8 Everyday Tips for Women to Support Their Health

Getting healthier is an admirable goal that takes time and effort. No matter which health goals you’ve set for yourself, you can make some simple changes to benefit your mental and physical wellness. Check out a few of these everyday tips for women that could make a positive difference in your life — starting today.

1. Wear SPF Moisturizer

You may apply sunscreen whenever you’re on the beach, but your skin gets exposed to the sun daily. It needs constant protection to avoid burns and damage that could lead to skin cancer. Applying moisturizer with an SPF rating of 30 or higher will provide that protection without leaving a greasy sheen behind. Most major makeup and skincare brands have these products for women who want to support their health.

2. Skip the Added Sugar

People often pass on sugary sweets because they don’t want to affect their blood sugar or gain weight. While that can be wise sometimes, it may not matter if your diet is high in added sugars. They’re sugars in a separate category on nutrition labels and act as flavor boosters or preservatives in things like spaghetti sauce, bread and peanut butter.

Eating added sugar in every snack and meal leads to tooth decay, weight gain, blood sugar spikes and a potentially increased risk for heart disease. Look for labels that advertise no added sugar to eat healthier without overhauling your diet.

3. Schedule Routine Vaccinations

You won’t need to get vaccinated every day, but it’s crucial to do it routinely. Talk with your doctor about any vaccines you may have coming up or might have missed. Many people overlook things like the HPV vaccine, which is typically administered during childhood to prevent cervical cancer. Given that cervical cancer kills 4,000 American women yearly, taking a simple step like scheduling a vaccination could save your life.

4. Journal About Your Emotions

Your mental health is equally important as your physical health. You could meet with a therapist if you can afford the visits, but it also helps to write about your emotions in a journal. Venting on paper allows people to express themselves safely and process what they’re experiencing. You’ll feel less stressed after logging each entry, which may give you more peace during your daily routine.

5. Get Moderate Exercise Daily

Working out doesn’t have to require hours in a gym and overly intensive physical activity. Moderate exercise is much more gentle on the body and still benefits your health. Getting your heart rate up with activities like walking will improve your immune system and strengthen your muscles.

This is also a great everyday tip to improve your health because it’s easy for most people. You won’t stress out your joints, muscles or body with gentle movements. Try slowly swimming around a pool, walking after dinner or riding a bike. You’ll feel better and make memories without committing to anything too intense.

6. Follow a Sleep Routine

Everyone talks about how they’d like to get more sleep at night. It’s no fun waking up groggy and grumpy, but there are other reasons a poor sleep routine is bad for you. It also has these direct effects on your health:

  • It reduces your immune system’s strength
  • It affects your appetite hormones
  • It can make memory functions more challenging
  • It increases your risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • It deteriorates relationships with irritable daily moods

Take action today to support your healthy by creating a sustainable evening routine. Wind down with a book, avoid caffeine in the afternoon and start small by going to bed just five or 10 minutes earlier. You can make further adjustments when you find which tips work best.

7. Always Carry Water With You

Water is essential to staying alive. Your body needs it to regulate cellular processes, digest your food, filter your blood and complete bodily functions that keep you healthy. You might think you get enough water by drinking liquids, but there’s a difference between a steady intake of sodas vs. clean water.

Try carrying a water bottle throughout your day. You’ll always have access to it, so staying hydrated won’t be as challenging. Whenever you need an energy boost or a cleansing sip of something refreshing, enjoy the water that will improve your health.

8. Wear a Smartwatch

A smartwatch could be the best way to pinpoint how to best support your well-being. You can use its collected data to talk with your doctor about adjusting or setting health goals. The watch will track things like your resting heart rate, step count and even your blood oxygen. It’s crucial information that might reveal the most effective ways to change your routine.

Start Supporting Your Health Better

Anyone can use these everyday tips to support their health. They’re easy, flexible and work with most lifestyles. Try making a few simple adjustments to your routine to discover the joy that comes from living in great health.

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Team PainAssist
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Last Modified On:November 22, 2023

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