What is the Normal Urine Output Per Day for a Healthy Person?

The amount of urine produced by the body can be an indicator of the overall health of an individual. Urine is produced by the kidneys which filters the waste products and chemicals of the body and eliminates it through urine. If there is an increase or decrease in the urinary output of an individual, then it could be a sign that the kidneys are not functioning normally. Estimates suggest that kidney related diseases are one of the leading causes of fatality in the United States.

The kidneys function by reabsorbing the nutrients and water required by the body and eliminates the waste products. A dysfunctional kidney will cause gradual buildup of waste products and chemicals. This over time leads to many serious complications.

What is the Normal Urine Output Per Day for a Healthy Person?

For a healthy person, the normal urinary output per day is anywhere between 500 to 2000 mL per day assuming that the person’s normal intake of fluids is around 2 liters. This normal range tends to vary depending on the fluid intake and an increase or decrease of 1-2% can be considered as normal. The urinary output can also be affected by weather conditions. If the individual has been out in the heat or has been exercising then a lot of fluid is lost in perspiration.

The urinary output also increases after consumption of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages. Certain medications which are metabolized in the liver can also increase urinary output. If a person has an abnormal urinary frequency with increased or decreased urinary output then consultation with a renal specialist and undergoing a 24 hour urine test is recommended to identify any dysfunction in the renal system.

How is a 24 Hour Urine Test Done?

A 24 hour urine test is done by collecting urine in a container every time you use a toilet for a period of 24 hours. On the first day when you use the toilet for the first time you can pass urine in the toilet. Afterwards, you can start collecting urine in the container and keep collecting the urine. Keep the container in a cool place. You can label the container with your name and give it to the laboratory personnel for analysis once the 24 hour period is completed.

What Does Abnormal Urinary Output Indicate?

An individual can have abnormal urinary output if he or she does not have enough intake of fluid, especially water. Chronic kidney disease also causes the urinary output results to be abnormal. Medical conditions that increase urinary output are:

Use of diuretics for treatment of other medical conditions like edema also increases urinary output of an individual.

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