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Induce Labor Naturally With These 11 Ways

Induce Labor Naturally With These 11 Ways

Inducing labor naturally is not uncommon and many women choose to do so for various reasons. Depending upon various conditions during the course of a pregnancy and the due date; doctors may or may not encourage this practice. Trying to induce labor naturally is an idea that is best discussed with the doctor that has taken care of your medical needs during the course of your pregnancy and even if you do get the green signal; you would probably need to discuss the various natural methods for inducing labor and arrive at a decision with your doctor; on which is the best course of action for you. Having made that clear; listed below are various ways to induce labor with an emphasis on natural methods.

Induce Labor Naturally With These 11 Ways

#1. Red Raspberry Leaf to Naturally Induce Labor

Red raspberry leaf is known to help induce labor naturally when taken as a tea or in pill form. The correct time to use red raspberry leaf for labor induction is said to be around 34 weeks. The evidence to support this claim is primarily anecdotal; however, red raspberry leaf is known to strengthen the uterus and one study even supports the claim that the consumption of red raspberry leaf can shorten the pushing stage of labor resulting in a lot less pain and discomfort making it an effective and natural way to induce labor.

#2. Walking

Walking is another popular and natural way to help induce labor; however, a doctor needs to be consulted in this regard. Certain pregnancies come with multiple risks and your doctor might advice complete bed rest if yours is a risky pregnancy.

#3. Yoga

Many yoga centers offer special classes for women in all stages of pregnancy. Your yoga instructor might have a late pregnancy class that could claim to naturally induce labor and according to anecdotal evidence; this is not completely untrue. Once again; talking to your doctor about late pregnancy yoga classes is imperative, as your doctor might wish for you to have complete bed rest depending upon the circumstances of your pregnancy.

#4. Dates

Six dates per day as and when you approach your due date can help naturally induce labor according to anecdotal evidence. Studies do support that dates can help commence labor, assist with dilation and prevent the labor process from stretching out.

#5. Exercise

Exercise can bring on labor naturally according to anecdotal evidence and can be tried after consulting your doctor. Exercise also includes swimming, which is said to have a potential effect on labor induction. It should be good to know that even if exercise doesn’t induce labor; it can make the body flexible and prepare you for the strain of childbirth. However, one should bear it in mind to avoid vigorous exercises in pregnancy and perform only those exercises in pregnancy, which the doctor has given the go-ahead to.

#6. Take Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labor Naturally

Evening primrose oil can be taken orally or used internally to induce labor. The internal use of evening primrose oil to induce labor naturally should be done at 38 weeks onwards. While oral ingestion of evening primrose oil to induce labor naturally can be commenced at 34 weeks. It is imperative to consult a doctor about the use of evening primrose oil to induce labor naturally, as various studies have shown potential risks also.

#7. Acupressure Can Help Induce Labor Naturally

Acupressure is a form of massage therapy that has been known to have labor inducing effects. Once again there is only anecdotal evidence to support this claim and you might need an acupressurist with sufficient experience of serving pregnant women to try this method of inducing labor naturally. Acupressure is mostly safe for pregnant women if done by a certified professional.

#8. Avoid Bananas

Bananas are delicious fruits loaded with potassium, which can often delay labor. Potassium effects muscle contractions to a large extent which is why bananas should be eaten in moderation during gestation to ensure timely labor.

#9. Basil Leaves

Basil is known to have properties that stimulate blood flow to the uterus and even facilitate menstruation. Basil can possibly help induce labor, but the evidence is mostly anecdotal.

#10. Visualizing the Birth Process to Naturally Induce Labor

This might seem like wishful thinking, but many women claim that it works and your doctor wouldn’t necessarily have any problem with it. Visualizing the birthing process is an extremely safe and natural way to induce labor. One simply has to visualize the scenario that could play out during the process of childbirth including pushing and talking to your baby to induce labor naturally.

#11. Exercise Ball

An exercise ball or Pilates ball is known to induce labor and has often been recommended by midwives and doulas. Finding a comfortable and safe position followed up by gentle bouncing with the belly supported by an exercise ball is said to be the correct method to induce labor naturally with the help of an exercise ball.


In conclusion; it is imperative to repeat that any of these methods and dietary changes to induce natural labor is mostly anecdotal. Consultation with your doctor is necessary before taking them up. Induced labor at the wrong time can be drastic and your due date needs to be taken into consideration before trying out any of these dietary changes and natural labor inducing methods.


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