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Do Hormones Cause Acne?

Do Hormones Cause Acne?

One of the very common questions asked by majority of people is Do Hormones cause acne? The answer to this question is yes, fluctuations in hormones do cause acne. As such hormonal acne can occur at any phase of life but it is very common during puberty, menstruation and menopause when numerous normal changes occur in the body. Hormonal acne is very complicated. People who suffer from this problem often look for acne remedies or keep on washing their face but the first and the foremost thing, which should be done, is gathering information on hormonal acne. One can take help from the internet and study different medical journals to know the cause and effect of acne.

Do Hormones Cause Acne?

There are many aspects of hormone that contributes in causing acne. To know whether acne has occurred because of hormonal fluctuation one need to analyze the body functions by observing whether one experience the following symptoms.

  • Does your acne occur same time every month?
  • Does it occur at the same place like forehead or cheeks every time?
  • Are pimples painful or very deep?

If any of these answers is yes, then there are high possibilities that the individual is suffering from hormonal acne.

Hormonal Acne May Be Caused Due to Androgens Sensitivity

Our body is designed in a way that it adequately balances all the hormones for smooth functioning of vital body processes. Whenever there is any imbalance in body hormones one need to visit a doctor immediately. If we talk about acne then it is caused when androgen hormone is converted to testosterone. Both men as well as women body significantly produces testosterone. It is important for both but women body often find it difficult to adjust with excess testosterone. Excess testosterone moves around the body and facilitate formation of acne.

How Hormones are Transmitted in Skin?

Blood stream acts as a career of hormones and helps them in moving from one part of the body to another. This way through blood stream hormones enters the skin cells.

Menopause Acne is a Type of Hormonal Acne

Usually women who are in their 40s and 50s experience menopause. During this phase, due to sudden change in the reproductive organ many hormonal changes take place in the body. Majority of women suffer from acne during menopause because of decline in the level of estrogen and drastic increase in the level of testosterone hormone in the body. There are some women who opt for hormonal replacement therapies, which ease the process of menopause. Such women are also prone to get acne during this phase. This happens because in hormonal replacement therapy doctors make use of progestin influx to replace the loss of both progesterone as well as estrogen hormone. Injecting this hormone in the body can cause cracks in the skin. This acne can be removed by taking proper medication and also by performing natural remedies.

Traditional Approach to Treat Hormonal Acne

Over the counter treatment is effective and helpful only when acne is small. This reason behind this is that, in due course of time hormonal acne forms a cystic bump like structure that penetrates deep in the skin. The deep makes it difficult for the medicines to reach the root cause. Hence, acne may get smaller in size but does not get removed from the roots.

It is recommended that whenever any individual face acne problem, they should immediately visit a doctor, instead of trying their own home remedies. Doctors examine the acne and prescribe accurate and effective medication for the same. This way acne gets removed from the root and gets completely healed.


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