Surgical Treatments & Exercises for Breast Sagging

Breast sagging is a common problem present in middle aged women especially menopausal ones. Even though breast sagging usually does not cause any medical problems, it does lead to an altering of appearance. Those with heavier breasts are more prone to the problem of breast sagging. Today’s changing lifestyle, weight gain and sudden loss of weight, multiple pregnancies as well as smoking are some common problems that lead to sagging of breasts prematurely.

This problem of breast sagging makes the breasts look aesthetically less appealing especially in a swimsuit and bikini etc. This is a cause of anxiety and embarrassment for many women. There are many things that you can incorporate in your schedule that will help you to prevent the problem of breast sagging, the first of which should be to quit smoking; if you smoke.

If you already do have the problem of breast sagging though, the preventive measures will only work so much. But there is no reason to worry as there are still many treatment options available for sagging breasts out there such as breast lifting exercises and some surgical procedures as well.Here is a list of all the treatment options you can opt for:

Surgical Treatment For Breast Sagging

Surgical Treatment For Breast Sagging

There are many surgical procedures available nowadays for the treatment of sagging breasts. You can choose to go through one of them if you want to restore your breasts to their former shape and size. Some of them are given below:

Breast Lift

Breast lift, a plastic surgerymammoplasty procedure also known as Mastopexy which is a word formed from combining two Greek words mastos which means breast and pexia which means to affix; is used as a treatment for breast sagging. This treatment procedure is used to lift up the breast and to change its contour as well as size. It does not increase the volume of the breasts though. It basically elevates the breasts and nipples on the chest by removing excess fat tissue, adipose tissue, overstretched ligaments that cause breast sagging and the excess skin from the surface of the breast. This results in elevated, youthful looking and perky breasts.

Breast lift treatment is a surgical procedure which cuts the breasts and therefore, there is some scarring associated with it as well, even though it usually fades with time and proper care. Besides, the number of cuts that a surgeon uses for this treatment of breast sagging depends on the severity of breast ptosis or sagging that a woman has. For correcting mild sagging of breasts only one cut is used while for severe sagging, as much as three cuts can be made.

Even though it is quite effective in the treatment of breast sagging, breast lift procedure is not without its complications. These include complications that are associated with any procedure done under general anesthesia, infection, bleeding, a numbing or tingling feeling in the breasts, skin necrosis and dysesthesia which is unpleasant and often painful sensation in response to touch. Besides these complications, seroma which is the local accumulation of fluid and hematoma which is the local accumulation of blood outside blood vessels are also associated with this treatment of sagging breasts.

Breast Augmentation to Treat Breast Sagging

Sometimes along with sagging, there is also a loss of volume making the breasts appear deflated and thin. If this is the case then maybe breast augmentation treatment will be better for you than breast lift treatment. Breast augmentation treatment for correcting sagging breasts has the added benefit of increasing the volume of the breasts.

This type of surgical treatment for sagging breasts leaves minimal scarring and not only enhances the shape of the breasts making them more aesthetically appealing but it also increases their size making the breasts look bigger and fuller with the help of some surgical implants.

Since this breast treatment requires implants there is always a risk associated with it. Basically three types of implants are used in breast augmentation treatment to correct breast sagging:

  1. Saline Implants

    These implants have a sterile saline solution filled inside them.

  2. Silicone Implants

    Viscous silicone gel is filled inside these types of implants.

  3. Alternative Composition Implants

    These implants are filled with other type of substances such as soy oil and polypropylene string etc., though they are no longer manufactured.

    In this surgical procedure for breast sagging, a surgeon usually makes a single incision in a discreet place for minimal scarring and inserts the implants inside the breasts. If you are opting for this treatment to enhance your sagging breasts, you should keep in mind that this will not give your breasts a lot of lift.

    Complications of the procedure include a risk of implant cracking and fluid leakage. Though on an average implants at least have a shelf life of about a decade after which they can be easily explanted. Even though women can still feed their babies after going through breast augmentation treatment, they may encounter some difficulties with breast feeding.

    There are also risks commonly associated with anesthesia as well as a risk of infection, hematoma and seroma etc. Other complications include a risk of having asymmetrical breasts, wrinkling of breasts, breast pain, change in breast sensation and symmastia which means reduction of the middle plain of the breasts due to confluence of both breasts.

Non-Implant Breast Augmentation for Breast Sagging

There is a newer breast augmentation treatment to cure sagging breasts available nowadays in which instead of implants, fat is grafted in the breasts. This gets rid of the risks associated with implants though they come with their own set of problems such as fat necrosis, calcification and sclerotic nodules etc.

Combined Treatment for Breast Sagging

In this type of treatment for breast sagging, breast augmentation is combined with breast lift to achieve maximum impact. This can be done by having a breast lift followed by breast augmentation treatment if the breast lift was unable to make your breast look fuller or a breast augmentation surgery followed by a breast lift if breast augmentation fails to give that elevated appearance to your sagging breasts.

You also have the option to go through both the procedures at the same time if you feel that one treatment alone will not be able to fully restore your sagging breasts to their former glory. This can be done by a surgeon who will insert breast implants at the time of your breast lift surgery.

Exercises to Treat Sagging Breasts

Exercises to Treat Sagging Breasts

Although surgical procedures are quite effective in the treatment of sagging breasts, they can also be quite expensive as well as risky and not everyone can afford these treatments. Since the problem of sagging breasts does not discriminate between rich and poor, it is quite troublesome for people who cannot opt for breast lift or breast augmentation treatments to cure them. But fortunately there are some exercises that can help you lift your sagging breasts to certain extent and the best part is that they are not expensive at all. Some of these exercises are given here:

Pectoral Exercises

Even though the breasts, being made up of adipose tissue, milk glands and ligaments; do not have any muscles and therefore, cannot be enhanced directly by exercising, however pectoral exercises can help. These exercises can help you in lifting up your sagging breasts as they strengthen pectoral muscles which, in turn, help in supporting the breasts. So making pectoral muscles strong will cause lifting up of your sagging breasts as well.


Yoga is also very effective in the treatment of sagging breasts. Incorporating yoga in your regular routine can help you in lifting your breasts as yoga not only gives you correct posture but also affects almost all the muscle groups, helping you in toning your body. There are, in fact, some postures of yoga that specifically aim to lift and firm breasts only.

Other Exercises

Other exercises such as push-ups, lifting dumb-bells, bench presses and inner chest exercises can also help you in lifting your sagging breasts. Push-ups, for example, aim at middle part of the chest and help in strengthening muscles that indirectly support breasts.

For this exercise you simply lie down on the exercise mat facing the floor with your hands flat on the ground, chest width apart and your feet together. Then you raise the upper part of your body along with your knees except for your feet until your hands are straight and then you slowly lower down your body again. Just make sure to keep your body straight while doing the exercise. This will help you a lot in firming and lifting your drooping breasts.

Note: So these are some of the treatments and tips that you can follow to get those youthful twin beauties of yours back. Though there are some things that you should keep in mind while doing all this, such as:

  • Always opt for an experienced, well known and licensed surgeon for your surgery.
  • Before going through surgical treatment to lift your sagging breasts, make sure to ask your surgeon about how many breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries he or she has done.
  • Make sure to check out the before and after pictures of the breast sagging treatment patients of the surgeon, not only on the website but also in the real life. This will help you in deciding which option is best for you.
  • Talk to your doctor about the complications associated with the surgical treatment that you are planning to go through to correct your sagging breasts so that you don’t regret your decision.
  • Think long and hard before you go through surgery because sometimes, in the hands of wrong surgeons, they can do more harm than good and some of them are irreversible.
  • As for exercising, make sure to discuss the exercises with your trainer before you start doing them.
  • Once you start doing them, make sure to exercise regularly because for these exercises to be effective, they must be done regularly.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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