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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Drumming

From religious rituals to various other ceremonies and sporting events, drums have been in use in every culture in various occasions. In fact it is a great way to communicate or to signal. Drumming is also known to be used therapeutically since ancient times. So, if you are someone who likes drumming then health wise, you are in the positive side. Yes, drumming helps you lower risk of various health ailments and help you improve your overall health. To know about various ways by which drumming can help you keep up your health, all you need is to go through the current article and discover by yourself.

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Drumming

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Drumming:

Drumming might help you improve your health and also help you with several ill health conditions such as stress, mental illness, and also help you improve your academic performance, improve immunity, develop confidence, improve your brain power, works as a pain relief, and many more. Let us take a look at them below:
Drumming Reduces Stress:

One of the most important benefits of drumming is that it helps in reducing stress, and frustration. Playing drums even for a few minutes can actually boost your overall mood. The brains of drummers release endorphins or the feel-good hormones immediately after playing the drum.

Researcher concluded and published in the online journal “Evolutionary Psychology” that “It is the active performance of music that helps in generating the endorphin hormone high, and not the music by itself.”(1)

So, if you are feeling stressed, disappointed or low at mood, then all you need is to simply grab your drum sticks and start drumming!

  1. It Increases Academic Performance:

    Drumming is also known to improve your academic performance. There is a correlation between musical training and academic performance, and this has been documented several times, especially when it comes to mathematics. However, drumming can also help you in improving various other subjects like English, by helping you identify your emotional cues, or a skill by which you can use for identifying characters’ thought processes.

    As per a study it has been found that music enables students in learning multiplication tables and various other formulas of mathematics more easily. It was found from the study that students who were taught using rhythm notation, did score 100% higher on tests on the fractions; and a child might make use of the ability for logical thinking that developed in music class for solving problems that were quite unrelated to music.(2)

    So, parents can allow their children to learn drumming that would help their children to improved their learning skills and academic performance.

  2. Drumming Enhances The Brain Power:

    Did you know, drumming actually enhances your brain power? When we play drums, we need to coordinate all our four limbs to work together simultaneously. In case you are right handed, there are chances that you do not perform much with your left hand. Your brain needs to work your non-dominant side so as to strengthen and coordinate the non-dominant limbs.

    According to one recent study, researchers have found that one can boost their brain power in a measurable way by playing drum, specifically when it comes to their IQ. Playing drums actually makes our brain think in a way that only very few activities can.(3)

  3. It Develops Confidence:

    Drumming helps you to develop confidence. In order to be successful, drummers need to learn to play drums dynamically, loud and soft. This act of playing drums loudly yet softly, helps them to develop their confidence. Moreover, drummers need to possess a growth mindset. So, you start gaining confidence which you play drums.

  4. Drumming Helps In Intellectual Development:

    It is suggested that drumming can result in a greater cognitive functioning.(4) This is very much important in case of younger generations.

    Stanford University has researched the effects of 20 minutes of rhythmic music among middle-school boys who were suffering from ADHD. The results showed a boost in their IQ scores and an improved level of concentration among these boys.

  5. It Works As A Great Pain Relief:

    Drumming also helps you in getting relief from pain. Research suggests that drumming is a quite sufficient distraction for alleviating pain, even if it is a chronic pain. The drumming activity enhances the production of endorphin hormones and the endogenous opiates which are the natural painkillers of human body. Drumming can even distract your attention away from grief.

  6. Drumming Is Good For Immune System:

    What else could drumming actually do to keep up your health? Well, it is also known to be good for your immune system. There is a study that suggests that a group drumming session can create illness-killing cells, which in turn can protect the body.

  7. Drumming Helps You To Get Fit:

    Drumming also helps you to get fit. A hard session of drumming is an excellent way to get your sweat and simultaneously have fun.

    As per a study, it is found that simply by using hand drums and moving to the beat, individuals burned 270.4 calories on an average in only half an hour.

    In addition to it, rhythmic performance can also impact stress reduction and overall wellness significantly.

  8. Drumming Makes You Happy:

    Want to stay happy? Practice drumming! This activity releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in our brain, which are known to be associated with general feelings of happiness, well-being and euphoria.

  9. It Induces Deep Relaxation:

    Now, what else could drumming do to keep up your health? Well, it induces deep relaxation. According to a study, blood samples collected from participants those who participated in one hour of drumming session, has revealed a reversal in their stress hormones. This shows that drumming reduces stress and offers you deep relaxation.

  10. Drumming Releases Negative Feelings:

    When you are drumming, you can literally drum out your feelings too. Drumming releases negative feelings. Negative emotions when held can form energy blockages. The physical stimulation occurring when hitting the drums can help you in removing those energy blockages. It must also be mentioned that drumming has also been therapeutically used to help addicts in dealing with their emotions.

  11. Drumming Allows For Personal Transformation:

    Drumming helps you stimulate creative expression. When you are drumming, you simply get a chance to express yourself. Group drumming not only helps you to self express but also helps you get feedback from other drummers too. So, this helps in your personal transformation.


From all the above explanations we are now very much aware about the various ways by which drumming can help you keep up your health. If you are someone who is willing to take up a drumming class or practice drumming then do not hesitate in finding out an expert drummer or trainer to help you with the excellent drumming lessons.

You will not only enjoy drumming or have fun but also experience an improvement in your health and enjoy your overall wellbeing.


Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Sheetal DeCaria, M.D. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:December 20, 2021

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