25 Natural Remedies to Fight Gastric Issues

Every 9 out of 10 people suffer from gastric, acidity and bloating issues these days. The production of gas in the stomach and intestine is a natural digestive process, but releasing gas in public scares people the most because no one wants to be a piece of joke for years.

25 Natural Remedies to Fight Gastric Issues

A defiant giant fart at an inconvenient time in front of a group of people can be super embarrassing but you can’t deny the fact that an uncontrollable noisy fart brings you super contentment. But having problematic gastric issues is a matter of concern. So, let’s put the shame, shy and chuckling factors aside and get on to the list of best 25 natural remedies to fight gastric issues and acidity.

  1. Ginger

    Ginger is one of the best natural remedy that helps fight issues related to indigestion, acidity and gastric troubles. It helps you quickly to get relief from gas issues. Take ground ginger, cardamom and fennel in equal parts to mix them properly in a cup of water. Take every 1 teaspoon of this mixture with one pinch of asafoetida and drink it twice a day. You can also mix 1 tablespoon ginger juice with 1 pinch of asafoetida to have it twice a day or chew one thumb size of peeled ginger with 2 pinches of salt followed by warm or normal water to get instant relief from acidity naturally.

  2. Curd

    Curd is a dairy product formed by the coagulation process of milk which has high amount of calcium that helps fight the formation of acid in the stomach by eliminating the excess out of your body. Curd also helps in healthy digestion without acidity and gastric issues as it is loaded with probiotics that are the useful bacteria for better digestion process naturally. Hence curd is one of the super natural remedies to fight gastric issues and acidity. Consume 1 cup of curd after mid-day meal or with your meal to get better digestion. You can also make a drink out of curd. But try to avoid curd at night and in evening as it produces mucus in your body.

  3. Buttermilk

    Probiotics present in butter milk which is a diluted curd water drink not only helps in better digestion, but also works best with carom seeds and black salt which is an excellent natural remedy to get rid of gastric issues and acidity. Add 1 teaspoon of carom seeds with 1 half teaspoon of black salt in a glass of buttermilk to drink twice a day for improved digestion. You can also use celery seeds as a substitute for carom seeds.

  4. Soda Water and Lemon

    Soda water is nothing but carbonated water which helps in relieving farts and flatulence by its fizz effect. Adding lemon to this carbonated water can improve digestion. The combination of these both is an effective natural antacid for acidity. Add half of the fresh lemon juice to a glass of soda water and drink it immediately to get the fizz effect inside the stomach which relieves the gas and air out of your body either by flatulence or burp.

  5. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon is an effective natural remedy to fight acidity and gastric issues as it soothes your stomach and prevents the further formation of gas. Take a glass of warm milk and add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it, stir it well and drink it. You can also have some cinnamon tea by adding ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of warm water.

  6. Garlic

    Garlic is an effective natural remedy to fight gastric issues as it helps in getting rid of stomach gas by its pungent heating effect. You can try some garlic soup to get relief from stomach gas. Or you can add some crushed garlic cloves with cumin seeds and black pepper to boiling water making a solution. Strain the solution and let it cool at room temperature and drink the solution in three equal halves a day.

  7. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar is a brilliant natural gastric remedy that soothes your stomach by giving your instant relief from generated flatulence. You can also try regular vinegar as the substitute of apple cider vinegar to fight and get rid of gastric issues the natural way. Take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar or regular vinegar to a glass of warm water and cool it to the room temperature before sipping it twice a day.

  8. Cumin Seeds

    Another effective natural remedy to fight off gastric issues and acidity is cumin seeds. Cumin seeds stimulate the saliva production which helps in better digestion and also soothes stomach ache by helping to get rid of toots naturally. You can chew 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds with ¼ teaspoon of salt or simply boil cumin seeds with black salt and black pepper to aid in digestion.

  9. Fennel Seeds

    Fennel seeds give quick relief from gastric issues and bloating naturally. Add 2 teaspoon of fennel seeds to 3 cups of boiling water on simmer. After five minutes strain the solution and let it cool at room temperature. Drink it twice a day for better digestion and getting relief from gastric issues like gas or flatulence in a natural way.

  10. Peppermint Leaves

    Mint leaves aids in digestion effectively with its minty effect. You can have some mint tea by boiling the leaves in hot boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain the decoction and add honey if you like it and have this tea for twice a day. You can also chew some mint leaves followed by warm water to fight gastric issues like acidity and bloating naturally.

  11. Gooseberry

    Gooseberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C and are very effective natural remedy in healing stomach lining and oesophagus and fight off gastric issues. Gooseberries not only treat acidity but also prevent further gas production in stomach. Try one teaspoon of gooseberry powder in empty stomach every day to get relief from acidity the natural way. You can also try gooseberries directly in your diet.

  12. Basil

    Basil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help in faster improvement in acidity and gastric. Basil leaves are the best natural remedies for gastric and bloating issues. The antiulcer properties of basil help to reduce the gastric effects in stomach. You can chew 5-7 leaves of basil to get quick relief from gas or can prepare a tea by boiling few basil leaves in water and sipping on it.

  13. Banana

    Bananas are effective natural remedy that keeps a close check on the gastric acids production in your stomach as they are rich in potassium. Bananas reduce the effect of gastric issues in stomach such as bloating, acidity, nausea, stomach ache etc. You can have a ripe banana after your meal twice a day and for a perfect quick antidote to stomach ache related to gastric each a fully overripe banana as it is highly rich in potassium.

  14. Black Pepper and Salt

    Black pepper is known for treating gastric issues like indigestion, bloating and acidity. Black pepper stimulates the taste buds in your mouth producing hydrochloric acid in your stomach for improving digestion and getting instant relief from release of flatulence. Simply chew some black peppers with salt for instant relief or chew black pepper followed by some warm water twice a day to get rid of acidity in a natural way.

  15. Brandy

    An ancient natural remedy for healing upset stomachs and gastric issues is brandy. Brandy stimulates the digestion process and improves better digestion. It not only helps in upset stomach but also helps to get rid of toots and farts. Take 2 tablespoon of brandy and boil it in a glass of water. Drink it while its little warm before you go to sleep.

  16. Carom Seeds

    Carom seeds stimulate digestion by giving instant relief from gas and flatulence in a natural way. Take 1 tsp of carom seeds, 1 tsp of dried ginger powder or crushed ginger, a pinch of black salt and boil it in water for 10 minutes. Drink 2-3 teaspoons of this decoction as a natural remedy to get relief from gastric and belching or you can soak few carom seeds in lime juice to let it dry and add black salt to take 1 teaspoon twice a day to get rid of all gastric problems.

  17. Asafoetida

    The antispasmodic and anti-flatulent properties make asafoetida one of the brilliant natural remedies to beat gastric issues and acid reflux issues. Add a pinch of asafoetida to a glass of warm water and drink it twice or thrice a day or you can also add a pinch of asafoetida to a ripe banana and eat it to help fight problems related to gas.

  18. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin reduces the gas generation in your stomach by reducing the acidity. It is an effective natural remedy that improves digestion and reduces bloating and stomach ache. Pumpkin can be eaten in roasted form or boiled. You can also have some pumpkin soup with tomatoes.

  19. Herbal Tea

    Mint, chamomile, basil are some of the best herbs that can help you effectively in fighting gastric issues and acidity. The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti spasmodic and anti bacterial properties of these herbs help you to get rid of flatulence with much ease. Prepare a nice warm herbal tea using all these herbs or you can prepare individual tea as per your convenience.

  20. Coriander Leaves and Seeds

    A powerful agent to release gas and flatulence naturally is coriander. Both coriander leaves and seeds are an effective natural remedy to fight gastric issues like acidity and gastroenteritis. Boil some coriander leaves in water and strain the decoction and drink it warm or you can add some chopped coriander leaves to your meal to get better digestion. Coriander seeds have same effect on upset stomachs. Soak some coriander seeds in water overnight and strain it in the next morning to drink it in empty stomach to get significant relief from flatulence and acidity.

  21. Rice Water

    The water that is left after cooking rice acts as a demulcent relieving inflammation in stomach causing ache and nausea. It also heals the stomach lining by reducing the gas production. After cooking rice, strain the water and add some salt to it to drink twice or thrice a day to get instant relief from gastric issues and acidity in a natural way.

  22. Lemon

    Lemon is rich in vitamin C and an effective natural remedy which stimulates the taste buds by secreting digestive juices to improve and boost digestion by reducing the bloating effect and generation of upsetting gases inside the stomach. Add lemon to your regular meal or simply drink lemon water adding salt and little sugar. You can also drink soda water adding half of a lemon juice to it for instant relief.

  23. Cloves

    The pungent and vibrating taste of cloves secretes saliva which is an essential juice for digestion, aids upset stomach, and fights gastric issues. Chew just one clove a day or two maximum for some relief from acid reflux or lick some 1/8 teaspoon of clove oil to get relief from flatulence.

  24. Cardamom

    It is not only one of the greatest spices but also one of the most effective natural remedy for gastric issues and bloating. It helps in digestion process and releases stomach gas very easily. Chew 1-2 seeds of cardamom twice a day or you can make a cardamom tea by boiling few seeds in water and drink it once or twice a day to get quick relief from acidity.

  25. Coconut Water

    Coconut water is always known for its soothing effect on digestive system and processes. It not only helps to get rid of stomach gases naturally but also helps to get cleared motion. Drink one or two coconut water pods on a regular basis to get rid of gastric problems permanently.

    Besides all these natural remedies always try to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking sufficient water to boost your digestive process because water improves digestion and helps you to release toots and farts very easily. Try to eat your meal on time without giving a long duration of gap between each meal because long gaps between meals increase the acidity in stomach. Moreover, eat more fruits and veggies rather than oily and junk foods.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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