How Much Does It Cost For Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

How Much Does It Cost For Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The cost of the breast reconstruction surgery depends on the following factors:

  • The surgeon who is carrying out the procedure.
  • The geographical region.
  • The complexity of the procedure.

Based on these data, the average cost of the breast reconstruction surgery is about 16,125 USD. The range of the surgery and the following required actions spread across 25000 USD to 80,000 USD.

Whether to undergo breast reconstruction is a big decision that is to be made by a patient. The decision is massive since the surgical procedure is not only complex, but a patient might need to undergo several surgeries and medical procedures to form the fine symmetry and replace the affected breast tissues, skin and the nipple. All the above steps require a significant amount of financial investment other than strong will. Two of the major financial steps for the breast reconstruction surgery include the type and number of reconstructive surgery you are undergoing and the specific health conditions that will follow. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with the accurate expense that you have to bear to go through the whole procedure.

The breast reconstruction surgery in a process which varies from one individual to another hence there is no fixed cost of undergoing the surgery. Since it is an individualized procedure, the range of the surgery starts from 3000 USD and can go up to 9000 USD and even more. You must first decide whether you are willing to undergo the surgery at all and if you choose to undergo, you need to understand all the aspects of the surgery and the following treatments which will make up the full expense that you are to bear.

Points to be Kept in Mind before You Present Your Consent for Undergoing a Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The cost of the surgery which is only specific to the breast reconstruction procedure includes:

Single or Double Reconstruction: Whether a single breast is being reconstructed or both the breasts are.

Immediate Reconstruction: The time, during which the surgery is being performed, this refers to whether the breast reconstruction surgery is taking place right after the mastectomy or later. When the surgery occurs soon after the mastectomy, a gap of only 6 hours is maintained. The overall procedure of mastectomy and breast reconstruction goes for at least 6 hours. If you are to undergo a radiation therapy, you must go for breast reconstruction after the radiation period is over.

Method of Surgery: The method is being applied to reconstruct the breast; flap surgery or implant.

Complications: Several special circumstances, which may arise related to the breast health leading to complications.

Costs which are associated with the premium surgical procedure for breast reconstruction include:

Surgeries: Types and number of surgical supplies used to perform the surgery.

Doctor Fee: Fee of the surgeon (this depends on how experienced the surgeon is and how well trained the doctor is.)

Location: Location of the breast reconstruction surgery and the surgeon (this refers to where the surgery is taking place, like if it is in rural, suburban or an urban area and where does the doctor belong to).

Tests: Laboratory tests like several blood tests

  • Hospital fees.
  • Post-operative care costs.

Complete Costs: If you have any query regarding the breast reconstruction surgery procedure or the financial aspect of it, you should discuss it with your surgeon after consulting with him or her. You must also have an estimated idea of how much your surgeon will charge and what is the amount of the surgery including the hospital bills and fee of the anesthesiologist. Before you give your consent for undergoing the surgery, having a budget in mind is helpful.

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