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10 Bad Habits That Cause Plaque On Teeth

Many habits that people commonly have, are attributed to bad breath as well as plaque formation on the teeth. Some of these habits are so harmful that they cause trouble for your internal health as well. Plaque on teeth has many side effects therefore curing this condition is a must. Here are 10 bad habits that cause plaque on teeth.

In this guide we shall refer to some habits, which can severely affect your teeth and oral health. So have a look at the causes of plaque in mouth.

10 Bad Habits That Cause Plaque On Teeth

10 Bad Habits That Cause Plaque On Teeth

  1. Plaque on Teeth Caused Due to Munching Frequently

    Munching frequently is one of the most important bad habits that cause plaque on teeth. If you are an eager eater then this could spell trouble for your pearly white teeth. Frequent munching has many problems because it tends to downsize the level of health your teeth has. You easily get to slurp your favorite drink but major harm is caused to your tooth enamel. This also happens if you forget to rinse your mouth after you eat.

  2. Not Brushing- A Common Cause for Plaque on Tooth

    Another serious bad habit that causes plaque on teeth is not brushing twice a day. Dental hygiene is maintained by proper brushing of teeth. It takes a certain number of hours for the plaque to convert into tartar. If you do not brush properly, you are giving an easy access to build-up of plaque and also formation of tartar. It is therefore recommended that you should brush your teeth twice day, especially in the morning and at bedtime.

  3. Not Flossing Can Lead to Plaque Formation on Teeth

    Just as brushing is important, it is very important to floss your teeth. Flossing is a very good habit as it can help remove the food particles stuck in between the teeth, which brushing is often unable to do. But not flossing is one of the bad habits that cause plaque on teeth and lead to trouble for your oral health.

  4. Not Rinsing After Eating

    When eating, it is obvious that food particles remain stuck in between the teeth and in the oral cavity. Hence it is important to rinse your mouth every time you eat to avoid building up of plaque on teeth.

  5. Lack of Tongue Cleaning

    Another important aspect of good oral hygiene is tongue cleaning. With the variety of foods you eat and the continuous exposure to food causes building up of plaque and coating even in the tongue. Lack of tongue cleaning is a bad habit that cause plaque on teeth and also result in bad breath. It is necessary that you clean your tongue regularly along with brushing of your teeth.

  6. Eating Too Many Sweets

    Foods that contain sweets and starchy foods are harmful by their nature itself. When such foods remain stuck in the teeth for long, can cause more harm and lead to building up of plaque on teeth. Eating too many sweets or foods that contain sweets is also a bad habit that can cause plaque in the mouth.

  7. Picking Wrong Toothpaste

    Bad habits that cause plaque in mouth also include picking the wrong toothpaste which contains harmful chemicals which can damage your teeth. Withering away of enamel occurs if you use toothpaste which is quite abrasive to your teeth. Same is the case when choosing mouthwashes and other dental care products. Tartar control ingredient leads erosion and eventually leading to receding gums. Keep in mind that you need only the fluoride to keep your tooth in great condition.

  8. Having Ice and Colas

    Wrong food has some severe side effects on tooth enamel which includes heavy and frequent intake of carbonated drinks which contain phosphoric acid. Also, these are cold and contain loads of sugar, which harm the teeth. Having ice or ice-pops too damage your teeth and such habits cause plaque on teeth.

  9. Smoking and Tobacco

    Bad habits that cause plaque in the mouth mainly also include smoking and tobacco chewing. These two habits of smoking and tobacco lead to ill health and deterioration of oral health as well. For all reasons, you need to do away with these substances as they badly stain the tooth enamel. The marks left on teeth are quite stubborn and may need aggressive treatment. Besides that, it is the habit of chewing tobacco as well which form plaque on teeth thus causing problems in the long run.

  10. Not Visiting a Dentist

    The worst of all bad habits that cause plaque on teeth is not visiting a dentist. While you can do all possible things to protect your teeth and avoid plaque formation, regular dental check-ups can help to treat any dental problem. It is recommended that you visit a dentist every six months and get assured of your oral hygiene. Any problem can be immediately addressed, without waiting for further complications.

    Sugar free chewing gums which are free from harmful substances can help to prevent plaque formation. Healthy foods, vegetables like carrot sticks, cucumber rings, etc. also help to keep your teeth clean and are natural ways to prevent plaque buildup.

    Plaque is in many ways a must-avoid thing as it builds up cavities in your teeth that leave you helpless as you will not enjoy your favorite foods. It is important to know the causes of plaque formation on your teeth so the proper treatment can be provided. So now that you know the 10 bad habits that cause plaque in the mouth, you can surely avoid them and have healthy teeth. Resort to healthy eating; avoid binge and junk food to skip the heavy medical bills that are a burden on your pocket.


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