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Cold Shower Or Hot Shower: Which One To Opt?

Does it ever happen with you that you start wondering about which one to opt for among a cold shower and a hot shower? Do you wonder which one has got more health benefits? Well! We must say that both cold shower as well as hot shower has their own health benefits. However, if you want to know which one to opt for; the cold shower or the hot shower, then do read below for more details.

Cold Shower Or Hot Shower: Which One To Opt?

There are many people who prefer taking hot shower in order to feel the warm water on their body. However, there are also some people who prefer cold showers and that makes them feel more relaxed and energized for the day.

But again, regardless of how a person feels about either type of the shower, i.e. the cold shower and the hot shower, research shows that both of these showers have got special health benefits that one must be aware of.(1)

So, first of all let us take a look on some of the health benefits of cold shower and hot showers.

Health Benefits Of Cold Shower

Health Benefits Of Cold Shower:

Cold Shower Is Refreshing:

For most of the people who love to be active and energetic all throughout the day; cold shower could really be beneficial. It refreshes you and also increases the alertness in you.

It Is Good For Immunity:

Cold shower is also known to help you have a better immunity. So, you can have a cold shower if you want to protect yourself against diseases and improve the functioning of your immune system.

Cold Shower Is Better For Skin And Hair Health:

Having a cold shower could also help you to improve your skin and hair health. Cold shower helps to seal your skin pores and it does not allow any dirt to enter inside the skin. Moreover, it is also hair as well as skin friendly and it helps you with clean skin and hair hygiene.

Cold Shower Improves Blood Circulation:

Cold shower is also known to improve blood circulation. It lowers the body temperature and this in turn results in a better circulation of your blood. The cold shower helps you to clear the blocked arteries and even lowers the blood pressure.

It Is A Stress Buster and Good For Depression:

Cold shower also works as a great stress buster and is also beneficial at treating symptoms of depression. Having cold shower on your head could definitely help you get some relief from daily stress. You can notice a great reduction in stress levels when you have a cold shower.

A cold shower also releases the chemical beta-endorphin or depression killing chemicals, and thus helps in treating depressions.

Cold Shower Improves Reproductive Health:

Cold shower is known to improve the reproductive health in case of men by stimulating the release of hormone named testosterone.

It Accelerates Weight Loss:

Cold shower is also known to help you get rid of few extra pounds, and thus helps in weight loss.

Health Benefits Of Hot Shower

Health Benefits Of Hot Shower:

Hot Shower Soothes Stiff Muscles:

Like cold shower, hot shower has also got several health benefits. One of the benefits of hot shower is that it helps with muscle stiffness and muscle soreness. It can release tension in muscles and also be beneficial in relaxing stiff muscles.

It Induces Sleep:

Hot shower induces sleep. If you are dealing with insomnia or sleeping issues, a hot shower might help you greatly.

Hot Shower Helps You Relax:

Hot shower can help you feel relaxed and stress free. Hot shower is best if you want to have some relaxation and if you want to have some quality rest.

It Lowers The Sugar Levels:

Hot shower also lowers the sugar levels in your body, and thus makes your body less prone to various diseases.

Hot Shower Helps During Cold:

Hot shower is also known to benefit you during cold or fever. This is helpful because warm water helps clear your nasal passages and also water clogged lungs.

Hot Shower Cleanses Your Body:

What else could a hot shower to do your body? Well, it actually cleanses your body. When you take shower in hot or warm water, it tends to kill the germs present in your body and thus help in cleansing your body and making you healthy.

Cold Shower Or Hot Shower:

We would talk here about which shower to opt for. Whole choosing the temperature of the water for shower, we need to consider some factors which are mentioned below.

Depending On Your Age:

Mostly young people use cold showers but for elderly people it is suggested to use hot shower. You must also keep a note that if you are a student who loves studying most of the times then having a cold shower is beneficial for you.

Depending On Diseases:

You need to opt for cold shower or hot shower depending on the medical condition you are suffering from. If you are suffering from indigestion, or liver problems, then it is good to choose cold shower. However, in case you have Vata or Kapha related disorders, then a hot shower is good to choose. Moreover, epilepsy patients must avoid both, cold shower as well as hot shower and use lukewarm water.

Based On Habits:

Based on habits, you can opt for the temperature of your water in which you take bath. If you are working out regularly, you need to opt for a hot shower.

Based On The Body Type:

Your body type also decides the water temperature in which you should take bath. According to Ayurveda; in case you have a Pitta body type, you must take cold shower. Similarly if your body type is Vata or Kapha, then you should take hot shower.

Depending On The Time You Take Shower:

During morning hours, it is always best to take cold shower. However, you should use hot water shower if you are taking bath at night; as it helps you feel relaxed.

Final Words:

As we came across so many health benefits of cold as well as hot shower; it could be great to conclude that both are beneficial for your health and you can choose any of the two, depending on your age, your body type, diseases that you suffer from, your habits and so on.

NOTE: It is important for you to keep in mind that if you are having cold then it is better to opt for hot shower and whenever you are opting a hot shower make sure the temperature is not to high as it might burn your skin.


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