Android Apps For Migraine

Migraine is a real headache that is nothing less than a soul taker.” Perhaps someone who suffers from this irresistible pain in head, understands how life in hell must be! Coming to the chronic neurological disorder, which accompanies a victim with headaches, nausea, vomiting etc, it is estimated that globally around 15% of the people suffer from this Migraine. There are some essential help present for the people suffering from migraine, which comes straight from the field of technology. One of such beneficial technology comes as Android technology. Today, there are so many android applications developed by the developers especially meant for the patients suffering from migraine. This current article will put limelight on some of such android apps for migraine, which would help you know about how these applications can be beneficial in migraine and severe headaches and how can you get them to your android device. So, go through the following array of the article to know more about migraine, and various android apps for migraine with their ratings and pricing.

Android Apps For Migraine

An Introductory Study On Migraine:

As mentioned above, Migraine is actually a chronic neurological disorder which holds symptoms of moderate to serious headaches along with numerous symptoms related to Autonomic nervous system. This kind of pain in head affects more than a half of the head region and can last from a minimum of two hours to maximum of 72 hours. These migraines are associated with genetic as well as environmental causes that make them worse. The migraine pain goes worst with enough of physical activities.

Below Are Some Of The Symptoms Seen And Experienced With Migraine:

  • Headaches may be moderate or severe
  • Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to smell, light etc.
  • Various other autonomic nervous system symptoms.
  • Usually people with Migraine experience four phases of the neurological disorder. These four phases include Prodrome, aura, pain phase or headache phase and Postdrome. Prodrome phase is experienced hours before the headache phase, while the Aura phase accompanies just prior to the headache phase. Postdrome phase is experienced towards the end of Migraine attack and it marks the end to the pain.

How Can Android Apps For Migraine Help Patients With Migraine?

During the time you encounter Migraine, it is almost impossible to know what to do and what not. You seek for help, seek for life without pain but don’t know where to go except your doctor. Now, android technology and the smart device of yours can get the best of help during your troublesome life and let you know how to overcome your conditions in a better way. Look below for some of the benefits one can get from the most popular android apps for migraine.

  • You can track your symptoms, record your migraine pain, time it affects you and level of the seriousness. This further helps in better and effective treatment of migraine.
  • The latest android apps for migraine links you to many news, articles, blogs, videos etc related to migraine which help you know about the condition to its depth and accordingly work on self improvement.
  • These apps are easily affordable as many are free or very less priced apps.
  • There are various such apps which help you generate email reports of your migraine symptoms to be shown to your doctor.

Top Android Apps For Migraine

Top Android Apps For Migraine:

If you are one of those 28 million Americans who suffer from migraine attacks, then it is for sure that you might be looking for some of the best ways to help yourself out. How about knowing some of the best known android apps for migraine which can be downloaded and installed in your android device for better assistance with your migraine issue? Look below for most popular android apps for migraine, get to know their pricing and rating along with some of the beneficial features that helps you in Migraine pain.

  1. Migraine Meter: This application launched in the month of May 2012 and updated during the month of Septembersame year is availableforandroid devices and also iPhones. Let us study the features and other details of Migraine Meter android appsformigraine.

    Rating: 1.9 star

    Pricing: Free

    Special Features Of The Android App Includes:

    • The app allows you to record the details of your migraine attack for further assessment and better treatment.
    • You can find a lot of news, articles, journals etc related to migraine which might help you get good knowledge on your problem and find better solution.
    • Being a free app you can get it downloaded easily without any money.
  2. Ubiqi Health Migraine Tracker: This isanotherandroid appformigraine that helps you overcome migraine problems to some good extent just with the help ofyourandroid device. This app is also available for the iPhone devices. Let us look below for the special features and other details of the app launched during June 2012.

    Rating: 3.7 star

    Pricing: Free

    Special Features Included In The App:

    • You can enter your age, email id, location and your gender to record your migraine details under your name.
    • You can track your migraine conditions by recording your time and level of severity of your headaches during migraine attacks.
    • You can track your treatments applied and various elements of cause suspected for your migraine attacks.
    • There is a Note section which helps you save time while updating or tracking your data.
    • There are features for email report which is pretty beneficial.
  3. My Migraine Log Pro: This is another wonderful android appformigraine which benefits a lot of patients with migraine attacks. Look below for its special features and other details.

    Rating: 4.2 star

    Pricing: $2.57

    Special Features Of The Android App:

    • You can manage your migraine attack history in an efficient manner with the help of this app.
    • Attack history includes severity of headaches, time of affect etc.
    • You can also record and track your treatments or medication used and various related migraine triggers that caused migraine attack.
    • Email report feature is one of the best feature present in the app.
    • You view MIDAS scores
    • Easier track via charts and graphs.
  4. Migraine Diary: This is one of thelatestandroidappformigraine availableonthe Google Play. Please look below for its special features and pricing detail.

    Rating: 4 star

    Pricing: $4.99

    Special Features Included In The Android App Are Mentioned Below:

    • Very few screen taps help you record and track your migraine attacks easily.
    • There are a lot of information about migraine attacks and treatments which can be read through via the available articles, blogs, news, journals etc.
    • The app helps you manage your migraine attacks by informing about your migraine triggers, date and time of attack etc.
    • You can also export your data to a spreadsheet and also email reports are available.
    • You can track your treatment easily via graphical presentation of your progress.
    • Support for migraine patients comes to its best with the feature of being linked with the public forum, support website for question and answer discussions related to migraine.
  5. My Migraine Triggers: This is oneofandroid app that is especially meantforthe patients with migraine problems. Look below for some of the essential features and various other necessary details ontheandroid app.

    Rating: 3.7 star

    Pricing: Free

    Special Features Included In The Android App:

    • You can track your migraine triggers
    • Know about your daily progress in migraine with the treatments you take, triggers you encounter with and the physical activities you do.
    • Email report feature available with the app
    • Get enough of information on migraine from the related articles, news, blogs, journals and documentary.
    • Charts can be obtained, printed or email for further assessment of the condition.

So, here above were some of the most popular android apps for migraine which can benefit you greatly. For all those who feel the curse of migraine attacks, get these apps downloaded and installed in your android and feel the boon of science and technology in current world of healthcare!

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