5 Common Tick Misconceptions & Ways To Prevent Tick Bite

As the summer is approaching so is the season for people to go out camping in the woods and partake in other recreational activities outside their homes. This is the time when tick bites are at their maximum. Ticks thrive in warmer temperatures and get attracted to both humans and animals alike. While tick bite is quite harmless for healthy individuals, people who are allergic to tick bites can develop some complications as a result of tick bites.

Lyme disease is one of the most common health conditions that can be caused as a result of tick bites and this has been on the rise in the United States according to a study report. It is estimated that around 300,000 people have been affected with Lyme disease as a result of tick bites.

5 Common Tick Misconceptions

5 Common Tick Misconceptions

When it comes to information regarding tick bites, a lot is said about tick bites of which some are facts while other are misconceptions and it is very important to separate facts from misconceptions.

Below mentioned are some of the misconceptions associated with tick bites.

#1 All Ticks are Disease Borne: This is one major misconception that people have about tick bites. The fact is that not all tick bites carry diseases. The Blacklegged ticks are the only species of ticks that carry bacterium responsible for Lyme disease.

#2 Ticks Jump or Fall from Trees on Humans: This is yet another misconception regarding ticks. Ticks are attached to trunks of the trees, shrubs and bushes in woody areas. They do not fall on humans, but attach themselves to their clothing when they brush against a shrub or a bush. At times, they tend to crawl up to the body of a human and attach themselves to the clothing through which they crawl until they find an exposed part of the body where they bite which is usually the neck or the arms.

#3 Individual Will Feel When Bitten By A Tick: This is yet another misconception about ticks that people have. Unlike mosquitoes, when an individual is bitten by a tick there is no sensation at all and the individual will not even know if one has been bitten by a tick.

#4 Alcohol or Petroleum Jelly Can Kill A Tick: Ticks are insects that are not affected by any of these substances. The best way to get the tick out of the body is by using tweezers and removing the tick gently.

#5 You Can Use A Match To Burn The Tick: This is probably a dangerous misconception that individuals have about ticks. Some people think that they can burn the tick with a match, which is not only dangerous but an ineffective way to remove the tick from the body. Utilizing tweezers is the best way to remove the tick from the body.

Ways To Prevent Tick Bites

Some of the ways to prevent tick bites are:

  • When out in the woods camping, it is recommended to wear long sleeves and full pants, so as to minimize the exposed part of the body and not allowing the tick to the surface to bite on.
  • When out in the woods, it is preferable to avoid any bushy areas and walk on the center of the trail.
  • Make full use of tick repellent on the exposed areas of the body to prevent any tick bites.
  • Take a shower within a couple of hours of being in a wooded area to identify and remove any ticks stuck in the body.
  • Check the skin of the exposed area of the body very closely after being in a wooded area for any ticks stuck to the body.

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