Lifestyle Changes For Mastitis

Mastitis is characterized by the pain and inflammation of the breast and may or may not be accompanied by infection. Various treatment strategies for the treatment of mastitis are available in the art, but there are certain lifestyle changes, which are also helpful in reducing the severity of mastitis or prevent their recurrence.

Lifestyle Changes For Mastitis

Lifestyle Changes For Mastitis

Apart from the traditional treatment for the mastitis, there are various lifestyle changes that can be done either to relive symptoms, or to treat or to prevent the recurrence of mastitis. These lifestyle changes are easy to apply and can be done with utmost ease. Following are the measures that should be followed in case of mastitis:

Pumping The Milk – Blockage of milk duct is one of the primary reasons for mastitis. If the clothing in the milk duct is not managed in the early stage, it may lead to mastitis and may further complicate to cause breast abscess. Thus, pumping the milk from the breast through breast pump is required in conditions of breast engorgement or clogged duct to reduce the chances of mastitis and to treat mastitis as any blockade in the milk flow further complicate the situation.

Changes In Breastfeeding Position: The breastfeeding position should be continuously changed to reduce the symptoms of mastitis as well as reduce its chances to recur. The change in the breastfeeding position helps an even flow of milk from all the milk ducts and is a good lifestyle change for mastitis.

Taking Plenty Fluids – Taking plenty of fluids will help in easing the symptoms for mastitis by flushing out the free radicals and inflammatory mediators outside the body. This will also help in early treatment of mastitis and is a good lifestyle change for mastitis.

Probiotics: Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that are powerful immunomodulators. Administration of probiotics to the patient of mastitis helps the body in fighting against infection.

Garlic: Garlic increases the flow of milk and also increases the immune system of the body. Thus, garlic should be incorporated in the diet of patient suffering from mastitis.

Sunflower Lecithin: Polyunsaturated fatty acids are increased when the sunflower lecithin is administered. This will help reducing the stickiness of the milk thus reducing the chances of clothing of duct and reducing the risk of mastitis.

Resting: Resting provides energy to the body in fighting against infection, Further; the flow of milk from the alveoli to the nipples is controlled by muscle contraction triggered by oxytocin. Thus, without rest, the fatigue in the muscles reduces the flow of milk.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Diet rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients such as leafy vegetables and the diet containing anti-oxidants should be administered to reduce the symptoms and inconvenience due to mastitis.

Frequent Feeding: Frequent feeding should be provided to the baby as this will help in clog removal and also help in treating mastitis.

Loose Fitting Clothes – Tight fitting clothes increase the risk of clothing and also reduce the chances of early treatment of mastitis. Thus, loose fitting clothes should be worn by the patient.

Proper Latching: Improper latching is one of the primary reasons for the development of clogged duct and mastitis. Thus, baby should be properly latched during breastfeeding and is a good lifestyle change for mastitis..

Mastitis is the condition wherein the breasts of the patient become inflamed. This led to pain and redness on the sin of the breast. The condition is usually preceded by the untreated clogged ducts. The common cause of mastitis is infection which may enter into the breasts through various means. The milk ducts are the channels through which milk flows from the alveoli to the nipples. Due to some reason the milk ducts get clogged. The clothing may be in single or in both the breasts. The clogging causes pain and inflammation in the breasts. If the condition is not treated, it will transform in to more severe condition called as mastitis. Mastitis is generally accompanied by infection as the milk clog can easily be infected with bacteria.


Various lifestyle changes that can reduce the symptoms of mastitis and helps early recovery includes eating probiotics, garlic, anti-inflammatory diets, wearing loose fitting clothes, frequently providing breastfeeding and proper use of breast pump to drain excess milk.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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