12 Exclusive Health Benefits of Black Tea

There are numerous benefits of black tea for the body, which includes weight loss and beauty benefits. It has got its flavor and color due to the fermentation and oxidation. It is among the most popular beverages around the world as it possesses numerous medical benefits.

12 Exclusive Health Benefits of Black Tea

12 Exclusive Health Benefits of Black Tea

Below are 12 health benefits of black tea:

  1. Great for Hair

    As you already know that the beverage has antioxidants and caffeine making it beneficial for the hair. Caffeine in the black tea reduces the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in the hair. DHT is linked with hair loss. The beverage helps in improving the thickness of the hair. It is also good for those who do not wish to have prematurely grey hair. It keeps the black color of the hair as it is and adds shine to it. By consuming black tea regularly, it is possible to promote hair growth.

  2. Improves Skin Tone

    Black tea is commonly used for beauty purposes and for having healthy skin. It has Vitamin B12, C and E as well as antioxidants like polyphenols and tannins and minerals like magnesium, zinc and potassium. The antioxidants prevent the skin from experiencing the bad effects of the free radicals. When the face is exposed to free radicals, it could result in fine lines, acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. It also makes you look older. To stay younger and fresher, consumption of black tea is highly recommended. The antioxidants also prevent skin cancer. Black tea extracts are used as a sunblock when applied. The caffeine in the beverage prevents skin infections that are caused by viruses.

  3. Improves Digestive System

    On consuming black tea, the digestive system gets cleaned. Tannin found in black tea is an important compound that helps to relax the digestive system and prevents all types of intestinal and gastric effects in the body. It also improves problems related to constipation and diarrhea. The digestive and intestinal health can be improved by removing all the wastes and impurities regularly and systematically. If the digestive system is good, the overall health of the body will remain good.

  4. Reduces Stress

    Black tea is used as a stress buster as it can alleviate the stress levels a person experiences. Black tea helps in reducing the cortisol levels by bringing it back to normal as soon as possible. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. The normal amount of it in the body reduces the anxiety in a person. When its level is reduced, the chances of having heart disease and other chronic diseases also reduce.

  5. Weight Loss

    Black tea is known for its role in reducing weight. The antioxidants in the beverage are responsible for weight management. It boosts metabolism which helps in burning fat intensely. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels and leaves the stomach feeling fuller. This way, you will not be compelled to eat unhealthy snacks in between meals. People who take black tea have lower obesity levels.

  6. Acts as Energy Drink

    Black tea acts as an energy and health drink. It helps to pump up more energy into the body. It removes all tiredness and helps you to remain brisk, especially as you grow older and tend to get drained out frequently.

    It is recommended to drink three cups of black tea in a day. Diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, headache, sleep problems, nervousness are commonly experienced due to excessive consumption of the beverage.

  7. Source of Antioxidants

    Black tea is usually taken early in the morning and acts as an antioxidant and removes toxic substances from our body. The polyphenols in black tea help in detoxifying the body. Polyphenols help in removing chemical toxicity. Flavonoids in black tea help to remove harmful components such as cancer-causing cells and atherosclerosis.

  8. Good V/S Bad Cholesterol

    The good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol is improved by taking black tea, while the bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol is reduced simultaneously. Even when black tea is taken for a short period of about 3 weeks, there is a difference in the good and bad cholesterol levels in the body.

  9. Strengthen Immune System

    As compared to coffee, those who take black tea are more able to withstand infections caused due to germs and micro-organisms. The alkylamine antigens found in black tea help in increasing the immunity level. You can find many elders taking black tea on a regular basis; they remain immune to all types of fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

    The L-theanine content in black tea helps the liver to function well. It improves the immunity system through the production of ethylamine and by improving the gamma-delta T-cells. These cells contribute to the forming of the first line of defense by the body against dreaded diseases.

  10. Improves Cardio System

    The heart is a vital organ that keeps pumping non-stop. When you take around 3 cups of black tea per day, you can avoid heart attacks and strokes. It is said that you can minimize the occurrence of a stroke by 21%, just by taking black tea every day.

  11. Improves Oral Hygiene

    Polyphenol content in black tea is beneficial for the teeth as it prevents the growth of plaque. If left untreated, plaque will result in tooth decay. When teeth are healthy, it also means that the body is healthy. Formation of cavities in the teeth is controlled by having black tea and your breath remains fresh and free of foul smell.

  12. Good for Bones

    Black Tea is famous for the benefits that it has on the bone density and strength. Studies show that the phytochemicals found in the black tea keep the bones strong. It is also good for reducing the possibilities of arthritis. Studies also show that a person who has been consuming black tea for more than 6 years has stronger bones compared to others. Higher bone strength and bone density also result in lesser chances of having bone fractures and osteoporosis.

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