Herbal Remedies to Treat Tonsillitis

What is Tonsillitis and What Causes it?

Tonsillitis is a pathological condition characterized by inflammation of the tonsils causing redness, swelling, and throat pain. It can also be accompanied by symptoms like fever, chills, vomiting, muscle pain and a general sense of malaise. Tonsillitis may be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Usually the bacteria which cause strep throat more often than not also cause Tonsillitis. Epstein Barr Virus is the most common virus to cause Tonsillitis. These bacteria or virus can infiltrate the body through air or being in contact with a sick person and thus is an extremely contagious condition. Tonsillitis can also be caused by certain food allergens like colored sweets, ice creams, and cold drinks.

In majority of the cases, Tonsillitis can be successfully treated by antibiotics and anti-virals but more and more people are now leaning towards natural treatments like herbal remedies for treatment of Tonsillitis, as these are very effective in reducing the symptoms and allow speedy recovery but before starting on any herbal medicine or home remedy it is always best to consult with a physician to avoid any untoward side effect. This article discusses about some of the home remedies and Herbal Means to Treat Tonsillitis.

Herbal Remedies to Treat Tonsillitis

Below mentioned are some of the herbal medicines and home remedies to treat Tonsillitis.

Echinacea: Echinacea contains properties which boosts the immune system of the body and also cleanses the blood and clears it off any impurities. It also boosts the immunity of the lymphatic system and thus reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling in the tonsils and hence is considered as a very potent herbal remedy to treat Tonsillitis. Echinacea also increases the amount of white blood cells which attack the bacteria or virus affecting the tonsils and thus reduce the symptoms of tonsillitis. Echinacea is available in both dried and liquid extract form and can be bought from any herbal medicine store.

Herbal Remedies to Treat Tonsillitis

Slippery Elm: This herb comes from the bark of a tree named Slippery Elm. This herb is quite effective in making a protective coating of mucous membranes around the throat which helps in soothing the irritated throat membranes due to tonsillitis and thus is quite an effective herbal remedy to treat Tonsillitis. Slippery Elm is available in lozenges form and in dried bulk quantities. A pudding can be made of dried bark of the herb mixing it with water and honey. If the patient finds it difficult to swallow due to tonsillitis then a liquified form can also be taken to make it easy for swallowing.

Thorns of Toothache Tree: This is yet another effective herbal remedy to treat Tonsillitis. The thorns of this tree are collected and rubbed well with lemon juice until a fine paste is made. This herbal paste when applied to the neck and the adjoining areas near the tonsils is quite effective in reducing the swelling and inflammation caused due to this condition.

Lemon Juice: Apart from the above mentioned herbs, lemon juice mixed with water is yet another effective remedy to treat Tonsillitis. You can take approximately 25 mL of lemon juice extract and mix it with around 100 mL of water and boil it. At the time of boiling, mix a small spoon of powdered black pepper, salt, and turmeric powder and add it to the solution. Once the water is boiled, you can filter it and use the solution for gargling. This will give instant relief from throat pain and irritation caused due to Tonsillitis. Do this for about two to three days for complete relief of symptoms of Tonsillitis.

Neem Leaves: This is yet another effective herbal remedy for treatment of Tonsillitis. You need to take dried leaves of neem and make a powder of that. Now, take a cup of water and add about a pinch of salt, about half a spoon of turmeric powder, and about half a spoon of the neem powder extract. Mix the solution and heat the mixture for about a couple of minutes. While the water is lukewarm, use it for gargling. Do this for about four to five times a day. This help a great deal in reducing throat irritation and swelling and soothes the inflammation of the throat and is quite effective Means to Treat Tonsillitis.

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