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What Causes Low Sex Drive in Females & How to Boost It?

Low Sex Drive in Females has now become quite a normal problem. There can be a variety of reasons for this ranging from stress to problems with partner. It can also be a symptom of another medical condition affecting the hormone levels in a female. In fact there is nothing called as normal sex drive in males and females. However, if a female feels that there is a lack of desire in her to get involved in intimate relationship which is affecting her life and family then it calls for the need of professional help [3].

Low sexual drive in females medically is termed as Female Hypoactive Sexual Disorder or HSDD. Studies suggest that about 30% of females in the United States suffer from this condition. The characteristic feature of this condition is lack of or complete absence of sexual desire or fantasies resulting in significant interpersonal distress. This disorder may result in the female having extremely minimal satisfaction with any emotional and physical activity [1].

This is the reason why low sexual drive in females can significantly impact the professional and personal life of a female. This article goes in depth about the various causes of low sexual desire in females. This covers all the physical and mental aspects which can result in low sexual drive in females. The article also covers different ways through which the sexual drive can be boosted in females and the effectiveness of those measures [2].

What Causes Low Sex Drive in Females & How to Boost It?

What Causes Low Sex Drive in Females & How to Boost It?

Some of the common causes for low sex drive in females include:

Relationship Trouble. This is perhaps the most common cause of low sex drive in females. It is for the female to introspect whether she is happy with her partner or is there anything which could be the reason behind low sexual drive. A low sex drive in a female could be associated with the following [2]:

  • Boredom in which the female gets overused and bored with her partner
  • Lack of sexual attraction in which the her partner no longer remains the same attractive guy whom she met a long time ago
  • Frequent fighting between partners also can result in low sex drive in females
  • Trust deficit between partners also results in the female having a low sex drive
  • Certain medical conditions at times can alter the hormone levels thus affecting the sexual drive of a female
  • Lack of communication with the partner is also one of the reasons of low sex drive in females [2]
  • If a female has any of the above then it is best to consider counseling sessions for advice as to the next step towards betterment of relationship.

Sexual Problems. This is also quite common cause for a female having low sex drive. A female may have certain physical problems like vaginal dryness or excessive tightening of the vagina which tends to make sexual intercourse painful. Additionally dyspareunia in which the female experiences severe pain during sexual intercourse is yet another cause for low sex drive in females [2].

Stress/Tiredness. Stress and exhaustion both play an important role when it comes to the mind being free and happy. A female under extreme stress or excessively tired will not find happiness in sex as her body and mind both are extremely tired. However, this can be addressed by psychological counseling on how to cope up with stress and making some lifestyle modifications [2].

Depression. This is a medical condition which can be extremely distressing especially in females. Depression has been on the rise as of late due to extremely hard work life and very little time to relax the body and mind. Depression not only impacts the personal life of an individual but also significantly impairs the sexual life [2].

Thus, it is one of the pertinent reasons for low sex drive in females. A depressed female in addition to low sex drive will always be sad for no reason. She will always be feeling low and show complete lack of interest in anything around her. If everything mentioned above are true then the female should immediately see psychiatric help as depression is a serious condition to have and tends to get worse with time [2].

In some cases, if a female is on sustained antidepressant, then she may have a low sex drive. In such instances also the female should seek the advice of a professional for alternative ways to deal with depression [2].

Menopause. Age also plays a factor in determining the sex drive of a female, although it is not mandatory. A female older than age 50 will have significantly low sex drive than a female of age 30. Studies suggest that many females above the age of 50 tend to have a low sex drive [2].

This may be due to many reasons including menopause causing low levels of sex hormones, age related conditions in which the flexibility and mobility of the individual gets affected or problems due to medications. If this is the case then the female can approach her physician to find a solution [2].

Pregnancy. Low sex drive in female is a common phenomenon in females who are pregnant, have just delivered a child, or are breastfeeding. This is usually because of alteration in hormone levels after delivery or during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Tiredness after delivery is also one of the factors which play a role in females having low sex drive [2].

Sometimes, during delivery there may be a tear or an injury caused to the sexual organs. This may cause pain during intercourse and is also one of the reasons for females having low sex drive. Additionally, once a female becomes a mother then it is obvious that the priority of the female changes and sexual life takes a backseat. This is also one of the reasons for low sex drive in females [2].

All the issues mentioned above are temporary and improve with time. If it does not happen then a consultation with a physician is required to find out any other underlying cause for low sex drive [2].

Underlying Medical Conditions. There are certain medical conditions which can result in low sex drive in females. Some of these include diabetes, cardiac illness, hypothyroidism, a major surgical procedure, or a malignant disease. If any of the above is the cause for low sex drive then consultation with the treating physician should be done to identify the problem and start treatment [2].

How to Boost Sex Drive in Females?

Some of the ways through which sex drive in females can be boosted are:

Anxiety and Depression Management. As stated above, anxiety and depression are one of the most common causes of low sex drive in females. Anxiety and depression can be caused due to a variety of reasons but the most common is stress which may be professional or personal [3].

People who have a very tight schedule throughout the day working and then taking care of home responsibilities tend to get fatigued and in turn have a low sex drive. However, anxiety can be managed by diligently practicing the following [3]:

  • Good sleep cycle meaning going to bed early and having a restful sleep at night
  • Take out time to play with kids or indulge in favorite pass time
  • Involve in daily exercise or walking early in the morning
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Try and work towards improving relationships with partner
  • If nothing of the above works then going to a therapist and have counseling sessions [3]

Work to Improve Relationship. In every relationship there comes a time when there is an overall low sex drive in both females and males. It is quite common. This can be perceived as having a thought that something is not right in the relationship. Once this thought creeps in then it is time for improving relationship. Communication is the best medicine here. Additionally, following the tips mentioned below can help not only increase communication but also boost sex drive [3]:

  • Go for late night dinners
  • Helping the partner in doing chores around the house
  • Communicating more like a friend than a partner
  • Try and spend quality time with each other [3]

Foreplay. Practicing foreplay initially works wonders when it comes to boosting sex drive in females. Oral sex is by far the best way to boost sex drive and some females prefer this rather than actual intercourse. A study conducted in 2017 came up with a fact that only approximately 20% of females were satisfied just with intercourse without foreplay and more than 35% females reported more satisfaction with foreplay. Thus this becomes an important aspect of boosting sex drive in females [3].

Herbal Remedies. Some studies have suggested that certain herbs can increase or improve sex drive in females. However, much research needs to be done in this area. The common herbs which tend to boost sex drive in females include gingko and ginseng. With that said it should be noted that a consultation with a physician is a must to look into the safety aspect of taking herb for sexual purposes. This is because some herbs tend to interact with certain medicines and decrease their efficacy [3].

Exercise Regularly. This is also extremely vital in boosting sex drive in females. This is because exercises boost the production of endorphins. These are hormones which promote good mood and helps the body relax. Thus the stress aspect of low sex drive gets taken care of. This in combination with a balanced diet does wonders in boosting the sex drive of females [3].


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