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4 Natural Ways To Treat Scabies During Pregnancy

Scabies is an extremely contagious skin infection caused by what is termed as an itch mite medically named as Sarcoptes scabiei. These mites are also known as Scabies mites. Most of the rashes caused by Scabies are found in the armpits, buttock and breast creases, and folds of the fingernails where the temperature is much warmer. Scabies infection is transmitted only by physical contact. This physical contact may be in the form sexual contact or other means of direct contact.

In certain cases, scabies infection has also been caused by using certain items of an infected individual like towels, clothes, or food items. Usually, the symptoms can be treated by a variety of medications but in cases if scabies infection develops in a pregnant female then the option for treatment becomes limited as the medications that can be taken by the female is limited due to the pregnancy.

It should be noted here that scabies infection does not infect the fetus in any way and there is no harm done to the baby by this infection. If a pregnant female has been infected with scabies and wants to avoid medical treatment then there are certain Home Remedies or Natural ways to treat Scabies Infection. This article gives a brief overview of some of the natural ways to treat scabies during pregnancy.

4 Natural Ways To Treat Scabies During Pregnancy

4 Natural Ways To Treat Scabies During Pregnancy

#1 Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree Oil mixed with coconut oil is an extremely safe and effective natural way to treat the rashes caused by the scabies infection during pregnancy. It also soothes the skin and provides relief from itching sensation. All you need to do is take some tea Tree oil and mix it with coconut oil and apply the mixture on the affected area. Leave the oil in there till it dries out. Pat the area dry. You need to continue this process at least twice a day until the symptoms resolve.

#2 Neem Oil: This is yet another effective natural way to treat scabies during pregnancy. All you need to do is mix neem oil with some turmeric powder and make a paste of it and apply it on the affected area. You need to continue this until the symptoms of scabies resolve.

#3 Other Natural Ways of Treating Scabies During Pregnancy: Topical application of a paste of zinc powder. Additionally, undiluted white vinegar, fresh juice of apricot leaves, juice of drumstick leaves, and sesame oil and calamine lotion followed by cold compress are also extremely beneficial in not only treating the rashes developed as a result of scabies, but also kills the scabies mites and their eggs such that there is no chance of recurrence of the infection and the female can stay away from Scabies Infection during pregnancy.

#4 Diet: There are certain dietary changes that can also help in treatment of scabies infection in pregnant females in a natural way. The dietary changes include taking foods rich in zinc like soybeans, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and cooked oysters. Additionally garlic and onion should also be taken in decent amounts in order to treat Scabies Naturally during Pregnancy.

Apart from the natural ways of treating Scabies during pregnancy which have been delineated above there are certain creams which can be used for treatment of Scabies in pregnant females. These creams are:

Permethrin Cream: This is an extremely effective medication which is capable of killing the scabies mites and their eggs. This cream is extremely safe to use during pregnancy. This cream needs to be applied on the entire body before sleeping at night and then should be washed off in the morning. This needs to be done on a weekly basis until the rashes completely go away.

Sulfur Creams: This is yet another medication that can be used safely during pregnancy as it has no side effects and has the potential to kill the scabies mites and their eggs effectively.


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