Why Do My Teeth Feel Rough Even After Brushing?

When you run your tongue along the surface of your teeth, it should typically feel smooth. If it does not feel smooth, and instead feels rough, this means that all is not well with your dental hygiene and your teeth are suffering because of that. A rough feeling is also known as a ‘fuzzy’ feeling. When you have a healthy set of teeth, they will always feel smooth. Even though our teeth have some ridges and grooves on them, the surface should be relatively smooth to the touch. So what is this feeling of roughness on the teeth? Some people also describe this feeling as furry. Well, let’s find out the answer to this question – why do my teeth rough and what does that indicate?

Why Do My Teeth Feel Rough?

Sometimes when we run our tongue along the surface of our teeth while having minor ridges and grooves is considered to be normal, overall the surface of the teeth should remain smooth. However, many times, particularly after we get up in the morning, we feel that our teeth feel rough. It is often described as feeling furry or fuzzy. This roughness in some people can be limited to only some teeth, while in others it can affect almost all the teeth that can be touched by your tongue. After brushing, gargling and flossing, the teeth tend to return to its natural smooth texture.

However, in many cases, it is possible that this roughness of the teeth can continue to persist even after you have brushed your teeth in the morning. One cause of this persistent roughness could very well be plaque formation on the teeth. If you do not have any cracks, chips, or any other physical damage to your teeth, then plaque formation on the teeth is the most likely cause of teeth roughness.

Plaque forms on your teeth every day, but if you have a good and regular dental hygiene then plaque is unable to settle on your teeth. If plaque does not get removed, then it hardens to form a substance called tartar. Tartar further provides an ideal surface for the bacteria in your mouth to cling on to. This can eventually cause tooth decay.

Why Do My Teeth Feel Rough Even After Brushing?

Why Do My Teeth Feel Rough Even After Brushing?

If your teeth still feel rough even after you have brushed, then it could be that you are not brushing properly. It would help if you discuss your brushing technique with your dentist to get the correct input and learn how to brush correctly. You may want to also buy an electric toothbrush.

Tartar buildup is the most likely culprit as to why your teeth are still feeling rough. Tartar is what is known as mineralized plaque. It can build up at any place in the teeth which is not being brushed properly or well enough. However, it generally starts to build up around your gum line. If you frequently get your teeth professionally cleaned, then also tartar can build up in between each cleaning. If you are not good with your dental hygiene, then tartar can even contribute to gum disease in serious cases.

One more cause of your teeth feeling rough even after brushing is due to acidic damage. If you are drinking a lot of soda or you are working in an environment that has a lot of acids present in the environment, combined with poor dental hygiene, your teeth may end up actually getting etched and pitted by acid, thus making it feel rough to touch.

Will Getting Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned Help?

If you are consistently feeling a certain roughness on your teeth, then maybe getting your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist could help. Your dentist will also be able to assess correctly if there is any possible damage to your teeth due to which you are feeling roughness. The dentist will also be able to advise you on how to correct the problem and reverse the damage caused to your teeth.

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