What Is A Jade Roller, How Does it Work & What are its Benefits?

Jade rolling was the most talked-about beauty trend of 2017 and its popularity is expected to continue growing in 2018 as well. However, not many actually know what a jade roller is and how this radiance-boosting roller works for your face. In fact, over the last one year, jade rollers have become a favorite among spa owners, top models and beauty addicts around the world. Well, a jade roller is not a new addition to the beauty world. It has been around for over a thousand years and was once at the point of time reserved only for the Chinese royalties.

What is a Jade Roller?

What is a Jade Roller?

A jade roller, also known as a jade facial roller, is made from the Jade stone that is believed in traditional Chinese medicine to have healing and protective properties. A jade roller is made of an oblong stone of pure jade and it is attached to a handle that is made from a metal frame. It looks similar to a paint roller. Some jade rollers can also be dual-ended, having a smaller jade stone attached on the opposite end to be used on smaller areas such as around the eyes.

How Does The Jade Roller Work?

The jade roller is rolled across the skin for creating a perfect complexion. It is believed that rolling the jade roller across you face boosts the circulation of blood, de-puffs your eyes and under eye area and even your entire face, and helps to relieve tension by working similar to a facial massage. The rolling technique of the jade roller helps in draining lymphatic fluid that becomes trapped underneath the facial tissue and refreshes and rejuvenates the flow of nutrients to the facial skin. Due to the stagnation of the lymphatic fluid under the skin, what happens is that it holds onto toxins and tension that are generated every day by our facial expressions, by jaw clenching, and by the constant touching of our face with our hands. This stagnation of fluid causes blockages. Rolling the jade roller across your face helps in getting the circulation moving again, opens up these blockages and also aligns the entire system to increase the circulation of blood and nutrients, thus boosting cell turnover and also promoting healing. This also helps to reduce and smooth the fine lines and wrinkles.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, jade rollers also kick start the flow of chi (energy) in the meridian system once the flow of the lymphatic fluid is restarted. This further achieves harmony and balance in the body. In fact, many users who have undergone the experience of jade rolling on their face have described it as being uplifting for their cheekbones and jawline, de-puffing their face, as well as brightening their complexion at the same time.

What are the Benefits of Using a Jade Roller?

A jade roller is known to have quite a few benefits for your skin. You can even think of jade rolling to be a complete workout for your face and neck. Not only does jade rolling increase blood circulation, it tones the muscles, flushes out toxins which reduces facial puffiness, boosts collagen production, and also helps serums to get absorbed faster into the facial skin, allowing them to work better. It is believed that many signs of aging can be reversed with the use of a jade roller as it revitalizes the flow of lymph fluid and also stimulates the skin. Jade rollers are also known to uplift the cheekbones by draining away the excess fluids in the tissues. Using a jade roller tones the face and reduces puffiness and inflammation on your face, which is known as the root cause of aging. A jade roller also smoothens the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, while tightening sagging skin and reducing dark under-eye circles. Jade roller is also known to increase the cell turnover rate. What more can we possibly expect from such a simple beauty product? So many benefits rolled into one small beauty item indeed feels like a dream come true for many users out there.

What Does an Authentic Jade Roller Look Like?

Not all jade rollers are created to be same. There are many available on the market that is in fact made from plastic and also contain toxic dyes. Some are also sourced unethically from China. The way to identify an authentic jade roller is that jade will always feel cool to the touch. You should always choose a jade roller that uses high-quality jade stones and is 100% free from any toxic dyes.

How Often Should You Use A Jade Roller on Your Face?

Experts recommend that you use a jade roller twice daily, once in the morning and once before going to bed along with your skincare routine. The massage portion of the routine should last between five to ten minutes to the face and it is suggested that you use the jade roller over a serum in the morning. Follow it up with an SPF moisturizer. If you opt to wear a face mask at night, then it is beneficial to use the jade roller over the face mask as it further boosts skin healing and elastin production. However, keep in the mind that you should never use a jade roller over your makeup.

How Soon Will You Experience The Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller On The Face?

Users of jade rolling swear that you will be able to witness an instant reduction in the appearance of fine lines on the face if you use the jade roller along with a serum. The most noticeable result of jade rolling is said to be a feeling of refreshed lightness after using it and an afterglow on the face. You will feel the tension go out of your body, similar to having a deep facial relaxation routine.

Should Jade Roller Be Used With Anything Else?

Use the jade roller along with any serum or product that allows you to roll over easily and will give you great benefits by getting absorbed. So pay attention to the ingredient list of the product or serum that you are using to make sure you want those ingredients to get absorbed and trapped in your skin, boosting your glow.

Can Jade Roller Be Used Over Makeup?

NO, you should never ever use a jade roller over your makeup.


The primary reason the jade roller has become so popular is perhaps due to the ease of use of this beauty product. Furthermore, the fact that you can carry the jade roller anywhere is an added bonus. So equip yourself with a jade roller and start rolling away to achieve great benefits to your health, beauty and mental well-being.

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