Will My Vagina Ever Be The Same Again After Childbirth?

Questions like “Will my vagina ever be the same again after giving birth” and “Will childbirth negatively affect my sex life,” trouble the mind of most pregnant women. Although they don’t discuss, a lot of women during their pregnancy days keep wondering about what changes their body, especially their vagina, and their life would go through after giving birth. Here’s a small read to help you rightly understand the effect of pregnancy and child birth including a C-section delivery on your vagina.

Will My Vagina Ever Be The Same Again After Childbirth?

Effect of Natural Childbirth on the Vagina

The sensation which women feel during sexual activities is greatly affected by the health of their pelvic floor muscles. The healthier the pelvic floor muscles are, the more sensation one feels during sex. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor muscles get strained from supporting the weight of the growing fetus. So, post childbirth, most women sense a change in their sexual experience, i.e. a lack of sensation and a feeling of looseness during intercourse. Natural delivery causes extreme strain on the tissues surrounding the vagina for enabling it to stretch extensively during childbirth. So, to answer the million dollar question is, YES, your vagina will change after natural child birth, but this change has more to do with the pregnancy itself and the stretching of the pelvic ligaments and muscles during pregnancy. With correct pelvic floor muscles strengthening exercises after an appropriate time after delivery has passed will ensure that your vagina retains its former structure.

Some women, to protect their vagina from the trauma of natural delivery, opt for a c-section delivery in the hopes that their vagina will retain its former shape and tightness. So, another question commonly asked is “will my vagina be same after c-section?” More on that below.

Does a C-Section Delivery Protect Women’s Vagina??? Know the Facts!

Some women opt for a c-section delivery mistakenly thinking that a c-section delivery will protect their vagina from the trauma of a natural birth. While this is partly correct, fact of the matter is that after c-section delivery, a woman’s vagina may look the same in appearance as before the pregnancy, but that is only from the outside. Whereas in fact, women need to understand that there will be changes in a woman’s vagina from pregnancy no matter what the form of delivery takes place. After c-section, a woman’s vagina may appear the same; however, internally, the pelvic floor muscles have already been over stretched, like a rubber band for good 9 months of pregnancy. This is the reason why in spite of looking the same as before from the outside, the vagina no more feels the same as pre-pregnancy. The over-stretched pelvic floor muscles fail to go back to their original state without deliberate exercise and pelvic training, which are helpful in healing and strengthening of the pelvic muscles. The only thing which will help your vagina go back to its former grip and integrity is through strengthening exercises of pelvic floor muscles. One of the forms of such exercises is Kegel exercises.

The Importance of Pelvic Floor Exercises: How Do These Exercises Affect The Vagina During Pregnancy And After Birth?

The visible and physical state of the vagina, whether stretched or not, does not regulate the tightness of the vagina. The strength of the pelvic floor muscles determines the vaginal tightness. The pelvic floor muscles which are wrapped around the vaginal canal, give the vagina its grip and structure. The strain on the pelvic floor muscles is caused by pregnancy itself and not the method of delivery. This strain is the primary reason behind women suffering from mild incontinence and decreased quality of sexual experience, during pregnancy and afterwards. Like other muscles in the body, the pelvic floor muscles can also be strengthened through exercises. Without conscious pelvic training, the pelvic floor muscles are not able to return to the same pre-pregnancy strength after giving birth. By doing the right pelvic exercises in the correct manner, women can effectively improve their bladder control, regain their sexual sensations and keep back pain at bay even after a c-section delivery.

Final Take

The answer to the question, “Will my vagina ever be the same again after childbirth” is NO, it won’t; however, your vagina can go back to its former structure provided one does conscious pelvic training and exercises, a woman’s vagina can almost revert back to what it was before birth. The female body is not meant to get broken while bearing her child and bringing it into the world. Giving birth is a beautiful part of a woman’s life and is not meant to ruin her body or her vagina. A woman’s body is designed to stretch, making her capable of giving birth multiple times. Not only can women give birth to their baby, but are also capable of satisfying their partners even after achieving motherhood. By following a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits along with a regular pelvic exercise regime during and post pregnancy, women can heal, recover, look and feel the same even after becoming a mother.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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