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Health Benefits of Jatamansi in Treating Epilepsy, Insomnia, Catalepsy, Depression and Strengthening the Nervous System

There are various herbs which help us to calm our mind and also improve our nerve health; and one of those herbs is Jatamansi. It is a perennial herb and helps in treating insomnia and several other sleeping disorders. Jatamansi is also known for its excellent anti-depressant, anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties. Jatamansi roots are used for various medicinal purposes in the natural healing science of Ayurveda which are actually known to offer a therapeutic effect to our mood swings and various stress related disorders. If you want to know about various ways by which Jatamansi can calm your mind and improve nerve health, then all you need is to go through the following array of the article.

Health Benefits of Jatamansi

Jatamansi: An Overview

Jatamansi, also known as Spikenard, is an herb that has been extensively used in Ayurveda since past many decades. It belongs to the family called Valerianaceae. These herbs grow up to a height of 1 meter and their flowers are pink in color and are bell shaped. Jatamansi is available in the market in its several forms such as in the form of roots, powder, and oil.

This herb has got a lot of health benefits including its benefits for skin health, anti-inflammatory benefits, treating bacterial infection, laxative benefits, sleep inducing abilities, and many more. It is also known to enhance your memory and has also got a cooling, relaxing and calming effect and that’s the thing that makes it an important ingredient in various herbal and ayurvedic medicinal products.

Various Ways By Which Jatamansi Can Calm Your Mind and Improve Nerve Health:

Now, let’s come straight down to our topic of interest; i.e. various ways by which Jatamansi can calm your mind and improve nerve health. We must mention that this herb has exclusive nerve-protecting qualities in it and it works as a great antidote to calm down your nerves.

Jatamansi Treats Epilepsy:

One of the most important benefits of Jatamansi is that it treats epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that arises from abnormal electrical activity in the affected person’s brain.

According to a study done in the year 2005 that was conducted by Indian Scientists Rao VS et al, it was revealed that the presence of ethanol in Jatamansi makes it beneficial in controlling the seizures and it has even got nerve-protecting abilities. When you use Jatamansi in combination with some other herbs, it can even help in preventing any further episodes of seizures.(1)

Jatamansi Treats Insomnia:

Sleeping problems are very common with people, especially those who are unable to manage stress. Sleep is very much important for all of us, and a lack of sleep can harm your memory and mental health.

There are research that shows that Jatamansi along with some other herbs, can work as a good antidote for sleeplessness. This in turn helps in improving your sleep quality and reduces insomnia episodes.

Jatamansi Treats Catalepsy:

There is a condition known as Catalepsy, where the affected person all of a sudden experiences bodily rigidity and also failure to respond to any sort of exterior stimuli. Catalepsy, just like epilepsy is also a neurological disorder.

Scientists have tested the efficiency of Jatamansi against catalepsy induced by an anti-BP drug or Reserpine. They were pleased to find that this herb helped in reducing the episodes of catalepsy. Scientists, after discovering these results, believed that the herb can be used in treating diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Dyskinesia.(2)

Benefits of Jatamansi in Treating Depression:

Usually people, who are more anxious, often fall into depression when they are worried in an excessive way. In order to enhance your mood and to feel quite better in life, it is recommended by ayurveda that Jatamansi could help in a great way.

Even science explains that Jatamansi can actually help induce a feeling of calmness along with overall well-being by increasing the Monoamines’ levels in the brain.(3) It also reduces depression by reducing the levels of GABA, or a neurotransmitter present in the brain.

Jatamansi Preserves Memory:

Now, what else Jatamansi can do to calm your mind and improve nerve health? Well! It can help you in preserving memory. It is obvious that when we are stressed out, we often become forgetful. Stress can even impair your abilities for learning.

Studies have however, proved that the Jatamansi herb is potent enough in enhancing your memory and also in improving the cognitive functions.(4) It is also proved that this herb is effective enough in treating forgetfulness or dementia in elderly individuals. This herb helps in preserving memory and also in preventing neural degeneration because of the rich-antioxidant content present in it.

It Strengthens The Nervous System:

It is very true that nerve degeneration can affect our quality of life badly. Without nerves, we won’t be even able to move, perform simplest acts, or feel anything. So, in order to keep the nerves in ship shape, it is essential to have a nerve tonic. Science has unmasked the several neuro-protective abilities of various antioxidants found in Jatamansi, thus making it a superb herb for strengthening your nerves without causing any sort of severe side effects.(5)


So, wasn’t it really a good read for you about the various ways by which Jatamansi can calm your mind and improve nerve health? Are you impressed by the wonderful benefits of this ancient herb for your mind and nerve health? If yes, then do try and use it and experience its benefits by yourself.

NOTE: It is always important for you to consult with your doctor before using any herb for treating any of your diseased conditions.


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