Health Benefits Of Parasite Cleanse & Ways To Get Rid of Parasites in Body

Parasite cleansing has a lot of health benefits. People suffering from parasitic infestations are often deprived of nutrients and are at risk of illnesses. This article discusses about the health benefits of parasite cleanse and ways to get rid of parasites.

Health Benefits Of Parasite Cleanse

Health Benefits Of Parasite Cleanse

Billions of parasitic microorganisms reside in the intestine. Consuming contaminated food or water, insect bites and exposure to infected people and animals are some of the causes of getting parasites in to our body. These microorganisms absorb nutrients present in our body and release harmful toxins that could cause several diseases in us. This often results in parasitic infestations with symptoms like abdominal cramps, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, weak immunity, constantly getting sick, floaters or spots in eyes, toe fungus, fatigue and brain fog etc.

A parasite cleanse is one way to eliminate these parasites from the gut or the intestine. There are many ways to get rid of parasites. Regular parasite cleanse is essential even for improving general health, owing to its benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of parasite cleanse.

Reduces Symptoms and Discomfort – The toxins released by parasites cause several problems like joint pain, migraine headaches, constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps and chronic fatigue. One of the best health benefits of parasite cleanse is reduction in such problems. Once these parasites are flushed out of the system through a parasite cleanse, all these symptoms gradually subside, restoring normal gastrointestinal function in the body.

Flushes Out Bacteria – Some types of bacteria multiply due to the presence of parasites. This harmful co-existence between bacteria and parasites inside the body can leave the body more vulnerable to infection and several diseases. Hence, one of the essential health benefits of parasite cleanse is that it can also help get rid of bacteria from the gut and detoxify completely.

Parasite Cleanse Improves Digestion – Parasites leech nutrients from the intestine, leaving the cells starving and dying. When the body gets adequate amount of nutrients from the food we eat, the system becomes healthier. A parasite cleanse not only removes parasites but also improves the cell function, thus supporting better digestion and metabolism. This too is one of the best health benefits of parasite cleanse.

Better Immunity – When your body is free from parasites, invaders that affect immune system and it’s functioning, do not bog down the system. Parasitic worms such as roundworm, tapeworm and hookworm, affect the organs and damages the tissues by embedding themselves on the walks of colon and the intestine. This could cause a loss of nutrients, malnutrition and a weakened immune system. One of the health benefits of parasite cleanse is that is allows the body to absorb more nutrients and improve your immunity.

Parasite Cleanse can reduce stress – A parasite cleanse will leave the system clean from within and you will feel lighter and healthier. This helps improve your mood and keep emotional problems like depression and anxiety at bay. You feel less stressed out when you feel more in control of your body. This too is one of the important health benefits of parasite cleanse.

Improved Brain Function – Several types of parasites can leave the brain in a sad state of health. As they are toxic, parasites make it difficult for the body to dispose heavy metals, which are very much detrimental to the brain health as well. A parasite cleanse works great in improving brain function.

Reduced Pain – With parasite cleanse, many aches and pains you previously experienced will be gone. This is because the cleansing helps in cleaning the tissues and remove many of the toxins that cause pain, aches and discomforts. At times you may still continue to have these pains until all the parasites leave your body, but with less severity. This is indeed one of the best health benefits of parasite cleanse.

An Increased Energy In The Body With Parasite Cleanse:

A parasite cleanse will leave you with more of strength and energy, both physically as well as mentally. This is because parasites rob the body of vital nutrients that are necessary for creating strength and energy. Moreover, many toxins are removed during the cleanse, which also helps in restoring the energy levels naturally.

Helps maintain balanced weight – Parasites can do several strange things inside the body. Some of them can leave an individual underweight while some others can contribute to excess weight gain. However, as one of the health benefits of parasite cleanse you can have a balanced and healthy body weight. A balanced diet with regular physical activity can help in the weight management process.

Ways To Get Rid of Parasites in Your Body

We know that consuming contaminated water or food, poor hygienic practices, etc can cause parasite to enter our body and cause the harm and illnesses. Below are some ways to get rid of parasites from the body.

Use Herbs and Spices That Help To Get Rid Of Parasites From The Body:

There are some herbs that work greatly in clearing off parasites from the body. So, one of the excellent ways to get rid of parasites is to use herbal remedies. Below are some of the herbs and spices, which can be used for parasite cleansing.

Wormwood – Wormwood is made from artemisia absinthium and has well known vermicidal properties. It increases the natural acidity in the stomach and bile production, which helps in flushing out toxins. Wormwood is known to kill the larval as well as the adult stages of the parasites.

Black Walnut Hulls – One more herb that is known to be beneficial in parasite cleanse is Black walnut hulls, which comes from the black walnut tree. It has anti-parasite compounds, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal compounds that helps in parasite cleanse and can attack them even in adult stages. It oxygenate the blood so as to kill parasites. It also has great antiseptic and healing properties and is popularly used for balancing blood sugar levels and detoxification. Use these is another way to get rid of parasites.

Common Cloves – Common cloves are also known to be beneficial in parasite cleansing. They contain rich amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium in them.

Cloves too have anti-parasitic compounds and they kill parasites eggs and also the adult forms. They also help in increasing the blood circulation and promote proper digestion and nutrient absorption in the body. They also help to reduce parasite symptoms including nausea, gas, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and low blood pressure. Using cloves in regular diet is one of the best ways to get rid of parasites.

Black Seeds – Black seeds are very much potent in anti-inflammation compounds and also antioxidant, antifungal and antiviral. Black seeds also contain anthelminthic that fights parasites. It also enhances immune system by increasing the T-cell production, which help in stabilizing the immune system. These can be easily added to your foods as one of the ways to get rid of parasites.

Gentian Roots – One more way to get rid of parasites is to use Gentian root that helps in stimulating blood circulation, strengthen the muscles as well as the digestive tract. It is also known to counteract the effects of a lot of parasite symptoms. Gentian root contains strong compounds like vitamin B, iron, manganese, niacin, zinc, silica and tin.

Using Diatomaceous Earth To Get Rid of Parasites From The Body:

One of the ways to get rid of parasites is to use this naturally occurring substance that has the ability to kill parasites and also their eggs. While using this as a supplement, use food grade variety and it is better to start first with 1 teaspoon per day in a cup of water and work up to 1 tablespoon a day, until you find the symptoms of parasites disappear.

Getting Rid of Parasites By Removing Mucoid Plaque:

Mucoid plaque is a combination of mucus-like substance and food residue that coats the gastrointestinal tract. Many microorganisms including parasites reside in this plaque. An unhealthy diet and a slow build up of toxins that is formed over time, often leads to plaque. Hence, one of the effective ways to get rid of parasites is doing a juice cleanse along with a colon cleanse or by drinking a mix of water along with psyllium husk powder. Drinking plenty of water during a parasite cleanse is equally important.

Fasting Can Help Get Rid Of Parasite From The Body:

Fasting starves parasites because you are no longer eating food, which they will potentially feed on. You can go for juice or water fasting, depending on your health and situations. It is recommended to administer enemas at home or get professional colon hydrotherapy so as to help remove parasites, plaques and toxins along with unwanted waste during this period. This too is one of the great ways to get rid of parasites but can be done with medical advice.

Anti-Parasite Food Can Help Get Rid Of Parasites From The Body:

There are some anti-parasite foods that can help you get rid of parasites from the body. Eating pumpkin seeds, hyssop, turmeric, cinnamon, Oregano oil, apple cider vinegar, pineapple etc are some of the best ways to get rid of parasites and parasite symptoms.

Hyssop – This is the best parasite cleanse, as it is an essential oil that helps build resistance to parasites and several infections. This also has been used for digestive problems, cough, lung problems, cold, and also nose and throat infections.

Pumpkin seeds – These are another best parasite cleanse, due to their ability to fight off parasites and viral infections. Pumpkin seeds help eliminate several varieties of warms and parasites and stimulate blood circulation to improve overall health.

Oregano Oil – One more anti-parasite food is oregano oil, which has great antibacterial and anti-parasitic effects. Another great way to get rid of parasites.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is a natural remedy for several parasites and fungus. You can take half teaspoon of a high quality cinnamon powder in water for about 3 times in a day as one of the effective ways to get rid of parasites.

Parasite Cleanse – Side Effects

Although parasite cleanse is essential, it may sometimes be uncomfortable. Some of the side effects of parasite cleanse can present as headaches, rashes, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, flushes. This is often due to the large breakdown of toxins, which may take time to flush out from the body. Hence, it is better to eat healthy, balanced plant based diet for several weeks before beginning an anti-parasitic program. Also, begin with small doses of your chosen herbs for parasite cleanse to avoid excess strain on elimination. Medical advice can be sought based on your health condition.

How To Prevent Getting Parasites?

  • Though by now, you are aware of the health benefits of parasite cleanse and also the effective ways to get rid of parasites, it is equally important to understand the ways to prevent getting parasites.
  • Consume plant based diet, raw fruits, vegetables which contain important fiber so as to keep your digestive tract clean.
  • Vitamin C is very much important for controlling parasites. So, take foods like berries, oranges, kiwi, papaya and lemons.
  • It is noted that zinc deficiency is linked to impaired immune response to parasitic infections, thus resulting in prolonged survival of parasites in the body. Pumpkin seeds, spinach, sesame seeds etc. are good sources of zinc. So consume these foods.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and processed foods that will help keep your immune system strong and healthy. This would in turn help you prevent parasitic infections.
  • Periodic cleansing of the colon and fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, deep breathing, exercise etc will keep your body alkaline and help you remain focused, energized and healthy and free from worms.
  • It is also recommended to deworm your pets. They can be best treated with diatomaceous earth and pumpkin seed oil.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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