Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a dangerous disease that can affect men and women of any age. Like all malignant tumors, it can develop suddenly in a healthy patient.

Types Of Breast Cancer

There are two main types of breast cancer, i.e. non-invasive (in situ) and invasive breast cancer. Non-invasive breast cancer is a tumor that has not grown into nearby tissues. In invasive breast cancer, a cancerous process spreads to the surrounding tissues.

Breast Cancer Manifestations

The common symptoms of breast cancer include nipple retraction, changes in the skin of the nipple or breast, the appearance of dense nodes in the armpit, swelling of the breast, unexplained weight loss, and fatigue.

These symptoms do not always indicate breast cancer. However, only a specialist can identify the presence of malignant disease after the examination.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Tests for screening and making the diagnosis of breast cancer include:

  • Physical breast exam
  • Ultrasound scanning
  • CT scan
  • PET scan
  • Mammography

All women need to undergo breast cancer screening at least twice a year to prevent the onset of breast cancer.

Treatment Options

The main methods for breast cancer treatment include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.

Surgical treatment is the main option of breast cancer therapy. Depending on the presence of metastases and the size of the tumor, different types of surgical interventions are performed. Organ-preserving surgery for breast cancer is preferred, if suitable. After breast-preserving operations, a course of radiation therapy is required to prevent local recurrence. This type of surgery is usually performed for small tumors.

Radiation therapy is used to destroy cancer cells and stop their growth and spread. Typically, radiation therapy is carried out as a 3 weeks long course. During this time, patients can come to the hospital daily or be hospitalized for the entire duration of treatment. The doctor selects the radiation therapy scheme for each patient individually.

Chemotherapy involves affecting cancer cells with a combination of drugs that are injected into a vein or given orally. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment, so drugs enter the bloodstream, spread throughout the body, and affect not only the tumor but also other organs. Chemotherapy, like radiation therapy, is carried out in courses. After one course of treatment, a recovery period follows, after which the course of treatment is repeated.

Hormone therapy’s goal is to deprive the tumor of hormones it needs to grow. It is also a systemic treatment that affects the entire body.

The choice of a treatment regimen depends on the stage of the breast cancer, the size and type of the tumor, concomitant diseases, the patient’s age, and general health condition. Most often, several complementary treatments are used to improve prognosis.

How Can I Undergo Breast Cancer Treatment During A Lockdown?

Many countries have closed their borders following the lockdown regimen, due to the spread of the COVID-19. Thus, undergoing treatment abroad has become more complicated.

In case you need to start your treatment of breast cancer in Germany promptly, to continue your treatment abroad, or to make sure you get the best treatment possible, know that you can still undergo treatment abroad even if your country is in lockdown.

Booking Health can facilitate the arrangement of breast cancer treatment in the best hospitals in the world by providing the following services:

  • Communication with the chosen hospital
  • Providing patients with up-to-date information about the cost of treatment
  • Translation of medical reports
  • Solving the issues with receiving a medical visa, even if the request for a visa has been declined
  • If due to lockdown the embassy is closed completely, Booking Health resolves the issue through the federal police
  • Medical visa extension when it is necessary to continue the treatment abroad
  • Flight and accommodation booking
  • Interpreting services

You can be free of unnecessary stress, while Booking Health takes care of all organizational issues regarding the treatment of breast cancer in the best hospitals in the world. To specify any information, leave a request on the Booking Health website, and a medical advisor will contact you shortly.

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