Health Benefits of Chocolates

Chocolates have been our entire favorite. But did you know the sweet you are taking for satisfying your taste buds; is also the magical food which satisfies greatly your health and life? Yes! Chocolates do have a tremendous health benefits and that makes a healthy dessert to be taken as mood swings towards it.

  • The main source of chocolate, i.e. Cacao helps in tooth decay due to the antibacterial agents present in it. However, when excessive sugar contents are added to prepare milk chocolates, this beneficial property of real chocolate is counteracted.
  • Phenyl ethylamine is one component of dark chocolate, which acts as a mild mood enhancer.
    The smell of chocolate aids in gifting relaxation as it helps in enhanced production of theta brainwaves.
  • Chocolates contain enough carbohydrates, which help in increasing the serotonin level in the brain and in turn help in stress relief.
  • The elasticity of blood vessels is protected with the flavanoids present in chocolate.

Health Benefits Of Chocolates!

  • Chocolate as the Heart Medicine: Dark chocolates do have real great heart health benefits. Dark chocolate protects your heart, aids in lowering blood pressure and provides enough support for proper functioning of blood vessels. There are some components called Cathechins, Polyphenols etc. present in chocolate which aids greatly in preventing your heart from strokes.
  • Chocolate as Brain Medicine: Dark chocolate also have a great brain health benefits, for the presence of flavanoids in Cacao that is the main source of making dark chocolate. These flavanoids help in an enhanced blood flow to the brain and thus help in good brain health. There is a component called Epicathecins which help in protecting brain and found to be beneficial to the patients suffering from Atherosclerosis. The natural stimulants found in dark chocolates are known to increase cognitive skills.
  • Chocolate for Stress Relief: Cacao helps in reducing stress hormone level and thus reduces stress. The mood altering chemicals like Endorphin and Serotonin in the brain is greatly increased due to Cacao present in Chocolate. This helps in keeping you at relax moods.
  • Chocolate for Healthy Body: Chocolate contains a lot of healthy nutrients that help in increasing body health. With enough of calcium, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorus and a greater percentage of Vitamins like Vitamin C, D and E in chocolate helps in providing you the absolute nutrient treat that your body requires.
  • Chocolate Promoting Anti-Ageing: Taking chocolates can help you prevent age related wrinkles. Cacao contains antioxidants in it which help in reducing the effects of free radicals thus leading to reduced signs of ageing. Chocolate also helps in shortening the muscle ageing.
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