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Can Exercise Help with Acne?|Different Exercises to Get Rid of Acne

Exercise can definitely help with acne. Treating acne can be extremely frustrating as it can take anywhere between one to two months to get rid of every sign of acne from your skin. There are numerous treatment options available for acne in the form of ointments, face washes, creams and medications. Some of them are even available over the counter without any prescription. However, medications alone can take a long time to treat acne.

Can Exercise Help With Acne?

You need to look for natural ways to manage the signs of acne and helping other treatment options. Exercise is a wonderful way to not only keep yourself healthy but also reduce the time that is required to treat acne. Exercising regularly increases the circulation of blood in your body and helps in getting the levels of hormones right. Any disturbance in the level of hormones in the body is a major cause of acne. When you are switching to the option of exercises for treating acne, you need to take some precautions. Any type of physical exercise produces a lot of sweat and it can make your acne worse unless you take care of it. Overall, excising is a good option to treat acne but with some precautions.

Different Exercises to Get Rid of Acne

Different Exercises to Get Rid of Acne

There are numerous forms of exercises that can help you in treating acne. All the exercises for acne can be broadly put into two categories: Cardiovascular exercise and Yoga.

Cardiovascular exercises involve the normal physical exercises such as cycling, running, jogging, cycling, swimming etc. All these exercises help in preventing and treating acne by getting rid of the fat and harmful toxins out of the body. All types of cardiovascular exercises result in production of lots of sweat that helps in releasing harmful toxins. It also helps in forcing the dirt and other substances out of the skin pores to unplug them. Clogging of pores is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of acne. Most of the acne treatment options work on opening up the pores that you can easily achieve naturally by exercising. You can also make your skin healthy and glowing by exercising regularly.

Yoga is a unique method that is becoming very popular around the world. It is an interesting form of exercise that does not involve a lot of physical movement but more on concentration and controlling the breath. Yoga is an excellent way to keep your body and soul healthy. In the case of acne, it helps by getting rid of physically and mental stress out of your body and life. Stress can easily disturb the hormonal balance in your body leading to various types of mental and physical problems including acne. There are various forms of Yoga that claim to heal even the most mysterious diseases. You can find specific forms of Yoga to help in treating acne.

Any cardiovascular exercise is enough for treating acne. The best thing about exercise as the treatment option for acne is that you do not need to be specific. You can choose any type of cardiovascular exercise that you enjoy doing. It can be swimming, cycling, running or just taking a brisk walk in the morning. The most important thing is to get your body moving that would automatically produce sweat.

Wash After Exercising to Prevent Acne

Exercising is good for treating acne but only if you are prepared to take care of the sweat. The sweat produced during the exercise if left on the skin can make your acne worse. It can quickly dry off leaving the dirt to clog the pores. Also, it helps in the bacterial growth of not washed off quickly. Make sure that you take a quick shower after exercising. Changing your clothes would be excellent.


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