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How To Fix A Lockjaw?

Lockjaw is a condition in which opening or closing the mouth is very difficult. It is the spasm of the masseter muscle which results from different reasons and also due to a bacterial infection like tetanus. If the jaw is truly locked and is extremely painful, it could be trismus which is actually the first sign of tetanus and should be treated immediately. This article deals with how to fix a lockjaw using natural methods.

How to Fix a Lockjaw?

How to Fix a Lockjaw?

Lockjaw, also known as trismus can occur due to various causes. It mainly refers to the restriction of the jaw movements.1 If you are regularly experiencing difficulty in opening and closing mouth, there are certain things which can be done at home to fix the condition. Most of the people have found these home treatments really successful. While certain cases may require immediate or routine treatment, some mild cases may be

Jaw Exercises

Regular exercise shows a great deal of improvement in the stiff and locked jaw. It, therefore, plays an important role in lockjaw treatment.

Following are the exercises which can be tried for lockjaw:

  • Move the jaw up and down and then towards sides. Do not grind teeth and leave the mouth open during this exercise.
  • Move jaw back and forward, and then relax. Try it again.
  • Open the jaw as wide you can, till the point, it’s not painful. Hold in for a few seconds. In next step try opening the jaw, slightly wider, then relax.
  • Press thumb against the chin, and open mouth as wide as you can. Hold and relax. Repeat from either side.
  • Make sure when you exercise do not overdo, to put yourself in pain. The exercises should be performed for at least 10 times and to a point you do not need to exert.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

Stress is a cause of many health conditions, lockjaw are among them. The tension in the body can tense the jaw and stiffen it. Not only it causes lockjaw but can also worsens the condition. So if you are wondering how to fix a lock jaw, you need to reduce your stress.

Stress reduction and relaxation are therefore keys to combat the issue. Various stress reduction techniques can be of help with it. Regular massage can help any person find relief from the stress. It helps loosen up the muscles and provide relief from lockjaw.


Practicing meditation proves to be helpful in relieving lockjaw. All you need to do is to sit in a comfortable position and take deep breaths. Keep the focus on keeping the tongue and the entire body relaxed. With each breath, you take relax your face, mouth, and jaw. It should be done every 15-20 minutes.


Bubble baths help in relaxing tight muscles and loosening tight muscles that cause lockjaw. There are various fragrances available which promote relaxation such as certain bath salts and scents like lavender and mint. These scents also help to loosen up the tight muscles.

Dietary Changes

When looking out for natural ways to fix a lockjaw, you need to work on the diet. Certain dietary changes provide good help to the people suffering from a locked jaw.
Introduce magnesium into the diet. Magnesium rich foods are banana, avocados, soy, and bean.

Calcium helps strengthen the jaw and reduce muscle spasm. Therefore, the food rich in calcium such as cheese, kale, salmon, and yogurt can be included in the diet. Since vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, foods such as tuna, egg yolk, and salmon can be included in the diet.

  • Eat protein rich food, as protein is essential for healthy muscles.
  • Eat soft food, as a locked jaw would not be able to handle food which requires a lot of chewing.
  • Avoid chewing gums, as they can stress the gums, and can further tighten it.
  • Drink plenty of water, as dehydration can be a major contributing factor to a locked jaw.

Natural Remedies

To understand how to fix a lock jaw naturally, you need to be aware of some natural remedies. There are various home remedies or changes in diet which work well by improving a locked jaw. These home remedies are safe as they are natural.

Mustard Oil – Mustard oil is a powerful natural remedy. It not only increases the blood flow but also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Mix one teaspoon of mustard oil and add two cloves to it. Massage it to the side of the jaw feeling stiff and painful. You can also add garlic to this mixture as it is an anti-microbial agent and reduce the infection.

Herbal Tea – Herbal teas such as chamomile tea, Echinacea tea, kava-kava, peppermint tea, all help to loosen up the jaw muscles and help treat the pain and stiffness caused due to a locked jaw.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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