5 Important Things you can know from your Face

Our face is the index of our mind. It is also the map of the health as it can tell a lot about our health. Apart from emotions, it is also possible to read the health status from the face. It is important to pay heed to the face as any change should be brought to the doctor’s attention.

Important Things you can know from your Face

5 Important Things you can know from your Face

Here are given 5 plus things you can understand from your face:

Premature Wrinkles

Wrinkles typically occur with age. However, they can take the charm out of the face when they occur on the young skin. They can occur due to exposure to cigarette smoke. The blood vessels become narrow as the nicotine enters them and the blood flow decreases subsequently. It deprives the skin of the oxygen and the nutrients that it requires. The chemicals in the tobacco also make the skin lose its strength and elasticity by affecting the elastin and collagen. By not smoking, actively or passively, it is possible to slow down the wrinkling and aging process.

  1. Puffy Eyes

    Usually, it is a consequence of inadequate sleep. It can also be because of a lot of crying. In some cases, inadequate sleep could be because of another medical problem. Thyroid eye disease causes the muscles and tissues around the eye to swell. Puffy eyes are commonly an indication of Graves’ disease or any kidney problem. Other symptoms include changes in the appearance of the eyes, blurred vision, feeling of grittiness or pain in the eye and watery eyes.

  2. Pale Skin

    When a person who is otherwise healthy, suddenly becomes pale and lifeless, it is usually because of change in iron levels. Billions of people around the world suffer from anemia. When the blood iron level is low, the body is incapable of producing hemoglobin that gives red color to blood and a healthy tone to skin. The skin loses its normal color when there is an iron deficiency and the person becomes very pale. The inside of the gums and lips, as well as the bottom eyelids, seem to be paler than usual. Iron deficiency is also characterized by fatigue, brittle nails, coldness in the hands and feet, headaches and shortness of breath. It is important to eat food like meat, pomegranates, beetroots, beans and lentil which are rich in iron content.

  3. Cracks at the Corners of the Mouth

    Cracks on the corner of the mouth occur due to angular cheilitis. It is associated with deficiency of Riboflavin or Vitamin B2. When the body lacks Vitamin B2, it leads to membrane inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract as well as skin, eyes, and mouth. These cracks also mean that the patient could be suffering from symptoms like inflamed eyelids, sores on the mouth, redness of skin and swollen mucous membranes. Including Vitamin B rich food like salmon, tuna, eggs, poultry, Swiss chard, beans, peanuts, and legumes are also good ways to deal with it.

    The problem can also occur due to zinc and iron deficiency. So, one should also include them in diet.

  4. Dry Skin and Flaky Lips

    Dry skin can be due to causes like wintry air and hot showers or it could be because of dehydration. Our skin consists of nearly thirty percent water that contributes to resiliency, elasticity and plumpness. When the body lacks water, it causes dry skin and chapped lips. When the water level is low, the person does not sweat a lot and the dirt and oil continue to accumulate in the skin. It increases risks of eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is important to hydrate the skin and drink a lot of water. One should also apply coconut oil and massage the skin to hydrate it. While dry skin once in a while can be because of dehydration, it may also indicate diabetes and hypothyroidism. Other reason can be deficiency of vitamin C also.

  5. Excessive Facial Hair

    It commonly occurs on the upper lip, chin, and jawline. Women find it embarrassing and it is known as Hirsutism. It is usually a symptom of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) that is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It usually occurs in women after menopause. It is found in three women out of four. Hirsutism is commonly treated by pharmacological treatments as well as hair removal methods. Adrenal gland disorders can also cause facial hair and it can also occur because of tumor in the adrenal gland and ovaries.

  6. Butterfly Shaped Rashes

    Rashes on the face are indication of some issues in the body. When the rash stretches on the face, across the cheeks to look like a butterfly with a sunburn texture, the patient could be suffering from lupus. It is a disorder of the immune system which affects joints, blood, skin, lungs, kidneys and heart.

    Other symptoms include joint pain, muscle pain, swelling, fatigue, low-grade fever, chest pain, enlargement of lymph nodes, shortness of breath, frequent headaches and fluid retention. Make sure to consult a doctor if a butterfly-shaped rash occurs on the face. When this disease is managed on time, it can be healed. If it is not treated properly, it can cause kidney problems and cardiovascular diseases.

  7. Abnormal Skin and Discoloration

    Women suffering from PCOS can witness patches on the armpits, navel, forehead or breasts. Discoloration, also known as Acanthosis Nigricans can be seen. These women have higher insulin levels or insulin resistance that cause thick and corrosive discoloration occurring on various parts of the body. The patients having family history of obesity and diabetes are more prone to suffer from Acanthosis Nigricans that is a marker of insulin resistance and Hyperinsulinemia.

  8. Yellowing Skin and Eyes

    It is usually an indication that the person might be suffering from jaundice. Other symptoms of jaundice are abdominal pain, fever, headache, fatigue, skin itching, pale urine and stools. It can also be an indication of liver diseases like cirrhosis and hepatitis. Yellow skin is also caused because of gallbladder and pancreatic issues.

  9. Yellow Patches around the Eyes

    Also known as Xanthelasma, yellow patches around the eyes is an indication of heart disease. They are in the form of yellow plaques which usually occur near the eyelids. While these soft and painless patches do not interfere with the vision, they are indication of diseases like coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and dyslipidemia. It is caused by a number of causes from diabetes to smoking and central obesity.

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