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Android Apps For Blood Pressure

“The world is ruled by science and technology!” What is not possible today with technology and medical science? In fact, today, many of the dangerous diseases have much effective treatments for them with the latest development of medical science, many medical equipments and exclusively trained and skilled doctors. Now coming to technology, the same thing implies here. There are a lot of updated technologies and technical improvements, which have made our lives more comfortable and easier. How about linking technology with healthcare? Yes! Today the most popular mobile technology has made a great deal with the healthcare sector. Confused? Coming straight on this is, it is now the most accepted fact that android technology has stepped into medical world where a lot of android apps have been developed every single day for various health conditions and diseases which would help patients in a great manner to track, control and work for good of their health with simple fingertip touch over their android phones. High blood pressure or Hypertension is a much serious problem in people now and here it is necessary to track or monitor their heart rate, track the blood pressure everyday so as to keep self checked from any danger. This tracking of blood pressure is made so very an easier task with the wonderful android apps for tracking blood pressure. So, the current article is going to focus on the blood pressure causes and symptoms and primarily speak about the various android apps for tracking blood pressure that are most beneficial to the patient with high bp.

Android Apps For Blood Pressure

A General Study On Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is the actual measure of the force exerted by the blood while pushing it against the wall of the blood vessels or the arteries, which carries the blood pumped by the heart to various parts of the body. It is a known and studied fact that the patient with high blood pressure or hypertension who suffer from a condition which makes it tough for the heart to work on pressure and work harder in pumping blood, and also leads to hardening of the arteries and thus increases the heart rate in hypertensive condition. There may be many causes for hypertension, including Overweight, Old age, Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, lack of physical activities, patient with kidney diseases, family history of hypertension, over intake of salt in diet etc. Though such causes can lead to hypertensive conditions, there are also patients who suffer from hypertension whose real causes are not identified. Around 95% of the patients’ recorded with high blood pressure suffer from such a hypertensive condition where the reasons behind the condition are not identified properly.

Blood Pressure Readings:

  • Usually the Normal blood pressure reading comes to 120/80, where the upper factor is called systolic and lower is diastolic.
  • In case of pre-hypertensive condition, the BP reading goes to somewhere around 120-139/ 80-89.
  • In case of stage 1 hypertension, the Blood pressure reading shows 140-149/90-99.
  • The stage 2 hypertension shows a blood pressure reading of 160/100 or above.

How Android Apps Can Help Track Blood Pressure Readings?

They say, “Your health in your hands!” The best of android apps for tracking blood pressure are the one healthcare based technology which actually helps you keep your proper health in your hands. If you have hypertensive condition or if you are suffering from high blood pressure, it is essential for you to monitor your blood pressure and thus assist self and your doctor in managing the blood pressure. Android application does the perfect job here. The applications developed for tracking blood pressure available for the android devices actually help you greatly in tracking your blood pressure, weight, pulse rate or the heart rate at an ease right through your finger tip. The following array of the article will put some highlight on few of the most popular android apps for tracking blood pressure. Make sure you go through the below section if you or your dear ones are facing any troublesome issue in high blood pressure.

Most Popular Android Apps For Blood Pressure:

  1. Blood pressure Log:

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 4.2 star

    This is one of the most liked and downloaded android apps for tracking blood pressure available on the Google play. Look below for the special features of this special app for tracking blood pressure.

    • It tracks your blood pressure easily and in a more efficient manner.
    • You can monitor your pulse rate.
    • Know about your weight
    • The app has scope for unlimited users in it.
    • There are features of data entry and data export at a clear and simple manner
    • The app supports android 2.3.3+
  2. BP Watch:

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 4.4 stars

    The android app aids you in recording blood pressure as per your needs. You can have the following listed features in this app.

    • It records the systolic value, diastolic value and the pulse rate
    • It records the blood pressure
    • The app tracks the blood pressure value in a effective way
    • The app allows you to enter your BP value and also help you export your data.
    • You can also delete your records from the app.
  3. iBP Blood Pressure:

    Pricing: 4.5 star

    Rating: $0.99

    The iBP blood pressure app is available for the android and iPhone devices. Let us look below for some of the notable features of the app.

    • It allows you to synchronize your data.
    • You can track you blood pressure and also transfer the track record to other devices.
    • The app effectively measures the mean arterial pressure and the pulse rate.
    • It can be used by multiple users.
    • You can transfer your data via email.
    • The app also helps you track you blood glucose level, weight, medication taken etc.
    • There are graphical presentations of your BP track records and snapshots can be taken of these graphs and be saved.
  4. QardioArm:

    Pricing: free app

    Rating: Approx 4 star

    Qardioarm is a sleek and small effective device that is to be connected with an iOS or android app for tracking the blood pressure. The iOS was first initiated with the Qardio company and the same has now come up with its android version for the application to be run on android platform. Here below are some of the special features of the app.

    • It assists you in keeping a healthy heart condition.
    • Monitors your blood pressure.
    • Measures you heart rate.
  5. Blood Pressure(My Heart) App For Android:

    Pricing: Free app

    Rating: 4.25 star

    Blood Pressure (My heart) is an excellent Blood pressure tracking and analyzing tool available for the android device. Here below are some of the special features of the app.

    • There are mainly four sections in the app, including Data to enter the entries like name, age, weight, systolic and diastolic value, heart rate etc., History to track the previous data recorded,
    • Graph to represent the previously recorded data and the Statistics to display the best, mean, worst, maximum and minimum measurement of the blood pressure value.
    • The app has easily understandable and manageable user interface.
    • Various types of graphs, tables and charts can be generated easily.
  6. Blood pressure Tracker App On Android:

    Pricing: Free

    Rating: 3.8 star

    This is one other wonderful android app for tracking blood pressure. Look below for its features.

    • You can track your blood pressure in a user friendly interface.
    • You can enter your systolic value, diastolic value, enter the blood pressure rate, pulse rate value, weight, age, name etc and keep the track record for quick references.
    • You can also delete the data and also export data at an ease.
    • There are graphical presentations available to track record and know your health condition easily.
    • The app also presents useful tips for controlling high bp.

Now all those suffering from hypertension, that you are known to all these best rated android apps for tracking blood pressure, why not go for a quick and easy download on them and start the mission success in managing your high blood pressure?

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