Supplements to Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a devastating health threat to any individual. For American citizens, the chances of suffering from a high blood pressure are one in every three individuals. For senior citizens, the number rises to one in every two individuals. There is also a good chance that many individuals are unaware of the presence of high blood pressure. Because of this reason, high blood pressure attained an alternative name – the silent killer.

The conventional treatment includes the reduction in weight, reducing salt intake, and following a diet program that helps in the production of hypertension. Apart from this, the doctor also prescribes medicines that help in dilating the blood vessels for smooth flow of the blood. However, natural remedies are available that are helpful in reducing high blood pressure. The following information about supplements is useful in effectively lowering the blood pressure naturally.

Supplements to Reduce Blood Pressure

Supplements to Reduce Blood Pressure

Below mentioned are some of the supplements for reducing high blood pressure:

Coenzyme Q 10 – It is the leading and the most prominent nutrient for the cardiovascular system. It involves the development of cellular energy production and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Intake of the supplement helps in lowering the blood pressure naturally. A simple study carried out on 46 men and 37 women suffering from systolic hypertension displayed an impressive reduction in the same after 12 weeks when the intake of the coenzyme was 60 mg.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – EPA and DHA are the two essential acids that play a crucial role in maintaining excellent cardiovascular health. Additionally, the research showed that an increase in consumption of omega-3 helped in reduction of high blood pressure naturally at a drastic pace. Fish, krill, and squid have abundant sources of the fatty acids. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals suffering from high blood pressure to include or prepare a diet that consists of fish, squid, or krill in such a way that it fulfills the needed quantity and prevents high blood pressure.

Olive Oil – Olive oil achieved an excellent recognition for producing excellent results in cardiovascular health. Even the olive leaves emerged as a touted alternative to the oil in reducing high blood pressure. Olive contains oleuropein, which is capable of boosting the immune system and lower blood pressure naturally. Benolea patented olive leaf extract and standardized for the production. It is beneficial to look for the same and consume the supplement as directed.

Balance 3 – It is a Chinese herbal remedy consisting of herbs such as honeysuckle flower, water fairy flower, notoginseng root, pagoda tree flower, all-heal flower, shiitake mushroom, and chrysanthemum flower. All these natural agents work together in dilating the blood vessels, which further helps in improving the blood flow through the arteries. In fact, several studies showcased that the use of the herb displayed a consistent and rapid decrease in blood pressure in a majority of patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Grape Seeds – grape seeds are rich sources of compounds known as polyphenols, which are capable of providing numerous health benefits. The health benefits include lowering the increased blood pressure naturally. According to research, grape seed extract, MegaNatural BP, a special grade seed, helps in relaxing the muscle tissues which in turn offers the needed comfort for the blood vessels for allowing smooth blood flow. Therefore, it is preferable for individuals suffering from high blood pressure to look out for products containing MegaNatural BP and consume the same according to the requirement or as directed.


As age and family genetics are the reason behind the occurrence of high blood pressure, controlling other elements will be helpful in maintaining good health and prevent stress on the heart.

The supplements discussed above will be helpful in decreasing high blood pressure naturally. An essential tip to memorize is that the supplements are readily available and do not pose side effects. Consuming them as required is critical to ensure safety and maintain good overall health.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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