What Are The Symptoms Of A Milk Allergy In Adults?

Milk allergy implies an abnormal response given by immune system of one’s body to milk and other dairy products. This common type of food allergy is found often in infants and children and it can also happen to adults. Milk allergy usually takes place from the milk of cows, however, in some cases, milk from goats, sheep, buffalo and any other mammal may cause reaction to you

Allergic reactions take place soon after you take the milk. Symptoms associated with milk allergy may range from mild reactions to severe ones. These include vomiting, wheezing, hives and digestion problems. In some cases, milk allergy causes anaphylaxis i.e. a severe and a life-threatening reaction in humans.

One of the best ways to treat milk allergy is to avoid milk and other milk-based products. Positive thing in this case is that a large number of people may overcome from the problem of milk allergy easily, while others fail to outgrow with it have to continue with avoiding milk or dairy products.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Milk Allergy In Adults?

What Are The Symptoms Of A Milk Allergy In Adults?

Symptoms of milk allergy differ among people and because of this, it takes place for a period of only a few minutes to many hours after the person takes milk or any other product made of milk.

Immediate Problems

Milk Allergy Shows The Following Immediate Signs Or Symptoms-

Later Signs and Symptoms

Later Signs And Symptoms Of The Milk Allergy Problem-

Milk Intolerance vs. Milk Allergy

True form of milk allergy differs from lactose or milk protein intolerance, as the problem of intolerance never involves the immune system of a person. Because of this, milk intolerance requires different type of treatment from the pure from milk allergy. Common symptoms associated with lactose or milk protein intolerance includes varieties of digestive problems, like gas, bloating and diarrhea after a person consumes any product made of milk or a glass of milk.

Life Threatening Condition of Anaphylaxis

Milk allergy causes a life threatening condition of anaphylaxis. This narrows one’s airways and creates blockage in breathing. Anaphylaxis takes place thirdly from milk and milk products after tree nuts and peanuts. Because of this, it is essential for you to consult with the doctor in case your child or you suffer from a reaction to milk irrespective of the extent (mild or severe) from a reaction.

Tests help in confirming about the allergy and thereby, allow you avoid any potentially worse reactions in the near future. Anaphylaxis categorizes itself under a medical emergency and because of this, it requires treatment with adrenaline or epinephrine medicine and even in some cases, doctors admit the patient in an emergency room.

Anaphylaxis Signs and Symptoms

Signs And Symptoms Of Anaphylaxis Problem Starts After You Consume The Milk And It Includes The Following-

  • Narrowing or constriction of one’s airways.
  • Swelling in the throat leading to breathing difficulties.
  • Itching.
  • Facial flushing.
  • Shock combined with a remarkable drop in one’s blood pressure.


Based on each of the facts about signs and symptoms associated with milk allergy, we should say that a person deals with symptoms of milk allergy after one consumes milk and symptoms could be anything i.e. mild and severe, including the life-threatening Anaphylaxis. Hence, as a parent/caregiver, you should consult with the doctor immediately whenever you face allergic reaction to undergo proper diagnoses and treatment.

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