7 Signs of Adult ADHD

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorder that results in behavior problems. Signs of ADHD are characterized by attention problems or difficulty in paying attention, having a hard time controlling behavior and showing excessive activity. While ADHD may be popularly known in children, signs of adult ADHD are also common. Although subtle, signs of adult ADHD can be quite disturbing but worth understanding. The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder and signs of adult ADHD are equally important. The signs of ADHD usually begin appearing by six to twelve years of age, which can continue into adulthood. Although signs of ADHD begin in childhood, ADHD affects adults just equally and can cause trouble in their lives. Signs of ADHD tend to cause problems in at least two settings and are often present for over six months. Adult ADHD signs may be seen at home as well as at workplace or other social set-ups.

Social settings, professional settings and personal settings may be considered while understanding signs of adult ADHD. Lack of attention, restlessness or hyperactivity, impulsivity, and disruptive behavior are common symptoms of ADHD. These are seen in children more often and the signs of adult ADHD may slightly differ, but the basis remains the same. The attention deficit hyperactivity disorder usually produces difficulties with performance of a person. In children, signs of ADHD may affect academic performance and other learning processes. Similarly, signs of adult ADHD, which are not so easy to recognize, too may hamper their performance. However, symptoms of ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be pretty hard to define. It is difficult to differentiate normal lack of attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity from the same generated as effects of attention deficient hyperactivity disorder.

While ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is more common in adolescents and children, it is also observed in adults. Signs of adult ADHD may show either similar or slightly varying symptoms, such as restlessness instead of hyperactivity. About 4% to 5% of all the adults in the United States suffer with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; however, very few are diagnosed or offered treatment. All adults who have ADHD are likely to have experienced some signs of ADHD in their childhood. It is possible that the disorder had not been diagnosed back then. It is important to know the common signs of adult ADHD, identify them and help them as required.

7 Signs of Adult ADHD

7 Signs of Adult ADHD

As adults too can have ADHD, or the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, signs of adult ADHD must be studied. ADHD can cause a large number of problems, and can be easily identified (however, should only be diagnosed by a professional). Some signs of adult ADHD include:

  1. Problems Getting Organized – Commonest Sign of Adult ADHD

    When ADHD affects adults, it can be really hard to stay organized. Inability to handle loads of information or planning and organizing difficulty are the common signs of adult ADHD. Organizing desks, planning activities, paying bills, keeping up with the job, looking after kids, making decisions, maintaining work-life balance and fulfilling other responsibilities may be difficult for those adults having ADHD. Prioritizing work, finishing tasks in given time and overall management may be disturbed in adults with ADHD.

  2. Restlessness

    While children with ADHD tend to be hyperactive, restlessness is a signs of adult ADHD. Adults who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, are often restless, particularly when they have to wait. As a common sign of adult ADHD, restlessness in adults may be commonly noticed when a person walks up and down while having to wait or continuously taps fingers or toes. Adults with ADHD also find it hard to relax due to their restlessness and often end up getting stressed.

  3. Lack of Focus – Important Sign of Adult ADHD

    Just like kids, adults with ADHD too have problems focusing on the given task. Signs of ADHD in adults revolves around their inability to focus or concentrate on tiring tasks. Such adults may get bored soon and may even result in further problems. It is also because adults with ADHD get distracted easily and hence, find it difficult to stay on their task. For example adults with ADHD can have problems driving and can get involved in traffic accidents, if they lose their focus. Moreover, ADHD can also provoke such adults to drive at high speeds and risk their future. Getting distracted can affect their work, resulting in poor time management and incomplete work.

  4. Poor Listening Skills – Sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults

    Lack of attention and distracted mind, which are the key signs of adult ADHD result in poor listening skills. ADHD in adults not only affect the ability to pay attention and listen but can also affect the level of understanding. This can result in missing important information discussed at workplace or at home. Such adult ADHD behavior can result in losing important opportunities and can also affect personal and professional relationships.

  5. Hyper-focus

    While attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can make it pretty hard to focus attention on something, it can also keep ADHD adults extra focused on a task of their choice. This is hyper focus on a favorite task, enough to entirely lose awareness of the surroundings. This sign of ADHD in adults is just as destructive as lack of focus.

  6. Emotional Problems in ADHD Adults

    Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, may show signs of intolerance, inability to calm their own self and easily getting angry or frustrated. ADHD adults may also have low self-esteem and may need a lot of motivation. Signs of ADHD adults with emotional problems may be seen as increased anxiety, lack of willingness to meet new people or to get into social settings. They may avoid or tend to procrastinate tasks, which they are poor at. These behaviors can add to their emotional stress and affect their physical and emotional health.

  7. Adult ADHD Can Create Troubles in Social Life

    Hampered social life and marital issues is a common sign in adult ADHD. Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder usually have poor listening skills, may remain inattentive and may also react angrily at times. Signs of adult ADHD may be noticed in their behavior, which may seem impulsive, reckless, or sometimes indifferent. ADHD adults may also get into fights very easily or react abnormally in social situations. Such behaviors can harm personal relations and eventually affect the family and social life. ADHD in adults can produce various marital problems, which again adds to their frustration.

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