How Can I Unclog My Milk Ducts Naturally?

Various methods are available for unclogging the milk ducts and prevent its transition to mastitis and abscess. These methods also include natural methods which are free from side effects.

How Can I Unclog My Milk Ducts Naturally?

How Can I Unclog My Milk Ducts Naturally?

Following are the natural methods that can be used, to unclog the milk ducts:

Probiotics: The probiotics are the friendly microorganisms, which enhance the immune system of the body. This will help the body to fight against infection caused due to clogged milk ducts and also provides the required time to unclog the duct naturally.

Warming Breasts: The moist warming of the breasts or taking shower under the warm water or taking Epsom salt bath helps in unclogging the milk ducts naturally.

Garlic: Garlic is effective in unclogging the milk ducts and also reduces the chances of recurrence of clogging. Also, the garlic increases the immune system of the body and helps body fighting against the mastitis naturally.

Potatoes: The thin slices of the potatoes can be kept on the breast after massaging the breasts with coconut oil. This will help in easing the clogged milk ducts naturally.

Feeding Techniques: Proper feeding technique should be used, and the feeding position should be frequently changed to remove the clog and preventing further development of clog.

Sunflower Lecithin: Lecithin alters the fatty acid composition of the milk by increasing the polyunsaturated fatty acids. This reduces the stickiness of milk and preventing it from forming a clog.

Lavender Oil Or Olive Oil: Massaging with the essential oils such as lavender oil helps reduce the pain and tenderness in the breasts which may be a symptom of clogged ducts.

Lavender Tea Tincture: The freshly prepared lavender tea tincture can also be applied on the breasts to remove the clogged ducts.

Coconut Oil: The breasts should be massaged with coconut oil in a circular motion with special focus on the clogged ducts. This will help in unclog milk ducts naturally.

Resting: The process of flowing milk from the alveoli to the nipples is controlled by the muscular contraction triggered by the oxytocin hormone. In case of fatigue and stress, the ability of the muscles to contract is significantly reduced, resulting in the reduction of milk flow leading to further complicating the clogging. Thus, proper rest should be taken during breastfeeding.

Anti-inflammatory Diet: The ingredients having anti-inflammatory properties should be incorporated in the diet to reduce pain and redness.

After-Effect Of Unclogging

After the clogging is removed from the milk ducts, the patient feels immediate relief from pain and irritation. Further, the flow of the milk is also increased. The milk plug may also be visible. The patient will not feel any inconvenience on breastfeeding and the tenderness of the breast is greatly reduced.

Causes Of Clogged Milk Ducts

Following are the reasons for clogging of milk ducts:

Weaning: In weaning, the baby shifts from all-milk diet to solid food thus increases the chances of clogging due to unused milk.

Change In Feeding Schedule: Change in the feeding schedule of the breastfeeding also increase the risk of clog.

Fatigue And Stress: As muscular contraction is must for optimum flow of milk, any fatigue or stress reduces the flow of milk and may develop a clog.

Insufficient Use Of Breast Pump: Breast pump is a useful technique to remove excess milk from the breasts. Insufficient use of the breast pump increases the risk of clog formation.

Tight Fitting Clothes – Tight fitting clothes compresses the milk ducts and reduces the flow of milk. Reduction in milk flow increases the chances of clog formation.

Symptoms Of Clogged Ducts

Following are the symptoms experienced by the patients suffering from clogged ducts:

Pain: The patient experience pain and inflammation due to the presence of clogged ducts.

Lump: As the pressure is created inside the breast, a lump is felt by the patient. Any lump which does not go away within few days should be analyzed by the healthcare professional.

Mild Fever: Due to pain and inflammation, some patient may experience mild fever.

Milk Bleb: Small white blisters occur on the nipples. These blisters are known as milk bleb or nipple blisters.


Various natural methods for unclogging the milk ducts include probiotics, lavender oil, massaging, lavender tincture, garlic potatoes and warm bath. These methods are easy to apply and do not requires any expertise to perform.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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