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With growing work pressure and reduced time for self relaxation, today most of the people get encountered with stress and tensions in their life; and with this, develops one more condition known as graying of hair. Stress for a long time can develop gray hair. Gray hair also develops because of the natural process of aging. Though the graying of hair due to aging may not be easy enough to be treated, gray hair due to stress may be reversed naturally as well as with many other treatments. In this current article we will talk about if gray hair can be reversed naturally and know some of the natural ways for the same.

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed Naturally

Can Gray Hair Be Reversed Naturally?

Gray hair can be reversed naturally if they are appropriately paid attention to and treated internally as well as externally. You need to take the essential diets, avoid the unnecessary or harmful diets and go for some of the natural remedies to reverse your graying of hair. Below are some natural remedies to reverse gray hair.

  1. Appropriate Diet and Supplements Can Help Reverse Gray Hair Naturally:

    • You need to start taking a good liquid colloidal mineral supplement which contains all the minerals your body requires in a highly absorbable form and also many other essential nutrients. Copper is an essential mineral that is required for hair pigmentation. This is why you need to take extra colloidal copper until your gray hair recedes.
    • Colloidal copper is actually an excellent topical treatment for gray hair.
    • One more food you can add to your diet for reversing gray hair is Organic black strap molasses which is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals along with potential Fo-ti herb which actually translates to "Black haired man" (in Chinese). This is a herb that is known to reverse gray hair very quickly for many individuals. You can buy this herb as a tea or buy the root and prepare your own tea and drink every day.
    • One more diet to be added for reversing gray hair can be the cereal grasses like barley and wheat grass which are a wonderful source of vitamin A and vitamin B and also minerals like copper, silica, iron, zinc, etc which are essential to be supplemented with every day.
  2. Reverse Gray Hair Naturally By Avoiding Processed Foods:

    Gray hair can be reversed naturally by restricting some diets. Avoid all processed foods and coffee as they leach essential minerals like iron, zinc, copper etc from the body. Apart from this, do avoid smoking.

  3. Other Natural Home Remedies to Help Reverse Gray Hair:

    Let us know about some of the natural home remedies which can reverse graying of hair.

    Onion Juice:

    Rubbing onion juice on your scalp can help reverse gray hair. In fact onion juice which is rich in the catalase enzyme has been used as a topical treatment and remedy for gray hair since centuries. Scientists at Braford University, the UK have discovered that a build up of Hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles and scalp can cause gray hair and thinning of hair. They also found that Catalase enzyme neutralizes hydrogen peroxide and reverses gray hair. So, as onion juice contains catalase enzyme, it can be a potential reversal treatment for gray hair.

    Curry Leaves:

    Curry leaves can be a great hair tonic which is known to enhance darker pigmentation of hair because of its high level of Vitamin B. It is best used with a combination of coconut oil for a more potent mix.

    Put a handful of curry leaves in to an average size pot of boiling water and then add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil and boil for 6-8 minutes until the leaves turn black. Then remove from heat and leave it to cool for 20-30 minutes before straining the oil in to a container. Now, massage your scalp and hair with the oil at least 4-5 times in a week. It is best if you massage it before bed and leave on overnight and then wash off in the morning.


    Drinking Gooseberry juice every day can benefit in reversing gray hair. You can also mix up dried Gooseberries and coconut or almond oil and can rub and massage on your scalp every night. Make a note that best type of gooseberry can be Amla or Indian Gooseberry.

    Rosemary and Sage:

    Rosemary and Sage together can be used as a remedy to reverse gray hair.

    Take half a cup of Rosemary and half a cup of Sage and boil in water for half an hour. Allow it to cool for 2-3 hours and then apply on your scalp and hair. Lean on until it dries and then shampoo with a natural shampoo. Repeat this every week and you can eventually find gray hairs reversing back to its original color.

    Henna, Castor Oil and Lemon Juice:

    You can try one more remedy by mixing up some castor oil and lemon juice until it goes frothy and then after add some Henna.

    You need to apply this mixture to your hair and scalp and leave it for one hour before washing your hair. This must be repeated every day

    Black Seed Oil and Olive Oil:

    Black seed oil and Olive oil both have been used to cure gray hair since thousands of years. The other big benefit of using black seed and olive oil is that they make your hair look shiny and healthy and also enhance the growth of new hair follicles.

    You simply need to mix up an equal amount of olive oil and black seed oil and massage it in to your scalp. Leave it for one hour and then wash out. Repeat this regularly. You can also take 2 teaspoon of black seed oil internally for added benefits.


    Amaranth is a vegetable loaded with a lot of nutrients and it looks similar to spinach. It aids in reversing gray hair by restoring the natural color of the hair.

    All you need is just apply the juice from some fresh amaranth leaves on your scalp and massage it gently. Then leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your head.


So, we now know that gray hair can be reversed naturally if an individual manages appropriate diet which aids in improving hair health, avoid diet which are harmful for Hair health and take the essential remedies for reversing graying of hair. Above all, it must be noted that keeping stress free or avoiding excess of stress can help in reversing gray hair caused due to over stress in life.

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