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Dos & Don’ts For Pregnant Women

A woman going through pregnancy will experience emotional highs and lows, making it a memorable phase in her life. Despite packing on a few pounds and having to deal with a big stomach, the feeling will remain mutual as the joy of giving life to a little baby is something worth cherishing. However, the moment a woman announces her pregnancy, family members and friends start giving her a list of do’s and don’ts for pregnant women.

Even though the gynecologist advises you enough on steps and care to be taken during pregnancy, certain dos and don’ts for pregnant women must be understood. The basic first principle when you are pregnant is to smile and be happy as nothing can go wrong if you have a grin on your face but may just go opposite as you planned even if you stress a little bit. Remember it is not just you but also a new life you are taking care of inside you.

Dos & Don’ts For Pregnant Women

Dos For Pregnant Women

Here are few dos and don’ts for pregnant women to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Include Fruits, Vegetables And Poultry In Your Diet

One of the most important dos for pregnant women is to have a healthy diet chart. The five basic elements of a fit baby and healthy pregnancy period is consuming zinc, calcium, iron vitamin c and fiber. From including leafy vegetables like spinach to your meal to bingeing on sweet and sour fruits like oranges, apples and citrus fruits will ensure you have a good healthy feed. Also during these months it is good for your baby if you consume at least one glass of milk every day, you may add organic variants for flavor but a daily dosage of it is a must. However things not to eat are junk, fried food or anything too heavy and greasy as whatever you consume remember is directly being consumed by the baby growing in your womb.

Practice Yoga For Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women can follow different yoga exercises that are especially designed for them, keeping in mind the situation. The exercises are less strenuous and not focusing weight but actually on expanding your abdomen area for better delivery and also so that you don’t suffer fatigue. Yoga is also beneficial for pregnant women as it helps them release stress and keeps their mind calm as the inhale and exhale fresh oxygen. Besides improving their respiration it also benefits the fetus in the womb. Hence, one of the most effective dos for pregnant women is to regularly practice yoga under expert’s supervision.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is the purest form of liquid one can consume and the more you keep drinking it, the better your metabolism will be. You can hope to flush harmful toxins from your body. Also, water keeps your body cool during summers and develops a healthy space for the fetus which is swimming in multiple fluids inside your womb.

Don’ts For Pregnant Women

While it is important to focus on the dos for pregnant women, it is equally important to look at the don’ts for pregnant women.

Do Not Smoke Or Consume Alcohol During Pregnancy

This is one of the most crucial don’ts for pregnant women and you don’t need rocket science to derive the conclusion to this. It is obvious that any kind of toxic inhaled or consumed is bad for the baby’s health as in they live on the food you consume and the oxygen you breathe. But besides avoiding it yourself you must also avoid being in a space filled with smokers as second hand smoke too can disrupt and intake a lot more impurities in your body that will be harmful for the fetus.

However talking in medical terms:

  • It can be the cause behind a miscarriage, respiratory problems, low birth weight and sudden death of the infant.
  • Drinking can cause too much toxin for the baby’s liver to grasp at one go as it is still in its early stage.
  • Drinking can cause blood and liver related issues, it may also cause issues for the new born.

Hence, drinking and smoking are definite no-nos.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

One of the essential don’ts for pregnant women includes the need to reduce caffeine intake. While caffeine is definitely not good for few addicts they might as well reduce its intake. If you cannot substitute caffeine you must try bringing the amount of consumption to at least 200 grams a day as studies have proved that too much of caffeine intake might be the reason behind premature birth or even a miscarriage. So while there is an option to completely avoid it, you can begin with reducing it.

Avoid Dyeing Or Coloring Your Hair

Dyes and hair colors have ammonia and avoiding them comprises the don’ts for pregnant women. Hence, regardless your hair looking dry or graying due to the physical changes during pregnancy, it is best to avoid dyeing it as the essence or the particles might cause damage to the growing fetus.

Ammonia is bad any way and applying it while pregnant is just adding more remorse to your weak body. However in case of extreme cases you can color it slightly but in an open space with proper gloves and wearing a face mask.

Avoid Heading Out In The Sun

Let’s just say besides the fear of getting sunburn there are more factors that may cause damage to your fetus inside. Overexposure to sun during pregnancy is not good as your skin is much more sensitive and while heading out needs you wearing a SPF 50 sunscreen staying out too long may just create internal damage. Thus, another important don’ts for pregnant women is heading out in the sun and getting overexpose to the sun.

Refrain From Strenuous Jobs

There have been many cases where in over exertion or unruly jobs undertaken by moms have landed in the baby getting strangulated by the umbilical cord or the fetus getting damaged causing miscarriage. In fact, lifting heavy weights or cleaning up the house may lead to accidents that can risk the life of the baby, hence it is one of the don’ts for pregnant women. Working mothers can arrange for domestic help and take leave or modify your job to suit your pregnancy. Seek help and support from friends and family so as to avoid strenuous jobs and make sure you get enough rest.

While these are some of the commonest dos and don’ts for pregnant women, it is important to follow any specific medical advice given by your doctor.


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