How To Remove A Deeply Embedded Tick?

About Deeply Embedded Tick & Its Complications

Tick bites are one of the most common sources of illness in the summer season. A tick bite normally occurs when individuals go for camping outdoors in the woods during the summer season. While majority of the tick bites are harmless and do not cause any symptoms, when a tick gets embedded deep into the skin then it may be a cause of concern especially if the individual is allergic to tick bite.

It has been proven that tick bite is one of the most common causes of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The symptoms of these conditions may be visible as early as 36 hours after the tick bite. Thus if an individual lives in an area where Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is common and suffers a tick bite then it is highly recommended for that individual to consult with a physician as a precautionary measure so as to prevent such diseases from occurring.

In case if an individual develops any symptoms of rash, redness, and fever then it is recommended that the individual consult with a physician immediately to rule out any tick borne disease. While a tick bite may not always cause any serious illness, there are cases where the tick actually gets deeply embedded in the body. This article gives an overview as to how to remove a deeply embedded tick.

How To Remove A Deeply Embedded Tick?

How To Remove A Deeply Embedded Tick?

Below mentioned are some of the steps that can be followed to remove a deeply embedded tick. Tweezers are something which is extremely useful when removing a deeply embedded tick. Grasp the tick gently with the help of the tweezers as close to the skin surface as possible. The next step towards removing the tick is to try and pull the tick upwards by applying gentle pressure on the tweezers. Make sure so as to not twist or jerk the tweezers to get the tick out as it may break the tick and a part may remain embedded in the skin.

In case if the tick breaks during the process of lifting the tick off of the surface of the skin, first remove the area grasped by the tweezers which is normally the abdominal area of the tick completely and then try and attempt to remove the mouth from the skin surface. In most cases, the mouth of the tick will come out by making another attempt with the help of tweezers.

In case if the mouth does not come out, it is highly recommended not to try any other measures to take the remaining structure of the tick out and allowing the remaining body to be embedded in the skin and allow the skin to heal itself.

Some people try to take the embedded part out by scalpel or matchstick but these things should not be practiced as it may worsen the situation and may even cause infection. Once the tick is removed, clean the area with iodine scrub, soap and water.

In case if there is a live tick removed from the body then make sure not to crush it with the fingers as the toxin of the tick may enter the body. The tick may gently be flushed in the toilet.

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