turmeric for Loose Tooth

Bacteria infected gums and weak or loose tooth can be treated effectively by massaging them regularly with a powder made of crushed black pepper and turmeric root. This too is one of the simple yet effective home remedies. Applying this powder gently on the teeth and gums and rubbing it for a few minutes before washing away with water can help to eliminate gum infections and other dental issues. Food and drink can only be consumed after half an hour of this dental procedure.

Mustard Oil for Loose Tooth

A mix of 1 teaspoon of salt and a few drops of strongly scented mustard oil can help fix the issue of wobbly tooth and wriggly gums effectively. Gently massaging the teeth and gums with this mix for 2 minutes every day, before rinsing away with water, is the best home remedies for many dental issues.

Indian Gooseberry for Loose Tooth

Indian gooseberry or amla can help to strengthen the connective tissues of the gums and teeth naturally. Along with many other health benefits, it is one of the best home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out. Swishing the mouth with a homemade mouthwash comprising of 1 teaspoon of amla fruit extract in 1 cup distilled water after every meal can prove to be helpful in healing and strengthening weak gums and teeth. One can also have amla supplements as an alternative.

Clove Oil Massage for Loose Tooth

Massaging the gums with a few drops of clove oil can help relieve swelling in the gums, tooth aches, and issues of wobbly tooth. This is one of the most popular home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out.

Oregano Oil for Loosening Teeth

With its potent antibacterial properties, oregano oil too is one of the most effective home remedies to save loose tooth from falling out. When applied topically on the gums every day, can relieve oral infections, periodontal diseases and also prevent the problem of shaky teeth.

Guava Leaf for Loose Tooth

Applying and massaging grounded guava leaves on the affected gums and teeth can help relieve tooth sensitivity, pain and wobbliness. It can help prevent gingivitis, bad mouth odor and oral infections too. This green paste should be applied twice a day for ideal results.

The course of treatment should be ascertained after considering the severity of a loose tooth. The treatment mainly depends on the causes of loose tooth. While moderate cases of loose tooth can be handled with these home remedies, severe cases call for the use of conventional medical treatment. Hence, for issues of loosened tooth, infected gums and other dental issues visit to a dentist is necessary.

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