Disadvantages of Hot Tempered Behavior: How to Control it?

Hot tempered behavior is reacting in a manner, inappropriate to the situation or simply said overreacting. Hot tempered behavior is an angry response and also includes provoking heated arguments, making personal assaults on others and also harming your own self. Hot tempered behavior is dangerous, but the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior are even more alarming. If we know how to control it we can win over it.

We all have emotions, we all feel happy, sad and sometimes angry, frustrated, depressed. We often deal with most matters easily but sometimes we lose control too. Being angry or being hot tempered is a state of mind and within no time it also becomes a part of our behavior. But have you thought about the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior? Yes, hot tempered behavior can do more harm than good to you and there indeed are many disadvantages of hot tempered behavior. Hot tempered behavior can be expressed as unacceptable verbal aggression, shouting, screaming, attempting to hurt or humiliate others even when they are innocent, understanding nothing at that moment and blaming others in the fiercest possible manner. Knowing about such behaviors may sound quite disturbing and so are the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior. There surely is a need to control it and practice a calmer life to stay away from the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior.

Then, how to control it? Controlling hot tempered behavior or anger may seem a very difficult task but can be managed by practicing simple tips. But first, we need to understand about anger, hot tempered behavior and its effects on us or disadvantages of hot tempered behavior. On knowing the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior, you will surely start thinking about ways on how to control it?

Disadvantages of Hot Tempered Behavior

Know the Disadvantages of Hot Tempered Behavior

Anger is an emotion, which is felt when we lose our ability to control the underlying emotion. Anger is not something abnormal; rather it is a basic reaction, which can be controlled if you decide.

Being emotionally disturbed and under stress at all times is one of the important disadvantages of hot tempered behavior. Repeated stressful reactions and hot tempered behavior not only affects personal and social life but also affects professional life. As common disadvantages of hot tempered behavior, your social and professional relations, work-life balance and opportunities in life may get hampered.

In addition to all this, the major disadvantages of hot tempered behavior is the impact that anger or persistent stress can cause on your health. Many medical ailments are on the rise due to the increasing hot tempered behavior, which is the result of underlying stress. Hypertension, heart problems, headaches, muscular pains, gastric disturbances, sleep disturbances and emotional problems like anxiety, depression may also be seen as disadvantages of hot tempered behavior.

Know How to Control Hot Tempered Behavior

If you delve deep, you will realize that it is not the hot tempered behavior that we experience but it is the underlying anger that often makes us behave abnormally or aggressively. These days you are sure to find a number of helpful ideas to minimize your level of anger and indirectly hot tempered behavior. Some of these are very simple tips to control hot tempered behavior.

In order to control hot tempered behavior, you first need to analyze yourself and your feelings, which can make you feel more responsible. The next step is to identify those factors that trigger negative emotions in you. Your question of how to control hot tempered behavior will be partly answered once you find what makes you angry. You need to understand the emotional impulses, which make you go out of control and then start working on them; it’s easier said than done but you need to try. Knowing the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior can help in every way. Hot tempered behavior is simply an instantaneous display of anger and trying every possible way to stay away from hot tempered behavior can indeed help you to control it.

You may try closing your eyes, think about the happy moments and start taking deep breaths. Practice yoga or meditation to regenerate your mind and soul, thus detoxifying negativity. Few would suggest you to be alert and conscious all the time, so that whenever feat of anger launches, without making slightest delay you can steer away your temper and avoid the situation, like watching a funny movie or talking with friends can help you get into easy diversion. The tension will automatically subside. The disadvantages of hot tempered behavior sound dangerous enough that you may be tempted to begin with some of these practices to be able to control it. No doubt all these suggestions are too good but it is possible that these suggestions will fetch you only temporary relief. To control hot tempered behavior in the real sense, you also need to destroy anger at its root. Our anger or temper may be influenced by either our past incidents and responses or our worries about impending future. May be that is one of the reason that the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior are also deep rooted and superficial attempts to control it may not help in the true sense.

When mind takes too much stress it is natural to lose balance and trip over. Anger is not a sudden emotion, but is built up over a period and hot tempered behavior is nothing but display of that pent up emotion. Hence, when you think of how to control it, your focus should be on understanding yourself and the basis of your emotional status. Your basic emotions that have resulted from previous experiences may influence your hot tempered behavior and also exhibit more disadvantages of hot tempered behavior.

Triggers like nervousness, resentment, self-blaming, unbearable workload, chaotic lifestyles, family burdens, unrealistic expectations, financial constraints and gripping senses like feeling unwanted or low everywhere, generate and piles up loads of anger. Situations when you are constantly bullied, if you are tormented and traumatized at school, office even at home you are sure to lose temper at some point. The more negativity you receive the more negative you become about everything and a time will come when simple joke or assertion will push you to extremity.

While such experiences are there in every person’s life, not everyone reacts in the same way. This is where every personality, which is different from the other matters. By following simple tips to control hot tempered behavior you may help yourself to be calmer and more tolerant to situations around you.

Tips to Control Hot Tempered Behavior

Some will suggest you to thrive on medicines, gulp down regular sleeping pills for good night sleep to keep yourself away from the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior. But that’s not the way to deal with it. Here are some tips for you to help to control hot tempered behavior effectively.

  • Escape the situation; yes, this is a great trick. When you escape a potentially upsetting situation, you are literally saved from getting into heated conversation. When you are annoyed, or upset or bullied, move away from the situation as fast as possible, it will help you stay away from losing temper and you won’t exhibit any hot tempered behavior.
  • Stop caring about them who actually don’t matter to you or never care about you, that grumpy boss of yours, that nagging neighbor, that pestering friend who never tires off in taking pride of his accomplishment. You don’t need to take those people seriously who don’t take you seriously. Another reason for you to avoid hot tempered behavior for people who should not matter to you at all.
  • You need to work out strategies such as reasoning before reaching conclusion, as it can help you in saving yourself from sudden emotional explosion. Analyze the situation before reacting and avoid jumping into hot tempered behavior.
  • Take time in everything, even if it is addressing some sort of event, situation, take quality time and let your anxiety, or tension subside, then respond. You can thrive upon the old formula of counting 1 to 20. Prepare in advance to avoid last minute hassles and keep disadvantages of hot tempered behavior at bay.
  • Meditation is surely one of the proven solutions to deal with your anger and hot tempered behavior. Deep breathing exercises can easily tackle down your heated state of mind. Continuous work can pressurize your mind so take a break, when needed. Instead of suffering from disadvantages of hot tempered behavior, feel better and be more productive with meditation and relaxation techniques. They will help you deal with stressful situations better.

Now you know the disadvantages of hot tempered behavior and also how to control it. So, practice these tips for yourself, to protect yourself from losing opportunities in life. Control hot tempered behavior and find a better you, a happier you.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:April 3, 2018

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