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12 Easy, Yummy Snacks For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of those times when snacking is encouraged. Like kids, who instead of eating 4 meals a day snack around every now and then, pregnant women need to eat every few hours to curb their hunger pangs. In such a situation, deciding what to eat sometimes becomes an extremely challenging task for the moms-to-be. To solve this problem, given below are 12 easy and yummy snacks for pregnant women.

12 Easy, Yummy Snacks For Pregnant Women

12 Easy, Yummy Snacks For Pregnant Women

#1. Baked Potato with Yogurt & Chives: A Yummy & Creamy Snack for Pregnant Women

This pregnancy mid-afternoon snack is a rich and creamy mix of potato with yogurt that is sure to satisfy any pregnancy craving. The main ingredients in it are 1 baked potato (with skin but no salt), ¼ cup of plain Greek yogurt and 1 tbsp of chopped raw chives, which contain around 281 calories, 32 calories and 1 calorie respectively. This is not only healthy, but a yummy snack for a mother to be.

#2. Cottage Cheese with Fresh Fruit: Freshen your Palate with this Pregnancy Snack!

1 ½ cup of cottage cheese and 1 cup of halved strawberries are mixed together to create this tasty and healthy snack for pregnant women. The cottage cheese offers 16 g of protein, 10% of the daily calcium requirement and 270 calories; while the strawberries add 49 calories and the sweetness into this yummy, nutritious pregnancy snack.

#3. Whole Grain Cereal: Best Snack Friend of Pregnant Women

Cereals need not just be a part of breakfast. Pregnant women can have a bowlful of yummy cereal anytime. All they need to do is pour a cup of skimmed milk in a cup of whole grain cereals, whenever they crave a crunch. While the skimmed milk contains 90 calories, the whole grain cereals contain 9 g protein, 8 g fiber and 200 calories. This pregnancy snack is not only yummy, but also very easy to make.

#4. Salsa and Chips: A Mexican touch to your Pregnancy Snack!

Baked chips with salsa are a perfect crunchy delight for pregnant women. Salsa is already loaded with veggies and fresh tomatoes, and just by adding in some chopped carrots and zucchinis, this pregnancy snack can be made healthier. While a single pack of baked chips contains 240 calories, ½ cup of salsa has 40 calories.

#5. Avocado Toast: A Dose of Healthy Fats in your Pregnancy Snack

For a dose of healthy and yummy fats, pregnant women can simply mash half avocado, spread it over a whole grain toast and top it with a squeeze of lemon, or honey if craving for something sweet. Half of Avocado has 161 calories, a slice of whole grain toast has 109 calories, 1 tsp of honey contains 21 calories, while lemon is calorie free. Avocado toast is another yummy and easy to make snack for pregnant women.

#6. Whole Grain Waffle with Peanut Butter: So Yummy!

Hot waffle topped with a scoop of peanut butter is another protein-rich breakfast snack, which pregnant mothers can enjoy at anytime during the day. One round waffle offers 104 calories and 2 tbsp of peanut butter contains 190 calories.

#7. Sweet Potato Chips: A Crunchy Snack for Pregnant Women

Not only are sweet potato chips tasty and crunchy, but is also a healthy snacking option for pregnant women. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium, which help to keep the blood pressure in check and thereby reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. A pack of sweet potato chips contain around 288 calories thus making it a easy and tasty pregnancy snack for expecting mothers.

#8. Hard-Boiled Egg with Crackers: A Healthy Option to Snack through Pregnancy

Although not a very pleasant smelling snack, hard-boiled egg with multi-grain crackers is a nutritious win for moms-to-be, as 1 hard-boiled egg is loaded with 6% of the daily vitamin A, 2% of the daily calcium, 6 g of protein and 77 calories and makes for an extremely nutritious pregnancy snack.

#9. Oatmeal, Walnuts and Raisins: A Pregnancy Snack Loaded with Fibres

A bowl of oatmeal mixed with seedless raisins and unsalted walnut is loaded with fibre. It can help the digestive system to be healthy and can keep pregnant women full for longer period of time. One low-sugar packet of oatmeal contains only 160 calories and is a very easy to make pregnancy snack.

#10. Whole Wheat Bagel and Almond Butter: A Yummy n Easy Pregnancy Snack

Whole wheat bagel is rich in fibre, proteins and healthy saturated fats which makes it a healthy and tasty pregnancy snack. Instead of having a plain bagel, pregnant women should have one-half of the whole wheat version to satiate their bagel craving. Half of whole-wheat bagel contains 160 calories, approximately and is easy and yummy to snack upon during pregnancy.

#11. Spiced Apples: To Spice-Up your Snacking Options in Pregnancy

To satiate their sweet tooth at snack time, pregnant ladies should try this simple spiced apple pie. This apple pie is made by peeling a fresh apple and cutting it into wedges, placing the wedges in a bowl and sprinkling some nutmeg and cinnamon powder over them, and then finally heating the apple in the microwave until soft. A medium apple has 77 calories, and half-teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg powder containing 3 and 6 calories, respectively. This is another tasty and healthy addition to the compilation of the list of easy, yummy snacks for pregnant women.

#12. Banana and Peanut Butter: A Trusty Snack for Pregnant Women

One of the easy-to-make healthy pregnancy snacks is this nutty banana combo. It not only satisfies the sweet cravings of the moms-to-be, but also offers a good amount of potassium and protein in every serving. Potassium helps pregnant women to keep their blood pressure under control. A medium banana has 105 calories and 2 tbsp of peanut better contains 190 calories.

So, next time don’t grab a handful of unhealthy chocolate chips or French fries when struck with a pregnancy craving. Instead, now you can try the above mentioned snacking options and satiate your pregnancy cravings in an easy and healthy manner.


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