Chinese Remedies for Broken Bones

Broken bones are painful situations which cause great discomfort and disability at times. In some cases, broken bones can prove to be fatal if left untreated and hence patients diagnosed with a broken bone usually prefer seeking medical attention immediately before the condition worsens. It is crucial to determine the exact type of bone injury and the severity to get the right treatment. In many cases, a cast is required to prevent sustaining further injury. With the use of complementary Chinese remedies for broken bones, you can promote healing of the broken bones.

The Chinese remedies for broken bones are a holistic way to treat the condition and two or more modalities are combined to offer effective treatments. The remedies are administered with a basic focus of regulating blood flow in the body, alleviating inflammation and pain, supporting kidneys and ruling out the pain associated with broken bones.

Chinese Remedies for Broken Bones

Chinese Remedies for Broken Bones

Here are some Chinese remedies for broken bones that can help to deal with broken bones in addition to the first line treatment:

Chinese Remedies for Broken Bones – Herbal Therapy

In Chinese medicine, herbal therapy has been used for hundreds of years to treat the broken bones and promote healing of the bones naturally. Herbal therapy involves the use of different herbs and naturally derived substances that relieve pain and inflammation and increase blood circulation. This is the initial stage of the treatment. In the second phase of the treatment, some of the other helpful herbs are used that aid the kidneys, liver, and other vital organs of body. Overall, herbal therapy is one of the best Chinese remedies for broken bones that promotes proper bone health. Chinese medicine uses natural herbs in various combinations, which are designed to suit specific traumatic conditions.

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is a widely used medical practice that involves use of needles to arouse certain points in the body with the aim to stimulate vital energy. The vital energy stimulated using acupuncture promotes better balance and wellness within the body. Acupuncture therapy is one of the popular Chinese remedies for broken bones. In this, fine needles are used at the points close to the injury that alleviate the pain, inflammation and reduce swelling. According to the experts, the local points that are used for acupuncture therapy in case of bone injury are kidney point, adrenal gland, shen men, ear points, and the points that are specific to the areas of bone injury.

Specific points are demarcated and acupuncture therapy is applied to those points in long term therapies. These points promote healing of the wound and develop balance and control of various systems that bring relief and recovery from broken bones.


Teasel is the popular and most effective herb used as a Chinese remedy for broken bones. It is commonly used in Chinese medicines because it is an effective herbal fracture healer. This Chinese herb is easily available these days in stores and shops. It can also be used in the form of pills or raw form. Teasel is known to promote better energy and blood circulation in body and used as a Chinese medicine for healing of many traumatic injuries. It is also very effective in providing nutrients that enhance the cartilage, bone, sinews strength, whilst strengthening the joints, loins, knees and supporting healthy muscle growth. Teasel is a commonly used Chinese remedy to treat broken bones, strained tendons, lumbago and soft legs. This herb is also used to treat rheumatism that is mainly caused with a deficiency in kidney.

Remedial Qigong

It is believed in China that by doing Qigong, people can heal and repair broken bones naturally. According to experts, practicing Qigong can significantly promote good health, accelerate healing and is even helpful in chronic ailments. With the use of breathing techniques, self massaging, and use of movements, qigong practice has proved to be helpful in increasing overall health and vitality. Besides acupuncture, herbal therapy and other Chinese remedies for broken bone, Qigong can help heal your broken bones and other injuries in body. Amongst all other types of Qigong practices, the most popular is the Tai Chi which is commonly practiced all over the globe. Some of the Qigong practices focus more effectively on traumatic injury and promote better bone health.

Zheng Gu Shui

Another great Chinese remedy for broken bones, designed to heal broken bones, alleviate pain and inflammation associated with bone injury is Zheng Gu Shui. It is a liniment, with great medicinal properties that promotes healing of broken bones. It is prepared with herbs and other natural substances which you need to apply topically on the affected areas of injury, unless the skin is broken. If the injury is open, avoid using this remedy as it is not safe for open wounds.

These are some of the most effective Chinese remedies for broken bones. People with a broken bone must give a try to these methods and unique Chinese remedies to promote faster healing of broken bones and inflammation. But, you need to be careful enough and never use these Chinese remedies or other Chinese herbs or liniment to treat open wounds. It is always a good idea to seek assistance of experts in Chinese medicine to plan the most suitable Chinese remedies for broken bones, based on your situation and type of bone injury.

Medical intervention may be necessary if the injury is serious or the ailment is chronic, so judge your condition and seek medical advice, as appropriate. For mild to moderate injuries and ailments, these Chinese remedies for broken bones can do wonders and help you heal faster naturally.

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